unbelievable: Great Video & Photos of Redwoods in Northern California - 03/03/16 04:37 AM
For anyone that has never been to the Redwoods Trees in Northern California, here is a great video and some photos by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz.

Robert Vegas Bob Swetz has been visiting the Redwoods since the late 70's and never gets tired of camping and hiking around these monster trees.

Robert Swetz tries to visit the giant Redwood Trees in Northern California at least once per year and or once ever two years.
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz headed to the Redwoods in Northe activerain.com/.../robert-vegas-bob-swetz-headed-to-the-redwoods-in-no...  Oct 11, 2014 - Jan 30, 2014 - By Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz. Real Estate Agent with ... The giants in this … (26 comments)

unbelievable: Robert Vegas Bob Swetz Embarrassed by Unemployment Division in Nevada - 12/28/15 02:28 AM
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz Embarrassed by Unemployment Division in Nevada.

Vegas Bob has been trying to contact the Nevada Unemployment Division by their automated system, phone, etc for 4 weeks now with (Zero) results.
And there is (NO) Unemployment Division Office Building in the State of Nevada. I am embarrassed to think of any state especially the State of Nevada that runs the Unemployment Division the way that they do.
It is so frustrating and to think that all the people that work in the State of Nevada that have to deal with these idiots at the … (8 comments)

unbelievable: ActiveRain Groups (Don't) Control Vegas Bob ... VB leaves BananaTude Group - 12/22/14 04:37 AM
ActiveRain Groups (Don't) Control Vegas Bob ... VB leaves BananaTude Group
This is not the first time the BananaTude Group at the ActiveRain network has deleted one of Vegas Bob's posts, and this will be the last.
Back in January of 2008 when Vegas Bob first joined the ActiveRain network, his posts were being deleted by groups like (Newbies at ActiveRain) and now the BananaTude group.
It's all good and now Vegas Bob remembers "Why" he formed 25+ groups at the ActiveRain network. 
So Vegas Bob wouldn't have to deal with jealousy, rules and politics connected to ... "Groups" at ActiveRain.
"Give me a Break" … (11 comments)

unbelievable: Woman uses story of cheating former husband to sell house ... ;o) - 07/18/12 12:46 AM

Please note: This Story & Video are not by Robert Swetz ... ;o)

unbelievable: Beautiful Famous One Story Log Home Weott Northern California - 07/16/12 03:57 PM
Beautiful Priceless One Story Log Home - Redwoods California  
 Take a look at this Beautiful & Priceless One Story Log Home ...

 This Redwood Log was built in a very small town of Weott in Northern California with a population of around 100 people, located on AVENUE OF THE GIANTS. This Home is Famous and the inside is so much more beautiful then the outside.
 I think the only thing you would have to worry about living in this home would be "Termites" ... they would just love to dig into this home ... ;o)

 Please note: This home is much longer then … (9 comments)

unbelievable: Monterey Aquarium California Photographs by Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz - 05/01/12 02:47 PM
Tuesday, May 1, 2012 Monterey Aquarium California "Jelly Fish" Penguins Turtles by Robert Swetz 4-30-2012   Here are just a few of some wonderful photographs that Robert Swetz took at the Monterey Aquarium in California today, and he has hundreds more like this. These photographs are nothing compared to the HD Videos that he took of Jelly Fish, Octopus, Penguins and more. The video footage that Robert Swetz took at the Monterey Aquarium will be loaded to (YouTube) by the end of this week so ... "Stay Tuned" Penguins "Kissing" above ... ;o) And the photo (Below) is one of Robert's favorites … (9 comments)

unbelievable: Unbelievable Sun photograph from Laguna Beach California ... - 05/25/11 07:23 PM
Sun photograph Laguna Beach California - Photo taken by Robert Swetz 5-25-2011
I always enjoy taking photographs of the Sun, Moon, Sunsets, etc. and this photograph is really moving.  As the sun was setting at Laguna Beach California I was experimenting with the sun between tree branches, in between palm trees and resting on top of plants like the photo above.
This photograph above is original and has not been doctored in any way, colors are all original, and YES that is the SUN looking like it’s either floating or resting in the middle of the bush, weed or flower.

unbelievable: I don't like Associations but in this case I do! - 04/10/11 04:26 PM
How many of you home owners don’t like Associations where you live?
I really don’t care for them because first of all they charge to much for what?
And they can be real picky about weeds, colors used to paint you home, oil spots in your driveway, etc.
This photograph below was taken at a very nice condo complex with around 5 different buildings in Singapore. If I had to look at these clothes hanging on rods out the windows where I lived I would just love to be part of building that had an Association!
I … (10 comments)

unbelievable: "Good Night' from (Arches National Park) in Utah - 02/23/11 05:09 PM

Photograph by Robert Swetz 2-23-2011  
This is my first visit to Arches National Park and all I can say is what a visit, this place is a (Photographers Dream). I have seen places around the South West that are similar but not as intense as Arches National Park.
There are 3 other major parks within minutes of Arches so I will be here for several days. If you have never been to Arches National Park in Moab Utah I would definitely put this one in your "Bucket List".
Arches National Park (U.S. National Park Service) Official National Park … (23 comments)

unbelievable: You have never seen a "Sunset" like this one ... Morro Bay Califonia - 02/12/11 03:20 PM

