youtube: Videos By Robert Vegas Bob Swetz - 03/25/18 11:21 AM

Videos By Robert Vegas Bob Swetz

Robert Swetz aka Vegas Bob has been taking videos for around 10 years now and has traveled the world capturing different video footage.
40 years ago Robert Swetz started taking photographs and then later picked up on taking videos.

Robert Swetz has approx. 3000 videos loaded up to 2 different YouTube accounts and Robert plans on pulling out his video cameras and taking fresh (new) videos starting with California.


Robert has left 2 URL's that will lead you to his 2 YouTube accounts. Feel free to … (6 comments)

youtube: Where have all the good times gone? by Robert Swetz - 07/29/17 09:58 PM
Saturday, July 29, 2017 Where have all the good times gone? by Robert Swetz  
Where have all the good times gone? by Robert Swetz   Robert Swetz aka Vegas Bob has not been feeling the vibes anymore lately within the World Wide Web.   With so many networks like FaceBook, Youtube, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, ActiveRain, etc, the Internet has lately become just a melting pot of blogs, photographs and videos.   Many years ago there was so much more personality with comments, likes, etc and now very little response to blogs, photos and videos. It's almost as if (nobody is … (7 comments)

youtube: Robert Vegas Bob Swetz's YouTube Accounts - 12/17/16 05:16 PM

Saturday, December 17, 2016 Robert Vegas Bob Swetz's YouTube Accounts  

 Robert Vegas Bob Swetz's YouTube Accounts

Robert Swetz aka Vegas Bob has been loading up videos to 2 different YouTube Accounts for many years.
Vegas Bob has a total of 1202 different videos on his YouTube Accounts.
With a huge verity of videos like travel, music, real estate, different cites across the United States, different countries and so much more.
For anyone interested in viewing some of Robert Swetz's videos go to the links (below).

Homes For Sale Henderson Las Vegas - YouTube … (9 comments)

youtube: Who wants to view more Videos by Vegas Bob? - 10/17/16 11:25 AM
Who wants to view more Videos by Vegas Bob?
Robert "Vegas Bob" Swetz has around 1300 different videos on 2 YouTube accounts, and here is just one of the many.
A very well known corporation in Las Vegas Nevada contacted Robert Swetz and asked if he would be interested in taking videos around Las Vegas for them.
Vegas Bob said yes if it was worth his while, meaning if they paid him what he was asking.
Anyway Vegas Bob will be picking up his Sony HD Video Camera out of storage along with his Apple Mac laptop and start loading up (new) videos to YouTube.
Here … (4 comments)

youtube: Beauty of BIG SUR California by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz - 08/20/16 12:50 PM

Beauty of BIG SUR California by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz
For anyone that has been to BIG SUR California these photos and video are going to bring back some great memories. And for anyone that has never been to BIG SUR California ... "Shame On You" and what are you waiting for?
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz had the privilege to once again visit one of his favorite places along the pacific coast today and here are several photos that I took along the way.
Along with a video that I took several years ago when I was in BIG SUR. This video footage of BIG … (21 comments)

youtube: Robert Vegas Bob Swetz's two YouTube accounts with 1,173 Videos - 07/12/16 09:54 AM
Robert Vegas Bob Swetz has been taking photographs since the age of 15 when his parents bought him a inexpensive Polaroid camera.
Since the Robert Swetz has used Canon Cameras and lately Nikon along with telephotos lenses, wide angle lenses and even macro lenses for close-up photography.
In the last 10 years Robert Swetz started taking videos of Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Minnesota, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, beaches along the pacific coast of California, Utah, redwoods in northern California, Lake Tahoe, Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Singapore along with many other cities and states, and for the last 2 years areas of Alaska.
With 1,173 videos at … (10 comments)

youtube: Robert Swetz wants to work at Facebook, Google, YouTube, Apple or Microsoft - 04/15/16 08:43 AM
Robert Swetz wants to work at Facebook, Google, YouTube, Apple or Microsoft 
Robert Swetz is wondering how he can get a job at one of these companies with no college degrees in technology, computer programing, etc.
 Robert Swetz has been fascinated by the computer industry for so many years that he would like to be more involved then through personal activity.And at my age I don't feel like going back to college in order to get qualified to land certain employment at these companies.

