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The engine of our recovery is real estate, although all economic development is important right now. Jobs from construction!



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Ok, so now I have Active Rain and Blogger sites.  I have my company website too of course.   Sure would be nice if I could post to one place but still get the inter-linking power of the multiple sites. I have a camera that also takes video.  This lets me take pictures and use Picasso to tag and u...
THIS HOME IS SOLD Please email me if you would like to see avail new homes in Porter County Indiana.   The Synergy Homes model home, used for the last two years as our key customer center, is now for sale.  We are beginning construction on our new model for 2007 and getting our office pulled toge...
Have you checked out this Threadless T-Shirt company? It's obviously a lot more than shirts, it's an entire attitude and digi-community. I got this link from my sales and marketing director this morning.  Now, before you jump to the next post, follow a second.  His thought? I sure wish we could d...
I ran this list on my blog Daltons Briefs yesterday and had quite a bit of reaction.  So here goes again with some comments on each:Creative Think  I'm an author, inventor, and consultant. I started my company, Creative Think, in 1977 to stimulate creativity in business. I'm probably best known a...
Nationally there will be some reports released this week:Wednesday, Dec. 27  November New Home Sales (10 a.m. ET) [expected: 1.015M / prior: 1.004M]Measures how many Americans are buying new homes. Last month sales fell 3.2 percent, down by more than 25 percent in the past year. Builders have rec...
Oh my, Scott Daniels posts about a Hindu realtor that demands a showing on Christmas, and even gets angry when Scott says no.Synergy Homes was closed Sunday and Monday in observance of the Christmas Holidays and Familes.   Now we were open on some other holidays this year, the Hallmark ones, but ...
Sure 2006 was a year of contradictions, a very strong stock and bond market, while real estate was mixed and even dropping in a few regionals markets.  Sure home builders got socked on the nose, I guess as a payback for supporting the economy and creating jobs during the last five years.  I notic...
Some of you have asked that I kinda do my own Active Rain Carnival so here goes. Great post on improving your credit scoreTimes magazine names all of us that post to You Tube, Person of the YearMusical Tribute to New OrleansBlogging 101 Stupid QuestionHow to get a tax exemption on Roth IRAJust so...
More as a lark than anything I thought I would post while going about 8 mph on the highway headed to Indy with my family. Funny how much time we have on the road during a given day, time that we use on phones or listening to training materials. Probably dangerous to drive and blog eh? Enough for ...
In Tom Peters' book Re-Imagine he comments "All of our organizations will be reinvented - completely - in the next 25 years .... job security, as we have known it over the past three or four generations, is over.  Over and gone."Sounds mighty negative doesn't it?  But remarkably it is neither neg...

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