wife: I have been Debt Free for 5 years now so why am I Working? - 12/16/17 11:48 AM
I have been Debt Free for 5 years now so why am I Working? 
I have been Debt Free for 5 years now so why am I Working?
With no mortgage payment, no car payment, no credit card payment, no utility payments and the only having to pay for food and gas for my car, what would be my reason for working.
In 2010 I had a bad back injury while working construction and collected workman's comp for 2 years, and only collected 18K for life on my back injury the attorney got the rest.
So around 4-5 years ago I paid off … (13 comments)

wife: Merry Christmas Card my wife Lin made - 12/22/16 05:23 PM
Merry Christmas Card my wife Lin made
My wife Lin made some Christmas Cards and I think she may have made them on Facebook.
Anyway here is my favorite card she made that she posted on Facebook. Some AR members gave a thumbs up and some left comments.
Both Lin and I want to wish everyone a wonderful safe Christmas holiday ;o)
This photo was taken in Girdwood Alaska in spring of 2016

wife: Vegas Bob will be Home Alone for Christmas - 12/19/16 05:15 PM

Monday, December 19, 2016 Vegas Bob will be Home Alone for Christmas  
  Vegas Bob will be Home Alone for Christmas   Christmas is coming up very quick this year and Robert Swetz aka Vegas Bob will not be going to Alaska to be with his wife and boys. Robert will not be going to Las Vegas to be with his brother and family, and will not be going to the Midwest to spend Christmas with his father and other relatives.   So what is Vegas Bob going to do for Christmas 2016?    I don't know!   Vegas Bob … (21 comments)

wife: Demons - End of the World or Second Coming of Christ? - 01/25/16 04:48 AM

Demons - End of the World or Second Coming of Christ?
At approx. 1:30am 1-24-2016 in Alaska my wife and I were woke up to the bed shaking all over the room, very similar to scenes from the movie The Exorcist and no it was not a honeymoon night.
While my wife and I were waken by the Earth Quake she was saying out loud "Oh Jesus" ... "Praise Jesus"
It was quite frightening and it lasted for around 2-3 minutes. 
Picture frames were shaking on the walls, flat screen TV's were rocking back and form and then we heard a bang come from upstairs.

wife: Robert Swetz is overwhelmed with thoughts of going to Alaska - 12/15/15 06:56 AM

I have been getting all my ducks in a row as I prepare to go to Alaska, but with my mind racing last evening it was very difficult to sleep ;o(
I am overwhelmed with thoughts of cold, snow, etc and it frightens me.
I was born in the Midwest where temperatures are very similar to Anchorage and Homer, give or take a few degrees.
I love the spring, summer, fall months but I am getting cold feet when it comes to spending time in The Last Frontier during the winter.
My wife, bless her heart keeps telling me that I will be much more successful and … (18 comments)

wife: Traveling the World and Teaching the Word of God? - 11/01/15 02:09 AM

For the last 5 years as Robert Swetz has been getting older there have been many ideas and future plans running through his brain.
In 2014 Robert Swetz became a Ordained Minister in the State of Nevada and has been thinking of stepping it up a notch within the Ministry.
Both my new wife Lin in Alaska and I have spoken about becoming a Minister in Alaska, or maybe traveling the World teaching the Word of God.
I seriously think Lin is a Saint and she would love to see and listen to her husband in front of a church and or in front of … (14 comments)

wife: Living with a Baby Who is Going to Die at Birth - 10/24/15 05:43 AM
This was a very long read for me, but I was determined to read Tai's heartfelt post from beginning to end.
All I can say is "WOW" and my hat goes off to Tai, his wife and unborn child Creed ...
When I first started reading Tai's post I thought with advanced technology in medicine that doctors could apply plastic, or some type of medal to the top of the child's skull after birth.
I will be texting Tai's post to my wife in Alaska, she is a saint and I am going to have her start praying for Creed, along with myself starting tonight.
And for anyone reading … (11 comments)

wife: Alaska Bob is Excited about Flying Home for the Holidays - 10/12/15 11:31 AM

