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I don't know how many of you caught the Karl Fisch piece on You Tube, but it is a good primer when speaking to clients who don't think about how much the world is changing and how we all have to react to new challenges, both in our businesses or plans for the future. Here is the linkhttp://www.yo...
REALTOR Magazine Online - August 2007 Drive-By Marketing An array of new mobile services let you send property details and photos instantaneously to buyers who are scouting out your listings on foot or by car. BY MICHAEL ANTONIAK The Web is an ever-important place to market your listings, but do...
Edina Realty in Minneapolis MN announced that they are going to offer a voice, text and picture Hotline system using a rider on their yard signs.  They also announced that Edina Realty is the first in this area to offer it.  UNFORTUNATELY, this is not true.  Taggart Communications has been sellin...
Anyone know how many cities SKY (see below) is serving?On October 12, Brandyn Herbold opened the Minneapolis branch of her company, Sky Sotheby’s International Realty, with a posh champagne reception at the new Guthrie Theater. “It’s presence and world renowned reputation feels as special as the ...
Check out this article in The TaggLine system whichoffers callers voice, text and picture messages is the most cost-effective and easy to use lead generation available today.
For those of you who saw my blog of 3/15, the latest weeks on Wall St. do not come as a surprise.  Mr. Loterman knows of what he writes.  When this all shakes out, the credit markets and the stock markets will all be much healthier.
Isn't it nice to know that in America we can always find a way to produce whatever the market wants?  Check out this article about "green" home remodeling by Melissa Colgin Designer: Cindy OjczykFirm: Cindy Ojczyk Design, 651-206-4651When it comes to remodeling green, there’s one thing Cindy Ojcz...
Ed Lotterman always writes an interesting piece and this is no exception. Fortunately we still have Gary Stern in charge over at the Fed and he understands the credit market better than anyone around these parts.  Here's is Ed's article: Underlying Ills intensify Sub prime perilEDWARD LOTTERMANSu...

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