questions on localism: Why do I post to (Localism) by: Robert Swetz - 12/23/09 11:17 PM
 Why do I post to (Localism) by: Robert Swetz
 Around the last year posting to Activerain approximately 45% of my posts are directed towards (Localism). Why?
 Because 90 percent of my (Leads) come from posting about communities and areas of interest where I live. I have been sharing information and photographs with people around the world about Las Vegas Nevada. And they have left many comments, emails and more thanking me and having an interest with coming to visit a place they have never seen before.
 Except for movies, magazines, friends & family, Internet & (Vegas Bob).
 So if your a … (19 comments)

questions on localism: Posting blogs to Localism vs the Activerain community has really stunted the number of comments! - 04/18/09 03:15 PM

 I have been posting many more blogs to localism because I am sponsoring several cities & several communities. I am wondering if this is a good thing or bad thing?
 My comments have dropped over 50% posting to Localism and it's starting to make me wonder. I could maybe do a 50-50 split, post 50% to Localism and the other 50% to the Activerain community.
 Another question to the members & Activerain community is how many people are really checking into the Localism in your city and community?
 Are there other AR members that are searching for answers to these … (14 comments)





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