landscaping plants: Deer Me "Stop Eating My Trees !" - 03/19/21 04:35 PM
Deer are beautiful, peaceful beings that seem so gentle and serene but they can be great garden pests. "I can not seem to keep them out of my fruit trees", stated Roger Gardener. "I've tried sea rope and everything possible". Roger is from sunny California. Another dissatisfied customer in Utah said, "every tree I buy from you guys gets eat alive." 
We at Tn Nursery went on a quest to try and find something that really worked! We want to do more than "suggest" things that would keep them away. After all, we've struggled with this ourselves, and since we are a … (1 comments)

landscaping plants: Tn Nursery Reviews - 02/07/21 03:37 PM
Tn Nursery ReviewsTn Nursery, A/K/A/ Tennessee Wholesale Nursery LLC is one of the oldest and more reputable mail-order nurseries in the United States. With a clientele of over 80,000 customers nationwide, no wonder they are the authority in this industry.
Having served some of the most impressive clients in the world as well as catering to the renowned Discovery Channel, Trump Towers, and Even the Washington Monument makes their reputation proceed them, much less serving some of Hollywood’s top reality stars, NFL football players, and let’s not forget the Swamp People Series main man “Troy Laundry” Himself!
Tn Nursery has over 400 different species … (0 comments)

landscaping plants: The Climbing Blue Moon Wisteria Shrub - 10/01/20 10:34 AM
The Blue Moon wisteria shrub is known for her late-blooming character, but she is a long-haul investment. This climbing vine has purple hues and grows to an incredible height in ideal soil and adequate sunlight.
 It's an American wisteria cultivar and less aggressive than the Chinese wisteria and starts blooming during June and late spring. It requires regular pruning during late winter for appropriate blooming the following year. This post explains how to grow Blue Moon wisteria shrubs.
 How Long Does the Blue Moon Wisteria Shrub Take to Bloom?
 Blue Moon blooms in June and takes between 3-5 years after planting to begin blooming. … (0 comments)

landscaping plants: Favorite Winter Friendly Plants For Year Round Greenery - 03/15/20 05:15 PM
When winter creeps over our gardens with its freezing temps and blankets of snow, it doesn’t mean we can’t keep some greenery to spruce up the place states Dennis Sons of Tn Nursery, a large mail-order nursery in Tennessee! Browse our favorite winter-friendly plants below (some are ideal for Tennessee gardens) and see what works in your neck of the woods!
Christmas Rose/Lenten Rose
If you love pretty winter blossoms of pink, red, purple, white, green, and sometimes even black, then give these plants a glance. If you’re shopping at the right time, you’ll be able to choose yours while they’re in bloom … (1 comments)

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