politics: Warning - political post from Indiana - 02/08/10 01:51 PM
I have refrained from very much political posting on Active Rain this year, but this post was the highest commented and trafficked post on my Northwest Indiana Politics site since the 2008 election:
What's up with Ron Paul? Kevin Tracy points out in his article today that Ron Paul, of all the Representatives in the United States, alone voted against supporting Haiti:
The House of Representatives recently passed a resolution “expressing condolences to and solidarity with the people of Haiti” by a vote of 411 to 1. That 1, of course, is the biggest fathead in the Republican Party, Representative … (3 comments)

politics: Porter County Indiana Elections in 2010 - 01/03/10 07:30 AM
I keep this post updated about every other day, if you are politically engaged in NW Indiana this might be worth watching and participating: Porter County Elections - Daily update Update: January 1st ... Just trying to fill in more missing names, and unravel the confusion that always surrounds township level politics. If you have names, please send them along. 2010 will feature county level elections for a portion of commissioners and council seats, some of the county elected "skill" positions (an NFL term) and township government. We will also have the chance to vote on all our Indiana House seats, … (1 comments)

politics: Indiana Politics - Who's the greatest of them all - 01/11/09 06:26 AM
Indiana Power Rankings #TCOT Howey Power 50 ridiculed I'll be the first to admit I was a bit ticked when I tried to read the ranking and found that I needed a subscription, just seemed "old world" paradigm to me.  I've tried to interact with Howey a couple times, but he seems to favor a few of you guys in Indy over hyper local reporting from the Region.  When we posted a series of three articles on the Gary Distressed Unit Board filing, with a writer in the room posting live, he seemed to find the Indy Star reporting 24 hours … (0 comments)

politics: Social Media for Conservatives - 12/27/08 04:41 AM
I wrote this for my local political blog, at the request of a reader, I realize many of you here on Active Rain are already active on social media ... but just in case there's still someone not using twitter. 10 day plan - Social Media for Conservatives I was asked yesterday if I had an outline or plan for a politically active person wanting to get involved in social media? Now, first let me say that the second I write this plan down it will of course get skewered by those that know a lot more than I. I'll try … (0 comments)

politics: Blatant Self-promotion: Follow me on twitter - 12/02/08 11:34 PM
No beating around the bush here, I'm on a bit of a campaign to surpass 2,000 followers on Twitter and would appreciate any adds today. 
My Twitter Profile - Daltonsbriefs
For those that follow issues political, of course I do, you may find the list Top Conservatives on Twitter to be quite interesting ... with some great writers worth following.  As you can see, I'm falling a bit behind since I'm at the 2,000 following ceiling and can't even follow the whole list.  I'm hoping that if I pass the 2,000 followers level then the Twitter gods will let me follow … (4 comments)

politics: How do you feel your personal life experiences shaped your political views? - 10/28/08 12:21 PM
This question was posed today on FriendFeed, here's the link to the article:  How do you feel your personal life experiences shaped your political views? 
If you haven't joined Friend Feed, please do so, and join the conversation which is very interesting tonite.   The responses are very telling and I'd like to get some real estate professionals to join what is normally dominated by very liberal techie types. 
It will only take a few minutes, trust me.

politics: Northwest Indiana Politics - Attorney General Debate - 10/10/08 09:51 AM
Northwest Indiana Attorney General Debate The readers of this site will remember the convention competition early this summer, wherein Valparaiso Mayor Jon Costas lost to Deputy Attorney General Greg Zoeller. It was hard fought, but clean and professional. After he lost, Mayor Costas not only endorsed Zoeller but he also asked to chair the campaign.This site has wholeheartedly endorsed Greg Zoeller for Attorney General of the State of Indiana, and we hope you can make time to attend the debate, here's the announcement on NWI Connect today:
AG hopefuls to debate in Hammond from NWI Connect Democrat Linda Pence and Republican … (0 comments)

politics: Are you engaging on Facebook - great debates - 10/04/08 01:48 AM
Engage on facebook for great conversations  
If you aren't even a member of facebook, this post may seem foreign.  So join today so you can get in on the conversations.  OK, now to those of you who've joined, there are some great conversations going on online that you're missing.  I'm going to challenge you to spend the couple minutes a day it takes to engage conservative thinkers.  Here's an example from some of my AR contacts, having a debate about the relative merits of the bailout bill, the one supposedly written to help our industry.
Mike Mueller uploaded … (6 comments)

politics: John McCain is only candidate that can beat Hillary - 12/26/07 01:32 AM
I know I know, Active Rain is about real estate not politics.  Well frankly, I think we've all learned that real estate is greatly affected by politics both local and national.  I have decided to venture beyond market stats and pretty photos of houses.
On my local politics site Porter County Politics I have been very strong in my support for John McCain for the Presidential primaries which start in two weeks.  You can head there for polls and videos and commentaries aplenty.  After I endorsed John McCain, I began a streak of getting 300-500 hits a day, a lot more than … (26 comments)

politics: Porter County Indiana Elections - 05/15/07 12:30 AM
Effects of Local Elections
I was asked today by a customer, "Steve what affect will the elections tomorrow have on real estate and home building."My thoughts, summarized of course. First I think that the current state of anti-growth in Porter County is beginning to reach it's natural end. Our commissioners have shown little energy or strength to combat this obviously failed policy. If we stop growing, we stop creating jobs. We need the jobs.In Portage I think that Dave Highlands untimely death portends a classic power struggle in the Democratic Party, with the winner facing some unknown Republican in November. I … (1 comments)

politics: Is your real estate blog going to be federally "registered" - 01/19/07 12:04 AM
I just got caught up on a provision in a Senate Bill that would have required any political blogger with more than 500 visitors a day to be registered with the FEC.  This would have opened up lots of possible problems, like would you be allowed to make advertising dollars on such a site?  
I guess that provision was removed last night, or at least this post on Slash Dot suggests so, I'll do a little more searching around to make sure the post is correct.  Anyone have better info?  I may be a day to two behind, so hit me … (6 comments)

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