indiana: Website Design has changed again - 09/12/11 09:12 AM
I can still remember when I first sat down at a computer in the early 80's and tried my hand at some basic calculations ... do you remember your first computer experience.  I marvel still today though at how quickly the tools we use and call computers have changed.  It's down right dramatic!
Seemingly everyday the world of website design changes yet again with new tools, techniques, and concepts. 
Some recent innovations worth checking out:
We didn't need any of those tools back in 1985 did we?  But today they are only a small selection of the required skills … (0 comments)

indiana: How to choose a home builder - 04/12/10 09:25 AM
I am writing a new series at our Green Pointe Homes blog entitled:How to build a new home in Northwest IndianaCheck it out and let us know if you have additional comments or questions.
As an aside - for those that are wondering and thinking about building a home.  The past two years have been difficult in construction, ver difficult.  That means that pricing for construction is also a bit lower than it was in the big days of 2004.  As inventories on existing homes level off, interest rates are hovering around 5.5% for now, and values begin to increase … (1 comments)

indiana: Mortgage Question from Chesterton Indiana - 02/08/10 07:47 AM
Chesterton Mortgage Reader Question I try to respond to questions that are sent in by email and in the comments here quickly, and in some cases i keep the questions to write posts that may apply to more consumers. Today Mortgage Question submitted by a Chesterton Indiana home shopper -Question: I have been watching rates bounce up and down near 5% for the last six months, and whenever I talk to my REALTOR they suggest home prices are at the bottom ... so it's a no brainer that things can't get any cheaper. But ... does this automatically mean I should … (1 comments)

indiana: People worth meeting in NW Indiana IV - 01/27/10 01:08 AM

Straight from their own website:  " ... our main goal is to help our clients get themselves onto the web as efficiently as possible ..."  Mu Studios right here in Valparaiso Indiana features Web Design and full range web development. 
I thought it might be interesting to do a quick search for Valparaiso Web Development on google.   And this won't shock anyone, the results were basically useless.  Far too many national designers and developers buying the ability to pick up this search term.  Only two local companies, both friends ... and the subject of this week's People Worth Meeting … (1 comments)

indiana: Hey agents, why should someone buy now? - 01/27/10 12:27 AM
Top 5 Reasons to buy a home now I would always prefer to write answers to actual questions submitted by our readers, and in this case a perfect one for mid-January: QUESTION - Steve, I keep hearing you and others saying we should buy a home now, why? What's so key that we need to buy now instead of waiting until this summer?ANSWER - I'd be happy to supply my thoughts in general, and yet I acknowledge up front that many of you have situations that are unique. Top 5 Reasons to BUY now!
Interest Rates are not going to stay … (1 comments)

indiana: Indiana property tax changes - impact on real estate - 01/11/10 02:46 AM
Today the Indiana General Assembly will be voting on the proposed tax cap constitutional amendment.  If this passes without any changes, a referendum will be put on the ballot in November and we will vote to make the current 1/2/3 tax caps permanent. 
I haven't heard much talk in real estate circles about this very important bit of legislation.  What are your thoughts? 
Do you worry that the caps are too tough on local governments, keeping them from being able to raise money for important services?  Or, do you think they are exactly what's needed to stop the growth … (0 comments)

indiana: 2010 People worth meeting in Northwest Indiana I - 12/26/09 08:16 AM
I'll be doing a series of posts early this year on a bunch of great professionals, not all in real estate, whom I have enjoyed getting to know.  Many are from right here in Northwest Indiana and I think can be valuable to you the reader of this blog. 
Northwest Indiana Insurance Quotes
A site created for consumers in the Region who want to obtain better quotes for auto, health, home, life, and business insurances.  Is this the only online source for this type of information?  Of course not.  There are hundreds of sites like this one, but NW Indiana … (4 comments)

indiana: Northwest Indiana Mortgage Announcement December 1st - 11/30/09 01:16 PM
This is a reprint from my outside mortgage blog, but thought I'd post here too for those that are more active in the rain.  Announcement - Joining Sierra Pacific Mortgage On December 1, 2009 I officially start as Senior Mortgage Banker for Northwest Indiana with Sierra Pacific Mortgage (local Indiana affiliate Residential Mortgage Group). Many of you know I have been providing assistance to small businesses in Northwest Indiana, especially those affiliated with mortgage lending and home building. Let's be honest if you've read this blog more than once you know that I am passionate about home ownership.
First time new … (3 comments)

indiana: Home values - leveling off for best time to buy - NOW! - 06/30/09 01:07 AM
Help - I need to know if I should buy now? Let's be honest, this was a real question submitted by a reader, but they knew my thoughts on the matter. YES, there has never been a better time to purchase a home in Northwest Indiana. Real estate values have completed a small correction over the last two years, and are actually leveled or even increasing in some areas.
I wrote that post a couple hours ago on my personal outside blog, Northwest Indiana Mortgages and Real Estate, and now the Case Schiller Home Price Index is released substantiating the … (1 comments)

indiana: Twitter Politicians from Indiana - 02/17/09 02:06 AM
During the last campaign cycle Indiana politicians were seen to be using a little bit of social media, a blog here and there, and I think a few of them even played around with twitter. Over the last month I've noticed that a few more have migrated to twitter, so I went on a hunt this morning for twitter profiles for politicians. If you have more that I've missed, please submit in comments and I'll update.
Governor Mitch Daniels Lt. Governor Becky Skillman Secretary of State Todd Rokita Attorney General Greg Zoeller Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Bennett US Representative Mike … (3 comments)

