I deleted one of my FaceBook accounts today and there may be more ...Late last evening and into this morning I started to unfriend family and friends at one of my FaceBook accounts.The FaceBook a account that I just deleted was opened up in March of 2008 so it took me around 2+ hours to delete ev...
When I came across this photo of a man holding this sign all I could say was WOW ...Makes Sense 
Pfeiffer State Park Big Sur California by Robert SwetzHere are several photographs of Big Sur California that I have taken over the years with a new fresh video of Pfeiffer State Park with the water fall and beach.For anyone that has never been to Big Sur California all I can tell you is get you ...
Purchasing Real Estate in Alaska by Robert SwetzMy first visit to Alaska was back in 2001 and I have been living and traveling back and forth to Alaska from the Lower 48 for around 4 years now.I have traveled all over the USA and other parts of the world and I have yet to find a place as quiet an...
Working For Nor-Cal Glass by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz As everyone should know by now Robert Swetz aka Vegas Bob has known to be quite the critic when it comes to businesses across the United States and some countries around the world.  Robert Swetz worked with Nor-Cal Glass in November 2017 to Feb...
Homes For Sale Lake Las Vegas by Robert SwetzLake Las Vegas located in Henderson Nevada is by far one of my favorite places to show homes to buyers.Lake Las Vegas located approx 20 miles south east of the Las Vegas Strip is a great get away from all the tourists, fast lane and hustle and bustle.E...
Car Show in Downtown Henderson by Robert Swetz Here are some great photographs that I took at the old Imperial Palace in Las Vegas Nevada which is now part of the LINQ Hotel Casino.  These photos were taken with a wide angle so a couple of them look kind of strange, especially the red T-Bird in ...
BIG Foot Parade in Willow Creek California by Robert Swetz Robert Swetz has been to the Big Foot parade several times over the years and hiked and camped around Hwy 299 where most of the Big Foot sightings are.  And does Robert Swetz believe in Big Foot? Yes he does believe in some type of large...
 Robert Vegas Bob Swetz becomes Millionaire overnight Robert Swetz aka Vegas Bob received a email yesterday on winning over $9,000,000 dollars and today he will be going to the bank to prepare for purchasing a new home and car.  Robert Swetz has told himself many times over the past that if he wa...
Videos By Robert Vegas Bob Swetz Robert Swetz aka Vegas Bob has been taking videos for around 10 years now and has traveled the world capturing different video footage. 40 years ago Robert Swetz started taking photographs and then later picked up on taking videos. Robert Swetz has approx. 3000 v...

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