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The engine of our recovery is real estate, although all economic development is important right now. Jobs from construction!



I love this story, and posted on my home building blog:Home Builders Defying the Negative News I don't really post for points anymore, so really not gonna spend time and energy typing a bunch extra, just head over to my post and comment liberally.There's a link to their Facebook Cause page there ...
Join Real Estate Professionals for John McCainAlso for you twitterers follow @JohnMcCain2008 for links all dayVideo of John McCain speaking to VFWSuspend the Gas Tax - McCain for Families - My own Hoosiers for McCain siteBrand new McCain platform for grassroots efforts - in Alpha right now - McCa...
Quick post on the way out the door to church: Hat Tip New Jersey for McCain: for identifying Veterans For McCain. The site is operated by Col O.P. Ditch, Retired USAF. He also has a growing Veterans For McCain FaceBook Group.It's amazing the number of great McCain sites and social networks poppin...
Dear Mr. Obama:I listened very carefully this morning to your response to all the flack you have been receiving regarding 'bitter small town Pennsylvanians.'  Nice try.  But man, you're wearing me out!  How encouraging for Pennsylvania residents that you expanded your remarks to all small towns a...
 I know we just got 16 people moved over to join this group Real Estate Professionals for John McCainAnd now, I'm suggesting yet another social network for Mccain Supporters.  But, many of my fellow heavy duty political bloggers for McCain have joined just today at John McCain on Ning.  Join us, ...
Some posts that I thought some of you would find interesting - Please join the John Mccain GroupBy Joe Heller from the Green Bay Post-Gazette, posted on Daryl Cagle's Caroonist IndexResponsibility and Republican Economics Part IIfrom Blogs For John McCain's Victory by KMorrison "I noted in Republ...
First off it's important that you join us over at our Supporters of John McCain Group right here on AR.Headlines and interesting reads:As part of his "Service to America" tour, Sen. McCain addressed the United States Naval Academy earlier today.  Here is a transcript of his remarks.John McCain Ad...
Like many of you, I post on my own outside blogs each day, and once in a while place a list here of those posts for the day:Las Vegas Real Estate Improvements The 'Recession' Is a Media Myth Good news in Chicago Real Estate  (from a couple days ago, but still big news)Costco locations at malls Co...

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