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You work this business long enough - you get a lot of people asking for your advice - some take it, some don't - some just debate whatever you say! A few months back, someone came to me for property management advice.  I shared my opinion on the best rent range, improvements to make, best ways to...
  It's about creating a financial situation to buy and continually invest.   Many people are looking at real estate right now for investment purposes - and too often I come across those that think, "I'll just buy a cheap home, rent it and make some money."  If this is your goal - you might do OK ...
Just another reason why Sellers should not be home when a buyer comes to view it! Went out with some buyers yesterday - they wanted to take a second look at a home they loved! Felt the price was right and before making a solid offer - wanted to just be sure. This time, the Sellers and family were...
  Coming across this alot these days - people asking for everything they can think of - especially if they are buying or renting a home.  Why not?! Right?!  It doesn't hurt to ask is something I hear often.   Or does it?   Over the past six months, a tenant called asking for repairs of all sorts....
A question that comes up often when talking with Buyers.  Especially those that are still waiting for prices to drop more before they buy. So why should you buy now?  There is no one answer for everyone.  But there is one factor anyone considering buying should keep in mind - price isn't everythi...
News out today reveals that Arizona is experiencing yet another wildfire.  The fire has burned over 2,000 acres but so far no wildlife or structures. It's still warm here in Arizona, and the winds are prevalent. Both contribute to difficult conditions for fighting fires.  Though the current fire ...
I bought something the other day.  It came with an instruction manual all wrapped up in a sealed package.  The sticker on the package read, "ATTENTION: By opening the contents of the package you are agreeing to the terms and conditions contained herein." OK.  But I can't read the terms and condit...
Here are a couple things to do here in Tucson today if you don't already have a bunch planned: Tucson Greek Festival.  This is a fun day for the entire family!  Food, kids games, music, dancing, rides, and more food!  Today the event runs from 12:00noon until 6pm - and there are free shuttles to ...
Meaning - are you there and will you handle what people want when they want it handle? I hope not  because it's the best way to run yourself ragged, to effectively lose clients and lose respect. And once people know they've got you on demand, it doesn't stop! As was the case with a friend who cal...
  Had a very long home inspection, five, almost six hours - not counting the drive which was 45 minutes each way! As the Buyers followed the inspector around I tried to entertain myself!   And thought about a few things that you can't do on really long home inspections: ·      Take a short walk -...

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