Photograph taken in Morro Bay California by Robert Swetz 2-12-2011
This type of photograph with colored rings around the subject has happened to me several times when ever I take photographs around the (Ocean) where there is moisture. And it also happened one time when I was hiking on Mt. Charleston when the temperature cooled down and some moisture rolled in.
This photograph has been untouched, what you see is what showed up when I downloaded it to my computer. I have some other pics where the colored rings are even stronger, but I think to over powering.
Hearst … (40 comments)

unbelievable: What is this crazy guy doing at (Area 51)? - 08/08/10 03:38 PM
What is this crazy guy doing at (Area 51)?
I formed this very strange group at Activerain May 29th of 2008 and there where some great posts running through it but there has been very little activity lately.
Did something "Strange" happen to the members of this group?
"Inquiring Minds want to know"   (Number 38)


unbelievable: Vegas Bob captures "Nude Man" at Caesars Palace! - 02/17/10 09:46 AM

Vegas Bob captures "Nude Man" at Caesars Palace!
 Yes it's true as I was walking through "Caesars Palace" on "Presidents Day" when I came across this huge man standing there naked!
 He kind of caught me off guard and I wasn't sure if I was going to just walk by him or snap a photograph of him. He wasn't shy at all so Vegas Bob focused as fast as he could and snapped a photo of the front of this man.
 Then as I was walking around him I thought as long as I have a photo of … (11 comments)

 When I first read this post this morning I became very discouraged and there seems to be crooks & thieves in every line of work.
 I don't really think Bob Stewart removing their content is enough and they should be terminated from the Activerain Network all together.
 If this happened to me, I would not let is rest and I would go after them full force. I would take legal action against them to stop what they have already started and before they do it to any other agents in the Industry.
 I would like to wish you the best … (15 comments)

unbelievable: Speechless Sundays - "It doesn't look like one of ours" by Robert Swetz 1-3-2010 - 01/03/10 02:12 AM

Speechless Sundays - "It doesn't look like one of ours" by Robert Swetz 1-3-2010

unbelievable: "I can't watch movies like this anymore!" - 12/27/09 11:19 AM
 "I can't watch movies like this anymore!"
 I had a few days off for the holidays and rented some movies for the weekend, one of them was ..........
 "Paranormal Entity" and here is a link below for the trailer.
 Paranormal Entity Trailer
 At first when I started watching it I thought it was just another one of those fake, waste of time films so I put it on fast forward through the beginning.
 Then I found out at the end of the film that everyone in the film was murdered or committed suicide, and that the film was actual footage … (6 comments)

unbelievable: How seats belts and a childs seat saved the lives of two adults & two children ( Please read) - 12/12/09 01:09 PM
 How seats belts and a childs seat saved the lives of two adults & two children ( Please read)
 In the early morming 4:00 am of 12-11-2009 off of Hwy 95 between Reno and Las Vegas Nevada the driver of a VW car fell asleep at the wheel causing the car to roll over 4 times.
 The car was so badly damaged that the driver could not get out of the car and the car was upside down. The mother was able to get out of the car through the broken windows and grab the children and cover them with blankets until help came. … (17 comments)

unbelievable: "Good Morning AR Members" - 10/04/09 11:47 PM

 "Good Morning AR Members"
 Good morning everyone,
 I am off to building City Center so I don't have time for many words, please check out some posts I blogged over the weekend there are some very good ones.
 Until my return ...............
 "Good Day"
photograph taken by Robert Swetz

unbelievable: (Home Buyers) Beware of Listings on Zillow, Craigslist, Easy Street and other Real Estate Networks! - 08/10/09 12:48 PM
 (Home Buyers) Beware of Listings on Zillow, Craigslist, Easy Street and other Real Estate Networks!
 I have been doing some home work on some Real Estate Networks that so many other Agents are bragging about.
 I picked out several homes at each of these networks above, huge homes with smoking prices only to find out that the home never existed or where sold a long time ago.
 Agent's are using these Real Estate Networks for (Listings) to get (Leads) with false and fake homes!
 (Shame) on anyone stooping this low to attract client's!
 This practicee went out years ago like when … (11 comments)

unbelievable: Who is this crazy man standing inside a (Tree Trunk)? - 08/06/09 01:16 PM


unbelievable: Now that is some tasty Cactus! - 07/08/09 01:38 PM

 Now that is some tasty Cactus!
 On my drive home last weekend through New Mexico I ran into this little creature eating some Cactus.
 If you look close you can see a piece of the Cactus hanging out of it's mouth. And by the stance presented in front of me, this creature looks very proud!
 It's pictures like this that really amaze me and "what a interesting world we live in"
 photograph taken by Robert Swetz 7-5-2009
 For more interesting photographs go to .............. www.SearchMyPics.com





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