If anyone reading this post knows how to achieve employment at Facebook, Google, YouTube, Apple or Microsoft without certain college degrees please call Robert at:  702 … (9 comments)

youtube: Who remembers Led Zeppelin? - 02/21/16 09:55 AM

Led Zeppelin, II, III, IV, Houses of the Holy and Physical ...  Led Zeppelin Features news, discography, audio samples, DVD preview, commentary, and wallpapers. Led Zeppelin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  Wikipedia Led Zeppelin were an English rock band formed in London in 1968. The group consisted of guitarist Jimmy Page, singer Robert Plant, bassist and keyboardist ...‎Discography - ‎Jimmy Page - ‎Robert Plant - ‎John Bonham Led Zeppelin discography - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  Wikipedia The discography of the English rock band Led Zeppelin consists of nine studio albums, four live albums, nine compilation albums, 16 singles and eight music ... … (20 comments)

youtube: Hiking Blue Ice Glaciers with Robert Swetz in Alaska - 01/23/16 05:47 AM
 Hiking Blue Ice Glaciers with Robert Swetz in Alaska Robert Swetz aka Alaska Bob - Vegas Bob will be hiking along trails Sunday 1-23-2016 cover with Blue Ice Glaciers.Robert researched several great spots to walk on Glaciers very close to the Kenai Peninsula several hours south of Anchorage Alaska.  Robert was going to hike today but there is a 50% chance of rain and temps will be around 25 - 28 degrees.But Sunday there will only be a 15% chance of rain and temps are will reach around 35 - 38 degrees.Robert will be taking photographs and videos of the Blue Ice Glaciers … (30 comments)

youtube: Robert Swetz Hits 1111 Videos at YouTube - 01/18/16 12:28 PM

Robert Swetz aka Vegas Bob aka Alaska Bob Hits 1111 Videos at 2 of his YouTube Accounts.
Kekoa Kane played at the Dimond Center Mall in Anchorage Alaska January 15-16 2016 and Robert Swetz had the privilege of capturing 40 minutes of Kekoa and also meeting him in person.
There is a large population of Hawaiians in Anchorage Alaska so I asked Kekoa why there are so many Hawaiians in Alaska and he said because they like the cold ... Go Figure ;o)
Robert Swetz Hits 1111 Videos at YouTube with Singer ... ▶ 3:36 38 mins ago - Uploaded by Robert Swetz … (7 comments)

youtube: Subscribe & Follow Robert Vegas Bob Swetz at two YouTube Accounts - 12/31/15 04:42 AM
Subcribe and Follow Robert "Vegas Bob" Swetz aka Alaska Bob at two YouTube Accounts
Here is another one of my favorite videos from Downtown Las Vegas Fremont Street of the Local Favorite "Carl Ferris" jamming on the Saxophones ;o)
Please subscribe & follow Robert "Vegas Bob" Swetz aka Alaska Bob at both of these YouTube Accounts (Below)
Robert Swetz - YouTube Cached Similar 3 days ago - Vegas Bob New Homes Red Rock Summerlin Howard Hughes 2014. ... Great Video of High Roller Linq Robert Vegas Bob Swetz 3-8-2014 . Vegas ... ROBERT SWETZ - YouTube Cached Similar Robert (Vegas Bob) … (5 comments)

youtube: More beauty in Thailand than beautiful ladies - Robert Vegas Bob Swetz - 11/30/15 07:47 AM

This video by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz is by far one of his number one rated videos of Thailand with the most number of views.

Could anyone please tell me "why" there are so many views on this video of Pattaya Thailand?
Could it be because there are young ladies in the videos in front of the night clubs?

For anyone that has never been to Thailand, there is so much more to see than young ladies!
Take a look at these photos that I took while I was visiting Thailand.
Beautiful beaches, great foods, friendly people, great weather, great history and yes ... … (3 comments)

youtube: Robert Vegas Bob Swetz shops for Food in Pattaya Thailand - 11/29/15 06:03 AM

Pattaya Thailand was by far one of Robert Vegas Bob Swetz's favorite places in Thailand next to Phuket.
Pattaya Beach, great food on the streets and the Thai people are so friendly.
  At the top of the page is a great video showing the many foods for sale on the street of Pattaya Thailand. Straight above is Vegas Bob visiting a famous temple in Pattaya with the laying down Buddha Statue.     Above is a photo of Pattaya Beach and many tourists and locals watching the sunset.
The ocean water temperatures in Thailand are always war year round which makes for … (7 comments)

youtube: Tourist Attraction High Roller Ferris Wheel by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz - 11/29/15 05:47 AM

