thank you google: Could there be such a thing as too much GOOGLE JUICE? - 03/26/11 04:29 AM

Could there be such a thing as too much GOOGLE JUICE?
When people start new businesses with new websites, networks and URLs connecting to the Internet most people are very excited about GOOGLE JUICE and how their URLs are ranked on Google pages.
Every one is shooting for page number (ONE) within a  Google search.
But is there such a thing as too much GOOGLE JUICE?
I have been Googling many of my websites & URLs to find out what is showing up within the World Wide Web. And there are Companies & Websites all over the … (14 comments)

thank you google: Why do I post to (Localism) by: Robert Swetz - 12/23/09 11:17 PM
 Why do I post to (Localism) by: Robert Swetz
 Around the last year posting to Activerain approximately 45% of my posts are directed towards (Localism). Why?
 Because 90 percent of my (Leads) come from posting about communities and areas of interest where I live. I have been sharing information and photographs with people around the world about Las Vegas Nevada. And they have left many comments, emails and more thanking me and having an interest with coming to visit a place they have never seen before.
 Except for movies, magazines, friends & family, Internet & (Vegas Bob).
 So if your a … (19 comments)

thank you google: Vegas Bob recognized by tourists which turned into a lead thanks to Activerain and google juice! - 12/21/09 10:19 AM
 Vegas Bob recognized by tourists which turned into a lead thanks to Activerain and google juice!
 Now I know we live in a small world after my encounter with some tourists last Sunday when I was taking photographs at MGM City Center.
 I was minding my own business taking photographs when all of a sudden this couple came running up to me and startled me, one of them asked ........
"Aren't you Vegas Bob?" and I said well yes I am Vegas Bob!
 Then I asked them ....... "Do I now you from somewhere?"
 The couple said no, but we know you!
  I asked them … (10 comments)





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