Russian Village of Ninilchik Alaska by Robert Swetz
Alaska Bob is getting very excited about going home for the Holidays ;o)
Working on a construction project in San Jose California since February of this year has only allowed Alaska Bob aka Vegas Bob a 10 day visit all year in July.
So I am very excited about getting out of California, and chilling in Anchorage Alaska ...
Sure it gets cold, sure it snows, sure the days have very little sunlight ...
But I will not be working and spending quality time with my wife and 2 boys.
And how long will Vegas Bob be chilling in … (31 comments)

wife: Alaska Bob's wife and boys saw Obama in Anchorage today - 08/31/15 11:00 AM
Early this morning when I heard president Obama was going to be in Alaska, I had to text my wife and the boys.
Later while I was at work I recieved a call from my wife, and she was so excited because president Obama went driving by while some of the main streets were blocked.
With the small size of Anchorage, the largest city in Alaska with approx 300,000 people, it's not very difficult for locals to know when The Man is in town ;o)
Obama is in Alaska talking about Global Warming and helping change the name of Mount McKinley back to Mt … (41 comments)

wife: New horizons for Alaska Bob & Vegas Bob - 08/01/15 01:58 AM

Sun setting over Seattle Washington by Robert Swetz 2015
New horizons continue to take place for Alaska Bob & Vegas Bob, and a quick heads-up ... both AB & VB are the same person = Robert Swetz
Vegas Bob continues to work on a huge construction project in San Jose California, and this project will last till Nov-Dec of 2015.
Vegas Bob still owns a place in Las Vegas and with family there and a license to sell Real Estate, he will be keeping it for a while.
Clear horizon over the Pacific Ocean by Robert Swetz 2015
The horizons in the past have been a little … (13 comments)

wife: Possible Land Purchase in Homer Alaska - 07/23/15 10:21 AM

There is a great possibility that Vegas Bob may be purchasing some wooded acreage in Homer Alaska soon!
That's right, Vegas Bob has been looking at lake lots and vacant acreage around Willow, Wasilla, Anchorage and Homer Alaska for around one year now.
Vegas Bob will be in Las Vegas for several days looking over some of his accounts and other financial investments.
While VB was on vacation 10 days last week, VB and his wife found a beautiful lot with pine trees and natural flowers everywhere.
The lot is a corner lot and has been reduced down 20K. Only 4 miles north of Homer, quiet with … (17 comments)

wife: Family here - Freezer full of Fish - Can Robert Swetz stay in Alaska? - 07/18/15 02:40 AM
 Lin at Anchor Point Alaska by Robert Swetz 2015
With a freezer full of Halibut, Salmon and Octopus in Alaska ... along with family living here, why should Robert Swetz aka Vegas Bob go back to the Lower 48?
Well everyone, Vegas Bob's short trip to Alaska is finally coming to a end. VB has to jump on a plane Sunday afternoon and fly back to the Bay Area in California.
               New freezer full of Halibut, Salmon & Octopus by Robert Swetz
Take a this new freezer we purchased just to put our halibut, salmon and octopus we … (13 comments)

wife: Red Cabins at Hatchers Pass - Robert Alaska Bob Swetz - 07/16/15 02:32 AM

Red Cabins Hatchers Pass Wasilla Alaska by Robert Swetz 2015
Robert Alaska Bob Swetz aka Vegas Bob and family are spending several days taking in the fresh air and hiking around the Red Cabins at Hatchers Pass, only 15 minutes north of Wasilla.
Vegas Bob first found out about the Red Cabins in July of 2014 and just can't get enough of the beauty and fresh air.
Red Cabins Hatchers Pass Wasilla Alaska by Robert Swetz 2015
Alaska Bob would love to stay overnight at the Red Cabins at Hatchers Pass, but their usually booked months in advance so it's very difficult. 
Some day soon though, Alaska Bob … (9 comments)

wife: Alaska Bob & Vegas Bob's Halibut Fishing Trip in Homer Alaska - 07/13/15 01:00 AM

