vb: Robert Swetz is overwhelmed with thoughts of going to Alaska - 12/15/15 06:56 AM

I have been getting all my ducks in a row as I prepare to go to Alaska, but with my mind racing last evening it was very difficult to sleep ;o(
I am overwhelmed with thoughts of cold, snow, etc and it frightens me.
I was born in the Midwest where temperatures are very similar to Anchorage and Homer, give or take a few degrees.
I love the spring, summer, fall months but I am getting cold feet when it comes to spending time in The Last Frontier during the winter.
My wife, bless her heart keeps telling me that I will be much more successful and … (18 comments)

vb: Any Activerain members visiting Vegas Thanksgiving to December 20th? - 11/24/15 08:07 AM
Vegas Bob is wondering if any Activerain members are visiting Las Vegas during Thanksgiving day until December 20th.
Vegas Bob would like to hook up and buy lunch for any AR members visiting Las Vegas for the next 3 weeks before he heads to the North Pole.
Please give VB a call at 702 443 7156
if your going to be in town ... ;o)

vb: Robert Vegas Bob Swetz is going to miss San Jose California - 11/23/15 10:06 AM
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz is going to miss San Jose California ...
Vegas Bob started working on the (New) Santa Clara Family Center in downtown San Jose in February 2015.
It has been a great project to work on, beautiful building and VB's last day working there will be November 25 2015.
Vegas Bob will post photographs after the project in complete and opens in spring of 2016.
Family Justice Centers - County of Santa Clara
https://www.sccgov.org/.../FamilyJusticeCe...  Santa Clara County, California Oct 27, 2015 - The Family Justice Centers provide a multi-disciplinary team of professionals who coordinate services to ... Family Justice Center – San Jose. Santa Clara County, New … (13 comments)

vb: Why does Activerain close the curtain when I post a great blog? - 10/16/15 02:41 AM
Seems like every time I start writing a great post, the Activerain network closes the curtain on Vegas Bob/Alaska ;o(
And with 8 years at AR coming up in Jan of 2016, 4507 total blogs and only 21 featured blogs it's quite frustrating.
So even if AR posts that they will be closing the curtain, could they please call or text Vegas Bob and let him know?
VB is a very busy man ... Thanks ;o)

vb: Did the Eagles really write Desperado for Robert Vegas Bob Swetz? - 10/11/15 02:20 AM

The song Desperado was written by Glenn Frey & Don Henley of the music group The Eagles.
When the song Desperado first came out in 1973 I thought is was slow and didn't relate much to it.
It wasn't until the 1980's that the song started to make more sense to Vegas Bob.
Then the 90's the song Desperado starting falling into place in my life.
And now ... I am quite sure that when Glen & Don started writing the song Desperado, they were writing about Vegas Bob's life.
And if you want to learn more about VB and or have never heard the classic song Desperado, … (15 comments)

vb: Why are some people 'Rude' to older people? - 08/06/15 12:00 PM

I have never understood why some people disrespect older people and why they are 'Rude' to them.
When I grew up, my parents always taught me to listen and respect older people and I have done this all my life.
In fact Vegas Bob has learned so much about life from older people.
There is a person that I thought I knew, but over the years I have found out how wrong I was.
This person who I will call John Doe is always nice and will go out of his way to be kind to people his own age, which is around 36.
When it comes … (17 comments)

vb: With little time to blog - 05/26/15 11:14 PM
With very little time to blog Vegas Bob wants to give everyone a heads-up.
Busy working long hours and making very good money has created less time for VB to post blogs.
Vegas Bob will spend some extra time this evening and work on more creative posts.
So until VB would like to wish everyone a wonderful day ... ;o)

vb: You Might Be From ActiveRain If... - 05/02/15 10:01 AM
Vegas Bob just couldn't resist expressing his interest in this great post by Tom ...
Thanks my friend and you are a wonderful friend and associate of mine within the Activerain network.
If you haven't read Tom's (original) post, please roll over now and leave a comment ;o)
You Might Be From ActiveRain If...
While the intent of Rick Obst's April Contest may be to target a geographic locality, I think that many will be able to relate better to being from ActiveRain than from Placerville, CA. It may even be more entertaining!
Though only here for about four years, … (8 comments)

