five star real estate: How to price a home in the Grand Rapids Real Estate Market - 02/11/09 02:13 AM
How to price a home in the Grand Rapids Real Estate Market
When an agent arrives at a price to list your Grand Rapids home at, he or she should share with you how he arrived at the figure. What facts from the West Michigan Real Estate market did he share with you to help you make an educated decision? An agent who comes in and gives you a figure without data and expects you to just believe him because he knows the market, is not giving you an active part in deciding the listing price of your Grand Rapids Home. 
 You should … (9 comments)

five star real estate: January is Radon Awareness Month in Michigan - 01/22/09 01:25 AM
January is radon awareness month in Michigan.  How do I know?  Because I just had one of my buyers perform a radon inspection on their potential brand new house . . . . and guess what?  The levels were at 15.7 which is almost four times the legal limit.
What does this mean?  It means the builder will have to install a system of venting the gas out.  It is a relatively easy fix but it MUST be done. Much like your furnace that emits carbon monoxide and is vented out, the radon gas can also be safely vented out.  Check … (10 comments)

five star real estate: My talented daughter . . . .a shameless plug. - 12/27/08 01:44 AM

I have been working on an outside blog called Blessed by Horses.  It is a blog about my horse activities.  It is a blog I did just for myself and I thought it would give just a little more insight as to who I am.  I guess it would be my personal blog. 
It isn't ready yet as I am still in the learning stage with Wordpress. You are more than welcome to check it out by clicking on the header above but it is nothing special . . yet!
What I really wanted to show you is the work  … (15 comments)

five star real estate: Everyone should see this . . you think you got it bad!??!?!? - 12/22/08 06:36 AM
There are people out in the world who don't view the glass as half full.  It is always half empty.  There are people in this world who think that their problems are the worst. .  .no one could have it worse than me!  They wallow in their own self pity.  Have you ever seen someone get so mad about something so stupid and then wondered if they have ever had a  real problem in their life?  If they can get so angry over something so trivial, how are they going to deal with a REAL problem?
This is an incredible story … (74 comments)

five star real estate: Should I list now or wait until spring ? - 12/14/08 10:38 AM
Even though this blog was written by a Phildelphia Realtor, everything she said applies to every region including here in Michigan.  As a seller you need to take a close look at your motivations to sell because the competition is fierce.  There are sometimes three years of inventory in any given neighborhood.
Ths is a great blog to help any seller decide what to do.
Should I list now or wait until spring ?
I received a call yesterday from a consumer who said "Chris, I know it is not a great time to sell.  Should I put my … (14 comments)

five star real estate: Oak Cabinets with a New Face - Glazed Cabinets are Beautiful - 12/11/08 05:50 AM
I reblogged a post yesterday about painting cabinets.  I thought this was a perfect post because I made a really drab kitchen, really beautiful last year.  I truly wish I could find the old photos for before and after but I think that was before I had a digital and only God knows where the photos are now.  But I did take a picture of the cabinets in the bathroom that are still there---they looked exactly like them.
In this kitchen, we put in the two windows that are to the left of the sink.  Before that there were no windows … (75 comments)

five star real estate: Painted Cabinets ...In or Out? - 12/09/08 11:07 PM
This really shows how painting the cabinets can take a ho hum kitchen and make it look oohhh la la!
There has been a lot of debate on "to paint or not to paint".  Let's face it-decorative cabinets-whether they be plain painted or fauxed- are in right now. 
How many clients have you gone to and pleaded with them to change the oak wood cabinets to something more "in this century"?
There was a very good blog in August of this year by Rachel Backus about this very subject with a lot of great comments:
Wood You tell a Homeowner to Paint … (14 comments)

five star real estate: You know your a redneck . . . . when a 6 point buck crashes into your elementary class! - 12/09/08 12:02 AM
Jeff Foxworthy would have a field day with Coopersville, Michigan . . . especially this morning! 
You've heard the stories young boys tell about how they got a bruise, a cut or any other wound.  Why is it with boys, it has to be some spectacular thing that happened to them--even big boys!  At Coopersville's East Elementary, 4th grader Drake is going to have a story to tell for a real long time on how he got a cut on his head!  He got kicked in the head by a 6 point buck IN HIS 4TH GRADE CLASSROOM.  He is … (25 comments)

five star real estate: STUNNING Before & AFTER Pics ~ Huge Profits with Paint!!! - 12/08/08 12:12 PM
This really shows what a can of paint can do!! 
Here are some stunning Before & AFter Pictures that prove the power of paint, staging a home and a good decorator! The buyers did an amazing paint update to this home.  They sold it (in 2 days) for a 6 figure profit, after 3 years. Enjoy this amazing home transformation!!! BEFORE: 








