wonderful: Merry Christmas Card my wife Lin made - 12/22/16 05:23 PM
Merry Christmas Card my wife Lin made
My wife Lin made some Christmas Cards and I think she may have made them on Facebook.
Anyway here is my favorite card she made that she posted on Facebook. Some AR members gave a thumbs up and some left comments.
Both Lin and I want to wish everyone a wonderful safe Christmas holiday ;o)
This photo was taken in Girdwood Alaska in spring of 2016

wonderful: God Whispers . . . - 01/19/16 05:09 AM
Tuesday, January 19, 2016God Whispers                I can across this post and video from a friend of mine at the Activerain network and when I watched it I was taken by how true this fits in life.   I was so taken by this wonderful video along with the photographs, that I created my own post with the video and photos I have taken over the years.   What really sets some people apart from others is noticing the little things in life, that are free and priceless.   Thanks for for listening and reading … (11 comments)

wonderful: Goodbye to my family and Alaska for now - 07/19/15 01:51 AM

Little Susitina River Wasilla Hatchers Pass Alaska by Robert Swetz 2015
This will be Robert Swetz's last post coming directly from Alaska for a while.
Alaska Bob aka Vegas Bob's wonderful trip has finally come to an end ;o(
Robert and family had a great time on his vacation, fishing Homer, hiking Hatchers Pass in Wasilla, hanging out around the shores of Lucile Lake, Beaver Lake and so much more.
Red Cabins at Hatchers Pass Wasilla Alaska by Robert Swetz 2015
Robert Swetz would like to personally thank all of his friends and associates from the Activerain network for following him on site in Alaska.
Vegas Bob … (33 comments)

wonderful: Have a wonderful evening my friends from Activerain - 05/18/15 11:57 AM
What a beautiful day and a wonderful evening ...
Robert Swetz captured this wonderful photo of the sun setting into the horizon this evening after he was driving home from work.
It was a long day at work, but viewing this beautiful sun set really makes me thankful.
Thankful for my health, for my loved ones, my friends and everything else connected with love ;o)
Have a wonderful evening my friends from Activerain

wonderful: Robert Swetz meets Bay Area Bob and Vegas Bob (Eye Candy) attached - 05/11/15 11:03 AM

That's right ... Robert Swetz had the privilege of hooking up with Bay Area Bob and Vegas Bob in one day ;o)
While Robert Swetz was meeting with Bay Area Bob, he had the honor of viewing some of his wonderful photographs.
While viewing some of these areas around the Bay Area, can anyone please tell me where these photos were taken?
Not only did Robert Swetz have the honor of viewing photos from around the Bay Area, Mr Swetz also had the privilege of viewing photos that Vegas Bob has taken in Las Vegas Nevada.
And after viewing some of these photos from Las Vegas, can … (13 comments)

wonderful: How many agents will be showing clients homes on Easter? - 04/04/15 06:12 AM
Tomorrow is Easter Day and Vegas Bob was wondering how many agents will be doing open houses or showing clients homes?
Vegas Bob thinks personally that agents that celebrate Easter and or the Resurection would want to take a break from making money. Go to church and spend time with their families.
Please try and remember life is not always about money, family and our beliefs are also very important.
Even for the non-believers, take a break and spend time with your families also.
there is one thing in life we cannot replace and that's time spent with … (9 comments)

wonderful: Goodbye ActiveRain Friends for the next 7 days - Until May 1st 2014 - 04/23/14 01:15 PM

Robert "Vegas Bob" Swetz will be OFF the Internet for the next 7 days starting at midnight Pacific Time.
Vegas Bob will be focusing on some very serious business and just wanted to get everyone another "Heads Up" post because VB knows everyone is busy selling Real Estate.
VB will not be posting, commenting and or featuring any AR members posts to his 20+ Groups at AR.
But don't worry ... VB will be back in "Full Force" on May 1st.
So until then, Goodbye and "Good Night" my friends and have a wonderful week.

wonderful: "Good Morning" my friends and have a Great Weekend ... ;o) - 06/02/12 01:28 AM


wonderful: New video by TONI BRAXTON is wonderful ... - 03/29/12 11:49 PM
New video by TONI BRAXTON is wonderful ...   Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz had the privilege of attending one of TONI BRAXTON'S concerts in Las Vegas back in 2008 and it was wonderful. She sat on Vegas Bob's lap and sang a song, and it was very exciting ... Please note: Toni Braxton video not taken by Robert Swetz Toni Braxton in Las Vegas Nevada 2-6-2008 « Videos By Vegas Bob www.videosbyvegasbob.com/?p=1603 Dec 21, 2010 – I purchased Toni Braxton tickets from a ticket vendor in Las Vegas one week before ... UFOsAliens.org UFO & Alien Website by Robert Swetz ... Toni Braxton sitting on Vegas Bob's lap at her show ... - ActiveRain activerain.com/.../toni-braxton-sitting-on-vegas-bob-s-lap-at-her-sho... … (5 comments)

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