Alaska Bob/Vegas Bob in Homer Alaska by Robert Swetz July 12th 2015
Alaska Bob/Vegas Bob had a very successful day fishing Halibut in Homer Alaska July 12th 2015. 
Vegas Bob entered a contest trying to win a $25,000 dollar prize by catching the largest halibut in the year 2015.
Robert Swetz aka Vegas Bob aka Alaska Bob did catch a 140 pound halibut, but did not beat the recent holding record so far of 247 pounds caught by a lady 2 weeks ago in Homer.
                      Homer Alaska by Robert Swetz July 12th 2015
The photos above and … (19 comments)

wife: A Special post to Mryl Jeffcoat from Byers Lake Alaska - 07/03/15 02:10 AM

Byers Lake Denali State Park Alaska by Robert Swetz 2014
As some of you may know by now, Robert Vegas Bob Swetz has been posting blogs about beautiful Alaska for around one week now, and there have been some wonderful comments coming in.
One of my dear friends at the Activerain network, Myrl Jeffcoat with her own photography group left a kind comment yesterday.
Byers Lake Denai State Park Alaska by Robert Swetz 2014
So Vegas Bob wanted to post something very special for Myrl ...
My wife and I pulled over on our drive to Fairbanks from Anchorage in September of 2014.
The sun was rising and … (15 comments)

wife: What's really bringing Alaska Bob back to the Last Frontier - 06/18/15 10:47 AM

The beautiful young lady in the photo above that was taken at Lucile Lake in Wasilla Alaska is by far the number one reason Alaska Bob aka Robert Vegas Bob Swetz is going to Alaska ;o)
Robert Swetz will be fishing for halibut in Homer Alaska the second week of July 2015 with his lovely wife Lin.
November 2014 was the last time Vegas Bob was in Alaska, and in May of 2015 Lin stopped into San Jose for a visit.
The second reason Alaska Bob will visiting the Last Frontier in Alaska would be it's beauty.
The beauty of Alaska is by far one of … (17 comments)

wife: Vegas Bob is very excited about going to Alaska - 06/04/15 01:08 PM
Vegas Bob is really getting excited about spending the first part of July in Alaska
Here is a post I wrote about my halibut fishing trip in Homer Alaska.
Vegas Bob will be fishing Halibut in Homer and spending 3 days and nights by the ocean.
Then Vegas Bob will be headed to Wasilla and spending 3 days ght in a motel on Lucile Lake with his wife and boys.
While staying in Wasilla, VB and family will be hiking up at "Hatchers Pass" and hiking by the rivers and lakes around Wasilla Alaska.
When VB is on vacation in Alaska the sun will be shining … (21 comments)

wife: Life in the Fast Lane - 05/29/15 01:32 PM
Life in the Fast Lane
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz has been working and driving in the Fast Lane in the Bay Area in Northern California for the last couple months.
Working long hours is taking a toll on Vegas Bob and he is looking forward to taking some time off when this project is complete in San Jose.
The project should finish up around November/December of 2015.
Vegas Bob is seriously thinking about taking one year off from construction and living with his wife in Alaska.
Vegas Bob has already spoken with his wife Lin and she is very excited and mentioned that she is ready … (6 comments)

wife: Halibut Fishing Charter in Homer Alaska booked for Vegas Bob - 05/22/15 11:46 AM

Robert Vegas Bob Swetz and family will be fishing for halibut July 12th 2015 ...
The Fishing Charter to fish halibut has been booked in Homer Alaska.
Vegas Bob, his wife and two other relatives will be fishing the second week of July.
Vegas Bob has booked a motel room for 3 nights over looking the snow cap mountains on the beach in Homer Alaska.
Price to fish per person is $300 dollars, the charter supplies the poles, reals, bait, etc.
Each person can keep only 2 fish ...
Average size is approx 80 lbs and some halibut can reach up to 350 lbs.
Let's wish Vegas Bob … (22 comments)

wife: Vegas Bob's daughter and Manny Pacquiao in the Philippines - 04/29/15 01:19 PM
   Wednesday, April 29, 2015 Robert Vegas Bob Swetz daughter and Manny Pacquiao from the Philippines   Here is a photograph that was taken 2 months ago in the Philippines of Vegas Bob's daughter and Manny Pacquiao in the Philippines     Vegas Bob's daughter just arrived in the United States with the former president of the Philippines.   They will be attending the Mayweather - Pacquiao "Biggest Fight" in History Saturday May 2nd 2015 in Las Vegas Nevada.   Vegas Bob recently found out about his daughter attending the fight only two days ago, so it wasn't enough time for … (27 comments)

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