indiana: Indiana Politics - Who's the greatest of them all - 01/11/09 06:26 AM
Indiana Power Rankings #TCOT Howey Power 50 ridiculed I'll be the first to admit I was a bit ticked when I tried to read the ranking and found that I needed a subscription, just seemed "old world" paradigm to me.  I've tried to interact with Howey a couple times, but he seems to favor a few of you guys in Indy over hyper local reporting from the Region.  When we posted a series of three articles on the Gary Distressed Unit Board filing, with a writer in the room posting live, he seemed to find the Indy Star reporting 24 hours … (0 comments)

indiana: Northwest Indiana cities and towns roundup - 12/01/08 03:46 AM
There's no doubt I love politics, but one key reason I do is because political debate can create better government and thus better communities for our families.  I'm proud of Northwest Indiana and want to tell stories about great things going on in our communities.   If you want to hear more, contact me, I'm always glad to tell our stories. Political News in Northwest Indiana With the election over, much of the angry talk is gone for the next year, and we can focus on positive good government debate and interaction here. It's been a while since I've done a general … (1 comments)

indiana: Red County is cross between AR and Politico - 10/01/08 10:23 AM
I've just started posting at Red County on poltical issues about our county, Porter County Indiana.
If you're an active commenter on political issues that affect both the entire country and your local community, you may well enjoy the look and feel of this platform.  Free of course, and very easy to work with, like Active Rain.
Get in on the ground floor, many counties wide open and looking for editors.

indiana: New haircut - New Challenges - 09/15/08 04:11 AM
I used to have a funny running joke with a friend that when we got a haircut, we changed up our attitudes too. Well today is just one of those kind of turning (or tipping) point days.
For the last year I spent the bulk of my time shutting down our home building company.  The emotional toll was heavy and frankly I really loved building homes for first time buyers.    But, that market was so beat up by the hurricane like winds of media attacks, sub-prime fallout, commercial bank vision failures and then job losses ... that I really … (1 comments)

indiana: What happened in real estate? - 08/24/07 10:24 AM
Here's a quick update on housing, I've been asked a bunch lately, so thought I'd send it widely:
In 2005 Enron and Tyco and corporate bad guys made the federal regulators crazy, so they decided to pick on every public company. This included Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, two mortgage loan underwriters and bond packagers. This began the market slow-down and also the tightening of standards. In essence Enron made it hard for Fannie Mae to do what they do so well, to create liquidity in the housing money markets.
Early 2006 saw the local near fall down of Harvest Homes, … (6 comments)

indiana: Porter County Indiana Elections - 05/15/07 12:30 AM
Effects of Local Elections
I was asked today by a customer, "Steve what affect will the elections tomorrow have on real estate and home building."My thoughts, summarized of course. First I think that the current state of anti-growth in Porter County is beginning to reach it's natural end. Our commissioners have shown little energy or strength to combat this obviously failed policy. If we stop growing, we stop creating jobs. We need the jobs.In Portage I think that Dave Highlands untimely death portends a classic power struggle in the Democratic Party, with the winner facing some unknown Republican in November. I … (1 comments)

indiana: Tripped Into (Not stumbled) Today - 04/23/07 03:33 PM
Albert Switzer Understands Sales Management - Myers Barnes
Ok, this one hurt.  Myers suggests that the crackberry needs to stay holstered during training meetings.
Sellsius Blogger Meet-Up in Laguna Beach This Friday
Have you noticed that Web 2.0 connections and community are turning into face to face meetings?  I noticed a group from here on Active Rain in Florida met for drinks last weekend too.
A Fair Warning About Uh Oh, another scam taking advatage of people online
Beware Of Deed Solicitation Another company charging alot for basically free information. 
Does your website get home buyers to respond? My new daily read, new home sales specific blogger, … (2 comments)

indiana: Neighborhood Synergy - Shadowood Portage Indiana - 04/03/07 01:46 AM
This is the second in my series on new home neighorhoods in Northwest Indiana called Neighborhood Synergy.
See Eagle Ridge Valparaiso for first in the series.  For in-depth data on Portage and Home Builders in Porter County or Northwest Indiana go to Synergy Thoughts.
Synergy Homes is pretty excited about Shadowood in Portage Indiana.  First, Portage is the largest and fastest growing city in Porter County.  See All About Portage in a previous post.  Portage is right in the middle of some major improvements and possibly the creation of a downtown from scratch!
This link will take you to google's hybrid streets and satellite … (5 comments)

indiana: Indiana Professionals - Where are You? - 03/15/07 03:58 PM
I was doing a little research tonite, and was a bit frustrated to find that we here in Indiana are woefully under represented in Active Rain.
In general Indiana has languished in the middle of the pack for the last 90 days in terms of members.
We are even lower in terms of members who blog.
Here's a list of "Most Subscribed" bloggers, I removed those that haven't even posted a single post, so only 21 bloggers that I could find from our entire state.  Sad.  Come on team we need more posts about our great state and from our great professionals.
Most Subscribed … (3 comments)

indiana: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum - 03/14/07 02:08 AM
No, this post isn't really about theater or greek comedy, it's about our real estate market in 2007.
On the way (to the Forum) or actually on the way to a recovery in housing, we encountered some bumps in the road.  The media a screaming "sub-prime meltdown" and "home builders say it sucks" ... frankly I'm just a bit tired of the whole thing.
Saturday night we ventured out with 400 of our closest friends, bit of bravado there, and raised a whole bunch of money for Porter Starke Services.  This agency works in our local area to aid those with mental health … (6 comments)

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