seward: My Burmese Family and Friends in Alaska by Robert Swetz - 08/05/17 10:02 AM
Saturday, August 5, 2017
My Burmese Family and Friends in Alaska by Robert Swetz       Seward Alaska 8-3-2017

My Burmese Family and Friends in Alaska by Robert Swetz   Robert "Vegas Bob" Swetz had planned on being with his family and friends in Alaska the first week of August but his job wouldn't allow it because the project is coming to an end.   Anyway my wife Lin texted me these photographs from Seward Alaska 2 days ago and the weather turned out to be wonderful for them. They are headed to Homer now, followed by Wasilla, Palmer and … (10 comments)

seward: Should Robert Swetz post photographs of Alaska when he visits in July 2017? - 03/19/17 04:37 PM
Sunday, March 19, 2017 Should Robert Swetz post photographs of Alaska when he visits in July 2017?        Seward Alaska by Robert Swetz 2015

Should Robert Swetz post photographs of Alaska when he visits in July 2017?   Latest breaking news is Robert Swetz's wife will be staying in Alaska with her 2 boys for another 1-2 years. Robert Swetz was going to drive her car down from Anchorage to Las Vegas in May 2017, but these plans have been changed for several reasons.      Lucile Lake Wasilla Alaska by Robert Swetz 2016   So now Robert Swetz … (16 comments)

seward: CLOUDS AT ACTIVERAIN (clouds attached) in Alaska - 12/22/16 07:45 PM
As a photographer Robert Vegas Bob Swetz has always been fascinated with clouds.
So much that on September 22nd 2008 Robert Swetz founded a group at the ActiveRain network called ...
CLOUDS AT ACTIVERAIN (clouds attached)
Here are a couple photos with some interesting clouds.
The first photo was taken on a drive to Seward Alaska from Anchorage in spring of 2016.
And the photo below was taken overlooking the Cook Inlet off the Kenai Peninsula Spring of 2016.
   This group is for photos of Clouds, Rainbows and any photos of the sky! I am always looking at the sky because I believe there is something … (13 comments)

seward: Happy Labor Day from Homer Alaska and do you know Debra Leisek? - 09/05/16 02:30 AM

 Homer Alaska by Robert Swetz 8/29/2016
Happy Labor Day from Homer Alaska
Hello everyone ... Vegas Bob and family just want to wish everyone a wonderful Labor Day!
I have been traveling all through Alaska now for the last 2 years from Homer, Anchorage, Fairbanks, Hope, Wasilla, Palmer, Seward, Kenai, Girdwood and other towns and one of my favorite places in Alaska is HOMER because it's at the end of the road. Once you get to the end of Homer Spit there is really no further you can drive except about 5 miles across the ridge over looking Homer where this photo (above) was taken … (25 comments)

seward: Clouds over Turnagain Arm Alaska by Robert Swetz - 09/01/16 10:46 AM
Clouds over Turnagain Arm Alaska by Robert Swetz 
Turnagain Arm is located south of Anchorage and is located on the northwestern part of the Gulf of Alaska.
When driving south of Anchorage towards Girdwood, Seward, Hope, Homer, Soldotna and Kenai Alaska there are large mountain ranges and great views for taking photographs.
I have driven around the Turnagain Arm over 20 different times in the last 2 years while staying in Alaska and it seems like every time I drive it there are different clouds, shadows which make for new photos each time.
This wonderful cloud photo was taken early Saturday morning 8/27/2016 on our … (9 comments)

seward: Alaska Bob loves Alaska but Vegas Bob is disappointed with high prices - 08/30/16 11:33 PM
Alaska Bob loves Alaska but Vegas Bob is disappointed with high prices
For over 2 years now Alaska Bob has been visiting the beautiful state of Alaska ... The Last Frontier
Hiking, fishing, taking photographs, videos and even searching real estate properties in a very beautiful part of the world.
Although Alaska has it's good points of beauty and wild life, Alaska is extremely expensive, overpriced in so many ways.
As we have been driving around enjoying the beauty The Last Frontier had to offer, we would stop at gas stations along the way for a beverages, snacks, etc.
Now prices at gas stations compared to grocery … (13 comments)

seward: Beautiful Seward Alaska - 08/30/16 01:24 AM

Beautiful Seward Alaska
Here is a colorful photo of a small section of the bay and marina in Seward Alaska.
We drove down from Homer yesterday and spent some time walking around the downtown area and also hiking around Exit Glacier.
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz has been coming back to visit Seward Alaska since his very first visit to Alaska back in 2001.
Seward is a very interesting place and most of the large cruise ships that visit Alaska from Seattle and many foreign countries port in Seward and tourists will then take charter buses to Anchorage, Denali National Park, Fairbanks and more.

