rich: Latest Breaking News on VEGAS BOB ... VB Becomes Multimillionaire ;o) - 04/01/14 02:18 AM

Latest Breaking News on VEGAS BOB ... VB Becomes Multimillionaire ;o)
Well the time has finally come for Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz with all his HUGE Investments, to finally cash in.
This morning Vegas Bob's financial advisers called him with the "Great News" ...
Vegas Bob's phone rang this morning at approx. 6:00am Pacific Time. Vegas Bob was wondering who would be calling him this early in the morning. As VB picked up his phone and looked at who was calling, he noticed it was one of his financial advisers. Vegas Bob answered the phone and his adviser asked … (12 comments)

rich: Vegas Bob will be rubbing elbows with Millionaires will it change him? - 03/03/14 04:02 AM
What happens to people that rub elbows with "Millionaires"?Does it change people? Once a person reaches a certain age, does their personality usually stay the same, even when Money is involved?
And I am not talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars, I am talking about 20-30-40 Million dollars! If a person goes from a upper class life style to a very-very rich life style, do they become snobs, a-holes, arrogant?
Vegas Bob has always wondered this because when VB comes across Millions, he doesn't want to change. VB wants to continue being kind, loving, understanding and just himself.
So when … (25 comments)

rich: "Will it ever Change"? - Rich get Richer & Goodbye Middle Class ;o( - 06/18/12 03:26 AM

The Rich continue to get Richer, the Middle Class people with small businesses are being squeezed out & shut down by HUGE Corporations, and the number of Poor people in America continues to grow ... ;o(
"Will it ever Change?"
Some Polititions want Change but I really don't see any Change coming soon for America ... ;o(

Please note: this photo was not taken by Robert Swetz ... "Thank God"

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer - Wikipedia, the free ... "The rich get richer and the poor get poorer" is a catchphrase and proverb, … (8 comments)

rich: "Would our Fore-Fathers be Happy?" - 07/18/11 09:19 AM

 More & more middle class people are being pushed into the poor class, and as time goes on there will only be two types of classes "Rich & Poor"
 It is a strategy that our Government & Corporate America have been working on for quite some time now. This crushing of the middle class, small family owned businesses allows Corporate America to step in and purchase these businesses.
 It's all about control and I really don't think this is what our "Fore-Fathers" had in mind when they helped create The United States of America!
 I say shame on the … (8 comments)

rich: These 3 Girls are going to make "Vegas Bob" Rich & put him into Early Retirement ... ( L. Seng Zi, Nu Nu & Rebecca Win) - 10/04/10 01:59 PM

These 3 Girls are going to make "Vegas Bob" Rich & put him into Early Retirement ... (L. Seng Zi, Nu Nu & Rebecca Win)
I am sure many members at Activerain are wondering why "Vegas Bob" keeps plugging these Girls, well here it is ...
I am writing a script for a movie I will be Producing & Directing in Myanmar (Burma) next year. These two girls, Rebecca Win & L. Seng Zi are the "Hottest Actresses" in the country of Myanmar, both of them said they would be happy to be in Vegas Bob's movie. And … (6 comments)

rich: Check out the collar on this Dog! - 12/29/09 10:49 PM

 by Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob) 12-30-2009

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