vb: Who enjoys receiving comments from Vegas Bob? - 04/25/15 06:18 AM

Robert "Vegas Bob" Swetz with Japanese film crew during a interview at AREA 51 in Nevada 2012
There is a very simple way of receiving comments from Vegas Bob if anyone is interested in knowing.
Robert "Vegas Bob" Swetz is a very busy man, like many other members of Activerain.
So it's very difficult for VB to comment to all of his friends and associates posts at AR.
So for any members at AR that really like when VB stops at their post to leave a comment, here are two great ways to receive comments from him.
Number #1 way is:
Leave comments to VB's posts at AR and he … (17 comments)

vb: Consistent Change of Thought - 04/20/15 11:02 PM
Change continues to run through my mind whenever Vegas Bob is away from home.
Even though time seems to be flying by, I wish the weeks and months would go by faster.
Faster so the job I am on in San Jose would be complete.
The Job in San Jose is suppose to finish in November/December of 2015.
There are many changes that need to take place between now and the end of 2015, so many thoughts continue to run through Vegas Bob's brain.
VB is trying to take it "One Day at a Time" and just let time take its toll.
Any suggestions?

vb: Thank God it's Friday ;o) - 04/10/15 11:42 AM
It's been a long week for Vegas Bob and I am very excited that it' Friday ...
Even though Vegas Bob has to work tomorrow he is very excited because the week is coming to a close end.
After work Saturday VB will be taking it easy around the Pacific Coast in NorCal.
Here is a photo VB took last year while visiting the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, and take a look at the thickness of the cable used to construct and hold up the bridge.

vb: Powers outside of my control don't want me to blog ;o( - 02/17/15 11:55 AM
The chips are down when it comes to Vegas Bob being able to have Internet.

Vegas Bob took some advice from Activerain members when he didn't have Internet for over 6 days and we to the Morgan Hill Library today.
Because VB doesn't have proof of residence in Morgan Hill, the library (will not) give him a card.
So VB asked if he could use the computer at the MH Library and someone at the front desk said it would be $4.00 dollars for 2 hours, OMG ... This is outrageous!
So here VB is again, … (26 comments)

vb: Important Info & Tips on Cybercrime across the World by Robert Swetz VB (BOOKMARK) - 12/04/14 04:39 AM

Important Info & Tips on Cybercrime across the World by Robert Swetz VB     CYBERCRIME   What is it? Cybercrime refers to crime conducted online. It includes tax and welfare fraud, credit card fraud, and the non-delivery of purchases. It also includes scams, such as fraudulent investments and online auctions.   How does it effect people? Cybercrime costs the victims-and society as a whole-billions of dollars. Consider an example: Sandra received a email that she assumed was from her bank asking her to update her online banking details. Minutes after sending her personal particulars, she was alarmed to see … (19 comments)

vb: Robert Vegas Bob Swetz YouTube Accounts Swetz777 & VideosByVegasBob - 11/22/14 04:59 AM

Robert Vegas Bob Swetz YouTube Accounts Swetz777 & VideosByVegasBob     Vegas Bob aka Robert Swetz has been taking videos for 4-5 years now. Vegas Bob has approx. (840) videos at 2 - YouTube account that he has taken from all over the world.   Here are Vegas Bob's 2 YouTube accounts:   ROBERT SWETZ - YouTube www.youtube.com/user/swetz777 Cached Similar   Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz takes videos of places around the World when he travels, and also helps promote a variety of Businesses from Music, Artists, Actors,...
Robert Swetz - YouTube www.youtube.com/user/VideosByVegasBob Cached Similar   Apr 2, 2014 - Queens Ridge Summerlin by … (5 comments)

vb: Fishing Jim Creek in Palmer Alaska by Robert Swetz 8-18-2014 - 08/18/14 04:21 AM