seward: Vegas Bob leaves beautiful Homer Alaska - 08/29/16 01:03 AM

Vegas Bob leaves beautiful Homer Alaska
The 2 day visit and fishing trip is over for Vegas Bob and his family in Homer Alaska, we are all packed with our frozen halibut in the cooler headed north to Seward.
In Seward we will stop by a famous glacier and then drive back to Anchorage.
After we hit Anchorage we will drop the frozen fish off at the house and then drive north to Wasilla where we will be staying at Lake Lucile.
Stay tuned for more stories and photos from Vegas Bob's adventure in Alaska ... ;o)

seward: One Day Left Before Vegas Bob is in ALASKA ;o) - 08/22/16 10:30 PM
One Day Left Before Vegas Bob is in ALASKA ;o)
Well time seems to be flying by fast because later tomorrow, Wednesday 8/24/2016 Robert Vegas Bob Swetz will be in Alaska.
It has been raining 95% of the time for around 3 weeks up around Anchorage, Homer & Seward Alaska so Vegas Bob is going to bring some California sunshine up to Alaska with his.
And California has fires burning up thousands of acres from NorCal to SoCal so Vegas Bob would like to bring of of that moisture and water down to California from Alaska.
Vegas Bob will keep everyone around the ActiveRain network up … (12 comments)

seward: Mount Marathon Seward Alaska July 4th by Robert Swetz - 06/09/16 02:27 PM

July 7th 2001 when I first went on vacation to Alaska I flew in from Minnesota to Anchorage, rented a car and in 7 days drove approx. 1500 miles.
In that 7 days I drove from Anchorage to Fairbanks which is approx. 360 miles times 2 = 720 miles. Then I drove from Anchorage to Homer which is 218 miles one way times 2 = 436 miles. Then I drove from Homer to Seward, and from Seward to Anchorage is 121 miles. So the grand total of miles would be 1,277 miles and another 200 miscellaneous would be just under 1500.
On my first … (17 comments)

seward: Warm temperatures and long days in Alaska by Robert Swetz - 04/13/16 06:47 AM
Warm temperatures and long days in Alaska by Robert Swetz
The temperatures have been heating up in Anchorage, Wasilla, Palmer, Seward, Homer and surrounding areas of Alaska.Temperatures have been reaching around 50-55 degrees and the sun his very hot around the late afternoon hours.

What I like so much about Anchorage and other cities is drive 5-10 miles out of the any cities in Alaska and you are in beautiful natural areas like the ones in these photos.

At around 6:00pm yesterday the boys and I took a 15 minute drive and captured these great photos.The boys have lived up in Alaska with their … (25 comments)

seward: Purchase Real Estate & Homes in Alaska by Robert Swetz - 02/25/16 01:08 PM
Purchase Real Estate & Homes in Alaska by Robert Swetz
For anyone that's interested in purchasing Real Estate or a Home in Anchorage, Wasilla, Palmer, Seward, Homer, Fairbanks, Soldotna and other parts of Alaska, Robert Swetz has the connections through out the state.

Robert Swetz has been living and searching for Real Estate all over Alaska from residential homes, lake homes, condos, town homes, vacant land to vacant building lots for investments.

For 10 years Robert Swetz has created friends & associates that own real estate companies, that are brokers, agents and licensed in the state of Alaska to sell real estate.

Robert Vegas Bob … (11 comments)

seward: NEW Business Card by Robert Swetz - 02/04/16 11:32 AM

Robert Swetz received some new business cards in the mail today and is very excited about handing some out to business owners in Anchorage, Wasilla, Homer, Palmer, Seward, Fairbanks and other cities in Alaska.
The reason I ran with Videos By Vegas Bob is because I still carry the name Vegas Bob along with Alaska Bob and I still have websites & emails using this name.
The top photo is the (front) of my card and the photo below is the back of my new card.
Videos by Robert Swetz  5 days ago - Videos by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz Bangkok, Phuket . ... Robert Vegas Bob Swetz's TOP Video on YouTube "Ladies ...   … (18 comments)

seward: Beware of Bears while hiking the trails of Alaska by Robert Swetz - 01/23/16 03:27 AM
  Beware of Bears while hiking the trails of Alaska by Robert Swetz   For 2 years now Robert Swetz aka Alaska Bob - Vegas Bob has been hiking the trails of Alaska, around Anchorage, Palmer, Homer, Wasilla, Seward, Denali National Park, etc.    
While Robert hikes the trails, he is very prepared will a round bell attached to his belt to create noise while hiking, pepper bear spray, large Bowie knife and Robert is purchasing either a 44 Magnum or a 45 semiautomatic for protection. Bear attacks are not real common but if hikers come around a sharp corner … (11 comments)

