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My friends over at First Federal Trust Mortgage introduced a new mortgage product to me. I guess it goes like this. It's so new I guess they don't even have it on their website yet.You buy a home, let's use round numbers, and it costs $250,000. You put your normal down paymennt and closing costs ...
My title line was one of many potential subtitles submitted to Wikinomics authors during a collaborative request for subtitles to their new book.  I only read the first chapter so far, so I can't comment or reivew the whole manuscript.  But I have been challenged.Quoting Google CEO Eric Schmidt t...
It's been crazy since the first of the year.  Just a quick report from Northwest Indiana.  In the last two months, we've seen more activity than we did at any time in the last 14 months!This bubble burst thing is over.I'll post some cute photos and maybe even a link or two, but (from my blackberr...
I watched the movie Invincible with my son tonite again.  Sure it's just like Rudy or a host of other unsung hero type movies where the underdog makes it finally.While I watched the movie I read the posts of the bloggers I subscribe to here on Active Rain.  Unsung hero types themselves.  They don...
I was hopping around the web today, generally looking for some new blogging ideas for my local real estate and new homes site for our area (Synergy Thoughts) and on low and behold I bumped into some pretty angry new home buyers and attorneys and writers.The first guy who hosts site Toll Brothers ...
I know I'm about a week behind on this post.   Television show "Agua Teen Hunger Force" promotes in Boston using a stun campaign featuring light boards with eerie images, causing a bomb scare instead.  "Peter Berdovsky, 27, a freelance video artist from Arlington, Massachusetts, and Sean Stevens,...
First, I am not an economist.  I am a home builder in Northwest Indiana, and I intend to stay one.  But, I couldn't help but get a little excited to see this post by Steve Conover of the Skeptical Optimist.  I will quote him a couple times, but you really have to go to the link to see his terrifi...
KB Homes issues cease and desist to agent in Florida. Now here's some of the details, I guess Carlos Rodriquez a real estate professional in Florida, posts on his Orlando Weblog information pertaining to builders and specs ... he's offering himself as an expert who may be able to help a buyer fin...
Town of Chesterton Site Chesterton Tribune newspaper, featuring some common sense editorial, poignantly different than the liberal media in the rest of Northwest Indiana.Chamber of Commerce with some photos of the Lakeshore.  I'll try to get their permission to grab some of them and post to http:...
This picture doesn't do the scene justice, I'm more a poet than a photographer.   I sat "warm" albeit in the lobby of the Indianapolis Convention Center this morning, and watched the sun come up over downtown Indy, day before the Super Bowl.I wrote an internal blog post to my sales staff, reprodu...

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