Here are some more "Before & AFTER" transformations:
House Flip sells in 21 days! ~ Before & AFTER photo's!!!!!!!
Celebrity Home is Painted & Staged … (16 comments)

five star real estate: Grand Haven Michigan Jingle Bell Parade - 12/06/08 01:03 AM
Grand Haven, MI December 6, 2008
It's time for a the parade.  Your hosts will be, well who else would it be, Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus!!!! 
Last week my husband and I were dropping off the kids for youth group and decided to venture to downtown Grand Haven, MI  There is something special about the stretch of Washington in that it just so charming.  We grabbed a cup of coffee at Jumpin' Java and then walked down the way a bit where we saw the festive little house designed just for Santa.  I am … (22 comments)

five star real estate: 3257 Bluebird Lane, Allegan, MI - 12/05/08 05:25 AM

five star real estate: Short Sales: Reasons Why They Take So Long - 12/04/08 08:10 AM
This is really good information on why short-sales take so long.  If you are purchasing a short-sale property, prepare to have the patients of a saint.  I have one right now that I have had an offer since July 16, 2008.  As of today, 12/4/08 it is just getting sumitted and hope to close on 12/12/09.
Give me a call if you have any questions about your West Michigan short-sale in the areas of Greater Grand Rapids; from Rockford to Grand Haven and Hastings to Holland.
When talking to individuals who are just getting started in short sales, I … (10 comments)

five star real estate: 2155 Negaunee Dr. SE, Grand Rapids, MI - 12/03/08 04:22 AM

five star real estate: 5561 Rollenhagen Road, Ravenna 49451 - 12/02/08 06:34 AM

five star real estate: Home Listings and Sales for Allendale, MI for Month of November - 11/29/08 09:38 AM

Listed below are the marketing reports for the month of November for the Allendale, MI area.  These are home sales and listing statistics for homes in the Allendale school system.  These marketing statistics also reflect the homes available for those attending Grand Valley State University.  Many out of state buyers are choosing to take advantage of our market and are purchasing homes for their children who will be in the Allendale area for 4 years. 
This link is not working again.  But I will get it fixed!
Click HERE to search for Allendale, MI … (5 comments)

five star real estate: POISON - Watch Out for This Issue - 11/27/08 09:39 PM
Keep your dog alive-read this post!!  I did not know gum could kill a dog!
I received an email today from a dear friend that is part of the Greyhound Rescue effort here in NW Ohio.  The message was one that I wanted to share with all of you.
If you have dogs then you should be aware of this issue.  It's dangerous and could happen so easily since we have all gone to sugar-free things in our lives.

Only 3 grams of Xylitol (found in sugar free chewing gum) is enough to kill a 65lb dog. … (16 comments)

five star real estate: Women of Facebook . . . Reclaim your Identity! - 11/27/08 02:22 AM
Being married is a wonderful thing.  I myself have been married almost twenty years!  But  . . .there is one bad thing about being married for a women-- on some level you give up part of your identity.  On Facebook it's all about your identity. Finding friends that you haven't seen for years is more difficult when your last name is changed.  I know what a good friends name was when we were seventeen, but there's a good chance that her name has changed.  How do you find those people on Facebook?  Better yet, the question should be; how do you make yourself findable?
The … (15 comments)

five star real estate: Let me tell you about my friend Jay . . . Welcome to Active Rain - 11/26/08 04:14 AM
If you’re lucky, you have cheerleaders in your life.  They come in different forms and can be mothers, aunts, friends and pastors.  They’re the ones that believe in you, when you don’t believe in yourself.  They’re the ones that push you when you need to be pushed.  Jay Capozzolli is one such person in my life and he is new here at Active Rain and has written his first blog.  I would like to introduce you all to Jay -- one of my good friends!  I wouldn't be the Realtor I am if it weren’t for him.
I met Jay six … (19 comments)

five star real estate: OMG Is this not Beautiful? The Lord can paint a pretty darn awesome picture! - 11/24/08 06:13 AM
I  just couldn't resist sharing these beautiful pictures with my friends at AR.
When you think there is nothing positive and things seem to all be going wrong, you have find something beautiful in the moment.  This is my moment!
This is my home in Allendale, Michigan.  I live up against state land.  I was typing away here on Active Rain and I happened to look out the window and I see this incredible picture.  I just took these pics 5 minutes ago.  It is the most beautiful kind of snow.  The big, fat, heavy flakes that stick to everything can … (37 comments)

five star real estate: For two Friends About to Have to Make the dreaded Decision. - 11/24/08 04:20 AM
This is for two friends of mine, one a new friend Marian Goetzinger another an old friend Deb Murray, who are in the position that they have to decide when is the best time to put their dog ddown. Is there ever a right time?
One of them just put a dog down that she rescued, a little yorkie named Pixie. As fate would have it, just a few months later, she may have to put down her beloved boxes named Willow.
Putting a dog down, a beloved friend, is one of the hardest things to do. I remember when our … (24 comments)


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