Fishing Jim Creek in Palmer Alaska by Robert Swetz 8-18-2014
Alaska photographs by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz - Nikon ... activerain.trulia.com/.../alaska-photographs-by-robert-vegas-bob-swetz--...     23 hours ago - Robert "Vegas Bob" Swetz. Direct: 702.443.7156. If you are interested in Investment Properties in Las Vegas and the State of Nevada I can help ... Palmer Alaska by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz 8-17-2014 https://plus.google.com/.../posts/1wUB8dXZZdZ   Robert Swetz 17 hours ago - Palmer Alaska by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz 8-17-2014   Videos By Vegas Bob videosbyvegasbob.blogspot.com/     Alaska photographs by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz - Nikon D90 8-17-2014. Alaskaphotographs by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz - Nikon D90. Well after over one ... ROBERT SWETZ shared this on Google+ BEST WESTERN Lake Lucille Inn (Wasilla, AK) - Hotel ... www.tripadvisor.com › … (9 comments)

vb: Alaska photographs by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz - Nikon D90 8-17-2014 - 08/17/14 04:48 AM
Sunday, August 17, 2014 Alaska photographs by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz - Nikon D90 8-17-2014     Alaska photographs by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz - Nikon D90   Well after over one week in Las Vegas, Robert Swetz finally found time to load up some photos of Alaska from his Nikon D90     Here are 4 wonderful photographs of Seward Alaska at the top of the page. Red Cabin Lodge at Hatchers Pass 20 miles north of Wasilla right above.     Above are natural flowers that grow all over Alaska and this photo was taken in Palmer Alaska.   … (14 comments)

vb: Red Cabin Lodge at Hatchers Pass Alaska by Robert Swetz 8-16-2014 - 08/16/14 08:03 AM
Saturday, August 16, 2014 Little Red Lodge on top of the Alaska Mountains Robert Swetz 2014     Little Red Lodge on top of the Alaska Mountains Robert Swetz 2014   Approx 15 - 20 miles of Wasilla Alaska is a area called "Hatchers Pass" and situated between the mountain peeks is a area with a Red A-Frame Lodge.     The Red Lodge on top of Hatchers Pass has little Red Cabins that can be rented for $120 dollars per night. Above is a photo looking through the inside where the restaurant is located.     Above is a photo … (16 comments)

vb: Alaska photographs by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz 8-13-2014 - 08/13/14 06:19 AM
Wednesday, August 13, 2014 Alaska photographs by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz 8-13-2014  
Alaska photographs by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz 8-13-2014   Here are just a handful of photographs from my iPhone that I took on my 17 day vacation in Alaska.     I also took many photographs with my Nikon D90 along with HD videos that I will be loading in the next several weeks.     This was my second visit to Alaska, my first trip was 25 years ago. This last visit was so much better than the first, with so much more time to travel and … (22 comments)

vb: Possible Reason for all the "LIGHTS" being sighted in California - 07/22/14 03:07 AM
Original Owners coming to Claim their Mineral Rights World Wide Posted on July 22, 2014 by ufogemini  

Original Owners coming to Claim their Mineral Rights World Wide
That’s right … Hundreds of thousands of years ago there was a life form before Humans. This was their world and they have been coming back to visit for hundreds of years now.
There have been sightings of lights all over Southern California, other cities across the US and cities around the world.
So what are these lights???
Well it doesn’t really take a “Rocket Scientist” to explain what these lights are! … (21 comments)

vb: Robert Vegas Bob Swetz ActiveRain Royalty? = Sir Vegas Bob? - 07/15/14 04:37 AM
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz ActiveRain Royalty? = Sir Vegas Bob?
I received a email several days ago from Gene Riemenschneider about a comment that Jimmy Chickey ...
Jimmy re-blogged a post about ActiveRain training, etc and Gene asked him this question in a comment. I laughed so hard when I first read this and I just had to share these 2 comments with the AR Community.
And once again Vegas Bob is running with this (New) attached name title ... Sir Vegas Bob ;o)
ActiveRain has to be one of the best social networks with some of the … (23 comments)





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