success: Those who win! - 06/02/10 09:31 AM
The Realty Reality of the Month: June 2010
To Read This Month: Those who win!
News from Sylvia:  My book just left for translation! Yes, I hope to have my first English one in store for October!
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This great text was offer to me by one of my mentors, the late Mr Jean-Guy Labrèche, an excellent sales trainer. I must admit that, still today, I use it as inspiration and I hope it will also be a model for you.
Those who win,
Winners are people like you
 Winners take … (1 comments)

success: I suggest praise and recognition as your principal form of remuneration! - 05/27/10 10:36 AM
The Realty Reality of the Month: May 2010
To Read This Month: I suggest praise and recognition as your principal form of remuneration!

And a gift for you!
Don't forget:        The REALTY-SUCCESS    Response of the month!

I suggest praise and recognition as your principal form of remuneration!
 This REALTY REALITY of the Month is largely inspired by my REALTY REALITY SUCCESS tour across the country and the memorable experiences I had.  I was impressed by the quality of the agents and brokers I met, by your great devotion and passion for your business and your clients.  All the offices, I … (2 comments)

success: Will you pass the test? - 04/05/10 03:21 AM
The Realty Reality of the Month: April 2010
To read this month: Will you pass the test?
News from Sylvia: Gatineau and Québec here I come!
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 Happy Reading!
Will you pass the test?
A good friend of mine, a surgeon, gave me a call and asked me to refer to him an agent or broker in his area to help him sell the house he'd owned for twenty-five years.  As he is in a different part of Quebec than I, I quickly refer him to agents I recognized from various ads … (4 comments)

success: Have you left your comfort zone in order to better perform? - 02/28/10 02:38 AM
I was inspired and touched by the magnificent opening ceremony of the 21st Winter Olympic Games! I could feel and admire the talent, effort, perseverance and respect for everyone in the amphitheatre and I felt great compassion towards the Georgian athlete who had a tragic and abrupt end to his path to success.
But more importantly, how can we not admire the determination and pride that we can see spread across the faces of all the participants and their parents! What touches me deeply is hearing the testimonials from the athletes who are all strangely driven to exceed themselves by what … (3 comments)

success: It's the time of year (to party) to prospect! - 12/03/09 01:24 AM
The Realty Reality of the Month: December 2009

To Read This Month:    It's the time of year to party to prospect!
Don't forget: The REALTY-SUCCESS   Response of the month!
 It's the time of year to party to prospect! 
With the many holiday events coming up this season it is the perfect time to find new clients! To help you have fun, here are a few tips for a networking IMMO- SUCCESS holiday! 1 - Before the event take a few minutes to learn some positive facts about the real estate market. What will you answer … (4 comments)

success: How To Manage Our Precious Time? - 11/28/09 02:58 AM
How To Manage Our Precious Time?
"Don't let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use."  - Earl Nightingale
Some truths:
•·               My time is mine; I control what I do.
•·               I can only do one thing at a time.
•·               Time is, unfortunately, fixed and finite.
•·               We can't save time, we invest in it.
•·               We spend our time wisely.
•·               We may have all the time because … (5 comments)

success: Do you have what it takes to be a real estate agent? - 05/04/09 04:06 AM
After years of experience I have noticed that the passion needed to succeed in this wonderful field must inherently exist within oneself.  By passion I mean the desire to render a service, to sell oneself and to be regarded as an expert in real estate, and most importantly to love people and their properties!
Even after many years in this field, with every transaction I am so proud to be selected to accompany my customers through this important step in fulfilling a dream in their lifetime. Without having this essential pride, as time goes by we will likely become disillusioned and … (5 comments)

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