The High Roller Ferris Wheel in Las Vegas Nevada continues to be a HUGE tourist attraction on the the Las Vegas "Strip" and Vegas Bob remembers when the High Roller first opened up.
  At the top of the page is one of many videos I have taken over the years of the High Roller followed with some great photographs.     On your next visit to Las Vegas Nevada, make sure you take a ride on the High Roller Ferris Wheel.
Take a ride during the day so you can view Red Rock Canyon to the west of Las Vegas Blvd … (5 comments)

youtube: Inside "THE COSMOPOLITAN Las Vegas by Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz - 11/27/15 06:03 AM

Inside "THE COSMOPOLITAN" Las Vegas by Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz
Here is a great video I took of The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas Nevada when it first opened back in 2010.
I work on this project for Walters & Wolf Glass company and installed most of the glass on this project.
The reason for the blog is because the views and likes on this video have been very good and people like it, so I thought I would share it with my viewers ;o)  Posted by "Super Star" at 12:59 PM  Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Labels: Cosmopolitan, Glass Companies, Las Vegas Nevada, Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz,videos by … (3 comments)

youtube: Alaska Bob fishes Jim Creek in Palmer Alaska - 5th page of Google - 08/19/15 11:36 AM
Robert Swetz aka Vegas Bob, also known as Alaska Bob is amazed that this post 'Alaska Bob fishes Jim Creek in Palmer Alaska' went from 11th page to 7th and now 5th page at Google.   And this post below is on the 2nd page of searching Alaska Bob under BING.   Whatever is happening, Robert is excited and continues to run with these 2 posts that were blogged several months ago ;o)     Alaska Bob Tours hits 7th page of Google ;o) › Blogs › Robert (Alaska Bob) Swetz Aug 14, 2015 · Finger Lake - Wasilla Alaska by Robert Swetz Robert Swetz was shocked when he Googled the name Alaska Bob, … (15 comments)

youtube: Google Juice booms for Alaska Bob - 08/18/15 12:16 PM

The Google Juice for Alaska Bob continues to boom and rise rapidly to the top on Google pages.
With all the written posts, blogging, photographs and videos that Alaska Bob aka Robert Swetz continues to plug within the World Wide Web, the ranks continue to rise.
And of all the networks that Robert Swetz plugs to, YouTube and Activerain seem to be to be the top 2 ranked for search engine optimization.
So a heads-up for readers that want their posts to rise to the top of Google pages the fastest ...
YouTube and Activerain 
Here is a video Alaska Bob took in Alaska in 2014. … (12 comments)

youtube: Follow Robert "Vegas Bob" Swetz at YouTube - 05/05/15 11:44 AM

Robert "Vegas Bob" Swetz has been posting videos from around the world to 2 different YouTube accounts for many years now ...
From places like ...
Nevada, Las Vegas, Fremont Street, Henderson, Summerlin, Lake Las Vegas, Goldfield, Walker Lake, Area 51, Zion National Park, Arches National Park, Canyonlands, Utah, California, San Diego, Laguna Beach, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Carlsbad, Oceanside, Dana Point, Big Sur, Yosemite, Santa Barbara, Carmel By the Sea, Monterey, San Francisco, Half Moon Bay, Lake Tahoe, Eureka, Red Woods, Ferndale, Mad River, Arizona, Flagstaff, Snowflake, New Mexico, Roswell, Socorro, Minnesota, Brainerd, Aitkin, Minneapolis, St Paul, Crosby, Alaska, Anchorage, Fairbanks, Wasilla, Homer, and many … (14 comments)

youtube: Is blogging a waste of time? - 04/26/15 04:15 AM
Every once and a while I will come across people at work or in conversation that tell me blogging is a waste of time ..
I have been listening to these types of statements for many years now. And when I hear these words coming from people mouths, first I consider the source and then I might ask, do you know what a blog is?
For anybody reading this post that has never posted a blog and or that really doesn't know what blogging does for businesses, etc, let me clue you in
I first started blogging over 9 years ago and at first, … (50 comments)

youtube: Vegas Bob was created by members of the Activerain network - I am thankful - 04/25/15 04:56 AM
Vegas Bob was created by members of the Activerain network - I am thankful  When Robert Swetz first joined the Activerain network back in  January 2008, six months later members of Activerain started calling him "Vegas Bob" ...   At first Robert really wasn't sure about the name and though it was kind of silly, but ran with it anyway.   Since 2008 Robert Swetz has created a very large group of friends and associates within the Activerain network.  Vegas Bob has hundreds of friends and associates along with 536 Activerain members following his blogs.   Since 2008 when Robert was … (5 comments)





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