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Southern Arrowwood - Viburnum dentatum  Viburnum dentatum, commonly known as southern arrowwood, roughish arrowwood, or arrowwood viburnum is a fruit-bearing shrub native to the central and eastern parts of the United States and Canada. It grows to be 6-12 feet tall and up to 10 feet wide and has...
Virginia Creeper- Parthenocissus quinquefolia  Virginia Creeper is a plant known botanically as Parthenocissus quinquefolia and is part of the Vitaceae grape family. The vine can grow in most types of soil and drainage. Its name helps describe the type of plant as it is a vine that can grow in fu...
Getting started is the hardest part of saving money unless you have it to save. While keeping the money from your sale try to at least save 20% of your income is ideal, more often than not, this can be difficult. Bills, living expenses, and emergencies can eat up your spare income, but here are f...
 When winter creeps over our gardens with its freezing temps and blankets of snow, it doesn’t mean we can’t keep some greenery to spruce up the place states Dennis Sons of Tn Nursery, a large mail-order nursery in Tennessee! Browse our favorite winter-friendly plants below (some are ideal for Ten...
Nature's Bountiful Wild Plum treeThe wild plum tree (Prunus Subcordata) tree or shrub is best grown in hardiness zones of 3, right through 8. It would be a good idea to test your soil for the right ingredients to get a healthy tree. Wild plums are best grown in acidic soil and could do with a tou...
Privet Hedge In any given environment, several different kinds of trees are present state Dennis Sons of Tennessee Wholesale Nursery. One of the more common trees around and a best seller at our nursery is the privet hedge. The privet hedge is unique when it comes to trees because it is more like...

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