santa cruz: M.C. Dwyer shows homes to Vegas Bob in Boulder Creek CA - 04/16/18 07:30 PM

M.C. Dwyer shows homes to Vegas Bob in Boulder Creek CA
This afternoon Vegas Bob drove over to Boulder Creek from San Jose and met up with Mary Catherine Dwyer today, and it was quite a thrill.
 Mary & I go way back at the ActiveRain network and she has been emailing me listings from Boulder Creek, Felton and Santa Cruz for many years now.
I have been to Santa Cruz many times, Felton a few but have never been to Boulder Creek California. After my visit to Boulder Creek all I can say is "wow what a beautiful place".
Here are some fun photos … (4 comments)

santa cruz: Sunset Photography by Robert Swetz - 04/23/17 12:13 PM

Sunday, April 23, 2017 Sunset Photography by Robert Swetz      Sunrise High Roller Ferris Wheel Las Vegas Nevada by Robert Swetz 2014

Sunset Photography by Robert Swetz   How many people reading this post like viewing photographs of sunsets or sunrises? Robert Swetz has been taking photographs of sunsets & sunrises for around 40 years now, and is by far his favorite subject to photograph next to photographing clouds.       Pattaya Beach Thailand sunset by Robert Swetz 2012   Here are some sunsets from many different areas around the world along with one sunrise from Las Vegas … (11 comments)

santa cruz: Was Robert Swetz the California Kid before he became Vegas Bob? - 11/19/16 04:42 AM

 Was Robert Swetz the California Kid before he became Vegas Bob?

Robert Swetz was born in the Midwest and when he was a teenager moved to Portland Oregon and lived there off and on for 5 years. The photo (above) was taken in Santa Cruz in 2016 and the photo (below) was taken in Portland Oregon in 1979.

In 1982 Robert Swetz lived and worked in downtown San Francisco and in 1983 he lived in Santa Barbara and also worked as a glazier in the construction trade.
Between 1985 and 2000 Robert Swetz lived in Minneapolis, … (12 comments)

santa cruz: Vegas Bob's 3 Day Weekend - Capitola Beach California - 11/16/16 10:15 AM
Vegas Bob's 3 Day Weekend - Capitola Beach California
After eating lunch at Phil's Fish Market on Vegas Bob's three day weekend - Day One, Vegas Bob and his wife drove over to Capitola Beach 3 miles south of Santa Cruz California.
Vegas Bob really had fun taking photos of his wife in front of this huge painting on the wall by the bridge in Capitola.
And there was no way that Vegas Bob was going to pass up a photograph of this Volkswagen Beetle especially in the old surfing town of Capitola.
For anyone that has ever had the chance to visit Capitola you will … (21 comments)

santa cruz: Is this trick photography or creative photography? - 08/14/16 05:49 AM
Is this trick photography or creative photography?
With all the technology in our computers and smart phones it has become easy to photoshop and doctor up photographs. And with so much of it going on our definitions of  doctored, photoshopped and trick photography continue to change.
This is quite a simple question and there may be a gray spot on the definition of this photograph below.
I took this photograph Saturday 8/13/2016 at the very far end of the longest pier in the United States and can you guess that pier?
SANTA CRUZ Pier in California
Now when looking at this photograph I didn't put on any special … (17 comments)

santa cruz: Snapshots of 100 year old homes in Santa Cruz by Robert Swetz - 08/14/16 01:56 AM

Snapshots of 100 year old homes in Santa Cruz by Robert Swetz
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz spent the whole day Saturday in Santa Cruz California staying out of the extreme heat in San Jose.
Vegas Bob usually parks away from the crowds up on the bluff of West Cliff Drive and Cowell Street overlooking the bluff to Santa Cruz Pier.
West Cliff Drive is a beautiful area filled with homes that date back 100 years, and as I walked along the roads where I parked my car I snapped a view photos.
This home above is one of my favorites located on Santa Cruz Street … (26 comments)

santa cruz: Hanging out at the Beaches of Santa Cruz California - 05/01/16 04:32 AM

Robert Vegas Bob Swetz will be "Hanging out at the Beaches of Santa Cruz California" soon and this summer will be a blast.
With May already here you can see the Life Guards are getting ready along the beaches ;o)

santa cruz: Alaska Bob & Vegas Bob sure misses his Family & Friends - 10/10/15 01:22 PM
 Sunset over the hills of Santa Cruz by Robert Swetz 10-10-2015
For the most part Alaska Bob & Vegas Bob try to focus on the NOW from day to day!
But every once and a while the mind starts to wonder into the past, 1 year, 2 years, etc.
Robert Swetz aka Alaska Bob/Vegas Bob has traveled around the world & America all his life ever since he was a teenager, and still travels to this day.
I have lived in many states & cities across the United States and made many friends along the way.
Well I miss my family in Minnesota, Las Vegas, Alaska, … (11 comments)

santa cruz: Free "Money" Concert at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Friday June 19 - 06/20/15 06:17 AM
You will never guess where "Vegas Bob" is headed in the next several hours?
VB was rolling through his groups at ActiveRain and featuring his favorite posts. Low and behold, VB came across this great post of a FREE musical event posted by Michelle on the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.
VB has been staying in Morgan Hill for the last several months which is only approx 30 miles from Santa Cruz.
So that being said, VB will be at the Eddie Money concert tonight followed by the up and coming FREE concert events over the weekends in Santa Cruz ;o)
Free "Money" Concert at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk … (10 comments)

santa cruz: Vegas Bob is one "Happy Camper" - Funny photos attached - 06/05/15 10:55 AM