seward: Eye Candy from Alaska "The Last Frontier" by Robert Swetz 2015 - 12/15/15 05:31 AM
Robert Alaska Bob Swetz would like to share some "Eye Candy" from Alaska "The Last Frontier" of 2015The photo (above) was taken from 30,000 feet from a jet coming into Anchorage AK.
Alaska Bob aka Robert Vegas Bob Swetz wanted to share some of his favorite photos that he took in 2015.The photo (above) was taken at Jerome Lake approx 60 miles south of Anchorage.You may have viewed some of them in other posts, but it never hurts to do a double take.

The photo (above) is Thunderbird Falls approx 20 miles north of Anchorage AK.

The photo (above) was taken at Tern Lake … (9 comments)

seward: Robert Vegas Bob Swetz aka Alaska Bob thanking Russians for following - 12/10/15 09:32 AM
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz aka Alaska Bob has been posting many blogs and photographs about Alaska, including Anchorage, Homer, Seward and the small Russian town called Ninilchik on the Kenai Peninsula Borough.

While Robert Alaska Bob Swetz has been posting his blogs at he has noticed the number of views, stats and countries that have been reading and viewing his material.The United States is at the top of the list, followed by RUSSIA, Germany, France, Poland, Mexico, Netherlands, Philippines on down the line.

So that being said Alaska Bob wanted to share some photographs that were taken from a small Russian town … (27 comments)

seward: Can Robert Swetz handle the cold in Alaska during the winter? - 11/02/15 10:50 AM

As some people may know the winter months in Alaska can be extremely ... "COLD" ;o/
And Robert Swetz aka Vegas Bob/Alaska Bob is wondering if he is going to be able to handle the cold.
Robert was born and raised in the Midwest where temperatures have reached 20 below zero, and plenty of snow.
Anchorage, Homer and Seward are areas close to the ocean so winter temps are some what mild.
But Fairbanks and other areas around Alaska can reach temps of 40 below zero ;o(
Mount Marathon Seward Alaska - Robert Vegas Bob Swetz ... ▶ 1:36 Aug 17, 2014 - Uploaded by Robert … (21 comments)

seward: In 8 Days Vegas Bob will be in Alaska (Photos Attached) - 07/02/15 10:12 AM

Bear Lake Seward Alaska by Robert Swetz 2014
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz continues to count the days, and only has 8 days until his next visit.
Here are some great photographs that Robert took on his visit to Alaska in September of 2014.
Hatchers Pass Wasilla Alaska by Robert Swetz 2014
For anyone that has never been to Alaska, there are mountain ranges, lakes, rivers, wild life and so much more ... everywhere!
Johnson Pond by Robert Swetz 2014
As Vegas Bob has mentioned in 5 different previous posts over the last week, he is very excited about getting back up to the Last Frontier.
Lucile Lake Wasilla … (11 comments)

seward: In 10 days Vegas Bob will be in Alaska (Photos Attached) - 06/30/15 11:59 AM

 Palmer Alaska by Robert Swetz 2014
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz has been counting the days until he arrives in beautiful Alaska.
Alaska Bob aka Robert Swetz will be arriving late Friday night July 10th, which would make that 10 days and counting.
Girdwood Anchorage Alaska by Robert Swetz 2014
Here are some fun photographs that Robert Swetz took in 2014, and there are a couple late fall photos.
Like the one above of the snowfall which looks like a B/W photo, but it isn't.
And the funny photo below of Frosty the Snowman driving and old pickup truck in Homer Alaska ;o)

Frosty the Snowman in Homer Alaska … (22 comments)

seward: What's really bringing Alaska Bob back to the Last Frontier - 06/18/15 10:47 AM

The beautiful young lady in the photo above that was taken at Lucile Lake in Wasilla Alaska is by far the number one reason Alaska Bob aka Robert Vegas Bob Swetz is going to Alaska ;o)
Robert Swetz will be fishing for halibut in Homer Alaska the second week of July 2015 with his lovely wife Lin.
November 2014 was the last time Vegas Bob was in Alaska, and in May of 2015 Lin stopped into San Jose for a visit.
The second reason Alaska Bob will visiting the Last Frontier in Alaska would be it's beauty.
The beauty of Alaska is by far one of … (17 comments)

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