rachel: Did Robert Swetz capture UFO in a Cloud? - 08/18/16 12:01 PM
Did Robert Swetz capture UFO in a Cloud?
Robert Swetz aka Vegas Bob has been taking photographs for over 35 years and when he comes across a strange object in the sky, he begins to wonder.
I begin to wonder what that green ball is in the cloud? Could it be a UFO? Maybe some aircraft from another country? A drone?
I have spent many late nights into early hours around AREA 51, parts of New Mexico and other states across the US looking into the sky. Looking at satellites, shooting stars and other moving objects. 
In fact several years ago when I was on … (19 comments)

rachel: AREA 51 Nevada - Possibly the most valuable Real Estate in America? - 03/03/14 11:23 PM

Could AREA 51 - Possibly be the most valuable Real Estate in America?
Some type of Government owns hundreds of thousands of acreage at AREA 51, including more area's, sections, etc, but why? Word also has it that between Nellis Air Force Base and AREA 51 around Groom Lake there is a underground tunnel/city that stretches approx 120 miles, but why?
AREA 51 is one of the most classified, unknown area's in America, but why? Word also has it that the Government group that controls AREA 51 and the land around Groom Lake has recently purchased 10 to 20 thousand … (15 comments)

rachel: Blast from the Past Travis Walton & Vegas Bob at AREA 51 Rachel Nevada - 02/24/14 08:43 AM
Travis Walton bails Vegas Bob out of jail in (AREA 51) Rachel Nevada 5-30-2010    BY ROBERT (VEGAS BOB) SWETZ Real Estate Agent with REALTY ONE GROUP - LAS VEGAS, NEVADA 702.443.7156 211236 EMAIL  SHORT URL              Share: May 30, 2010 03:17 AM
 Dana Walton, Travis Walton, Connie & Pat (owners of the "Little A' Le" Inn) in Rachel Nevada May 29 2010
 Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob) was busted crashing one of the gates at "AREA 51" Friday 5-28-2010 and thrown in jail. He was with his friend Travis Walton for a book signing at the Little A' Le' Inn and … (7 comments)

rachel: Some Real Estate Brokers & Agents do some very "Strange" things on their day off! - 01/15/12 03:48 AM

rachel: Was Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz "Abducted" at AREA 51 in Nevada at the white/ black mailbox? - 12/27/11 02:39 AM

Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz was last seen riding his BMW motorcycle on "Extraterrestrial Highway" by Alamo & Rachael Nevada several days ago. These 2 photographs and the video at the top of the page were emailed to authorities in Las Vegas Nevada.
Staff at the ActiveRain Network, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Twitter and other networks have allowed rights to post this blog with photographs & video in search of Vegas Bob. If you or anyone has seen Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz please call this number 702-443-7156 and it will be directed to proper channels.
This video (above) is the very last we have heard … (25 comments)

rachel: I'm Back in the Saddle Again! - 03/08/09 03:44 AM
 Yes, I'm back in the saddle again and it feels great. After my little crash at DMV one month ago -
 Robert Swetz crashes Motorcycle at DMV in Las Vegas, Nevada
 I am feeling better after my crash and I jumped on my iron horse on Saturday 3-7-2009 and you will never guess where I went?

  Yes I went back up to Rachel Nevada at Area 51. Why? Because I wanted to pick up some Alien t-shirts for some of my relatives, I wanted a little piece of mind and it's only 150 miles from Las Vegas. It is a beautiful … (8 comments)

rachel: Very, Very Strange looking photographs over Area 51 - 03/01/09 05:48 AM

 These photographs were taken 2-28-2009 over Area 51 just north of Rachel Nevada.
 I have done nothing to these photographs and if you look real close at them they seem a little dark and creepy.
 I shot these photographs when my wife was taking a nap in the car and I was just going to keep driving. I would pull the car over from time to time to capture the moment. The photographs are nothing compared to actually seeing it live in person.
 The reason for the post is to get new members for a great group that has been … (20 comments)

rachel: Our visit to Area 51 in Rachel - Nevada by: Robert Swetz - 03/01/09 04:08 AM

 Our visit to Area 51 in Rachel - Nevada by: Robert Swetz
 When growing up I was always interested in Sci-fi movies stories, etc. I watched Star Trek when I was young, X-Files and many other movies. Movies like Contact with Jody Foster, Alien - Aliens, Communion with Christopher Walken and my favorite (Fire in the Sky) which was based on actual events.
 If you have never seen Fire in the Sky and you like Science Fiction this movie is great. The event took place in Snow Flake Arizona and it helped to make me a believer, (not a good … (7 comments)

rachel: Speechless Sunday - Could this be one of my relatives? - 03/01/09 03:05 AM

 photographs above taken by: Robert Swetz in Rachel Nevada at the Little A'Le' Inn, duplicating in any form is in violation of copyright infringement and subject to fines.
 Please look at my new web site on photography www.SearchMyPics.com
 Real Estate www.VegasBuildingsForSale.com
 Real Estate www.LakeOwner.com 

rachel: What really goes on over at Area 51 in Nevada? - 11/17/08 12:35 PM
 What really goes on over at Area 51 in the State of Nevada?
 There have been so many stories about Area 51, aliens, spaceships, etc., and I have always wondered what goes on there?
 I have heard from many different people in Las Vegas and the State of Nevada that you don't really want to know what goes on there. Why not? Don't we live in a country that we the people should know what goes on in America.
 The government covers up Area 51, and many other things in this country. You have the FBI, the CIA, Area 51, … (21 comments)

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