Happiness for Vegas Bob just keeps falling into place, and here are several reasons why ...
Vegas Bob picked up a new book he has been reading and it has been doing wonders in the realm of happiness. 
VB is only half way through the book, but a great moving book for him at this moment in life.
After working 6 days per week, VB and the other workers finally get a 2 day weekend.
VB is going to finish his book and hang out at the pacific coast around Santa Cruz California for 2 days ;o)
Vegas Bob will be visiting his new family up in … (43 comments)

santa cruz: La Selva Beach Robert Swetz's favorite beach in Santa Cruz - 05/09/15 10:35 AM

La Selva Beach is by far one of Robert Vegas Bob Swetz's favorite beaches in Santa Cruz.
Santa Cruz, Capitola and Rio del Mar are very nice beaches, but La Selva is much more laid back with very few people ;o)
Here are three very colorful photos that I took with my iPhone 6+ today.
And for anyone that has never been to La Selva Beach that is spending time around the Santa Cruz area, check out one of my favorite beaches in NorCal.
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz finds hundreds of - Videos By ...  Feb 3, 2015 - There are very few public … (13 comments)

santa cruz: UFO Sighted in Santa Cruz California - 04/23/15 12:29 PM
I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw this very strange flying aircraft this evening.
When I first saw this very different flying object, for a minute I thought ...
"Is that a UFO"?
And then after it flew by I knew I had seen this type of jet before at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas Nevada.
It is called a Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit, also known as the Stealth Bomber.
And even if this aircraft was made in the United States of America, Vegas Bob seriously believes that the technology came from Extraterrestrials ;o)

santa cruz: Thank God it's Friday ;o) - 04/10/15 11:42 AM
It's been a long week for Vegas Bob and I am very excited that it' Friday ...
Even though Vegas Bob has to work tomorrow he is very excited because the week is coming to a close end.
After work Saturday VB will be taking it easy around the Pacific Coast in NorCal.
Here is a photo VB took last year while visiting the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, and take a look at the thickness of the cable used to construct and hold up the bridge.

santa cruz: Free concerts on the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz - 03/23/15 10:24 PM
My visit to Santa Cruz last Saturday was quite a surprise, traffic and people were everywhere.
And with Spring Break in the winds, Santa Cruz is going to get even more busy and crowded.
A coworker that has lived in Santa Cruz mentioned to me yesterday that the Borrdwalk in Santa Cruz will be having FREE concerts starting Fridays & Saturdays.
He also mentioned that the Boardwalk along with the whole Santa Cruz area will be crawling with people of all ages.
Looks like Vegas Bob has found a new place to hang out during the weekends … (11 comments)

santa cruz: Today I am one "Happy Camper" and here's why ;o) - 02/15/15 12:48 PM

Today I am one "Happy Camper" and here's why ;o)
Today is the first time that I have had Internet in 6 long days. I have been posting blogs to ActiveRain from my cell phone and this was really getting old.
For the next 12 hours I will have Internet and then Tuesday after work I will be stopping at a library in Morgan Hill to find out if I can use Internet there.
How many of you have gone 6 days with no Internet lately, unable to check some emails and posting blogs from a silly … (15 comments)

santa cruz: Robert Vegas Bob Swetz playing & working in Santa Cruz California 1-11-2015 - 01/11/15 03:17 AM
  Robert Vegas Bob Swetz working and playing in Santa Cruz California 1-11-2015   Vegas Bob has been playing around Santa Cruz now for about one week. VB spent 5 hours walking 6 miles up and down the shores of Rio del Mar yesterday.   And will be walking another 5-6 miles along the beaches in the Santa Cruz area.     Here are some photos that VB wanted to share with everyone, and the photos were taken with my iPhone so there a little grainy.      But the photos give everyone and idea of how beautiful the Santa Cruz … (10 comments)

santa cruz: Robert Vegas Bob Swetz will be moving to Monterey California June 2015 - 07/02/14 08:33 AM
Wednesday, July 2, 2014 Robert Vegas Bob Swetz will be moving to Monterey California June of 2015  
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz will be moving to Monterey California  June of 2015   Robert Swetz has finally made a decision on whether he would stay in Las Vegas or move to California. Well with Robert's latest situation on a relationship break up, Robert has made a his final decision to leave Las Vegas.   Robert doesn't care about high taxes, State tax, traffic and or any other reason people don't want to live in California. Robert will be moving his glass company … (29 comments)

santa cruz: Vacation with Robert Vegas Bob Swetz at the Pacific Coast California - 06/02/14 03:53 AM
Vacation with Robert Vegas Bob Swetz along Pacific Coast of California     Vacation with Robert Vegas Bob Swetz along Pacific Coast of California   That's right Robert Swetz aka Vegas Bob is taking yet another vacation along the coast of California. Robert will be posting photos and little stories along the way so everyone can have a chance to travel along with him.     Vegas Bob needs to get this last vacation in before the Las Vegas "Boom" which is right around the corner. Once VB starts on the new construction projects in Las Vegas, it will be very … (22 comments)

santa cruz: Is this Historic Home worth fixing up? - 06/24/12 02:14 AM

  I have seen my far share of "Fixer-Upper" homes in my day, but this one might be a little far gone. This home sits on the edge of Hwy 1 on the shirts of Moss Landing California around 30 miles south of Santa Cruz. I don't really know the history of this home but it sits on a HUGE piece of acreage with a very well know business attached to it. At one time the owners of this home were very wealthy and the ancestors that took over the home, business and acreage probably still are ... "So why … (16 comments)

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