trees: Shumard Oak Tree - 04/21/21 12:52 PM
Shumard Oak Tree
Product: Shumard Oak Tree
The Shumard oak tree, or Quercus shumardii, is an impressive tree that can reach a mature height of 80 feet. It is a lovely landscape tree that can even thrive when planted in urban areas. It is highly adaptable to its environment and there are no problems planting it near structures or streets because the roots form a shallow system. This oak is a relatively fast-growing tree that is low maintenance, and ideal for many areas, including those with colder climates.
Due to the width of the crown, the Shumard oak makes a great shade tree. In … (0 comments)

trees: Benefits of Planting Trees - 10/18/20 01:54 PM
The benefits of planting nursery trees are endless. They are multi-functional and can enhance any home. They can cover high foundations, decorate a yard or driveway, help control stormwater runoff, and so much more. Three of the most popular varieties of nursery trees include dogwood, oak, and maple trees. 
 Dogwood trees are great spring bloomers that boast an extraordinary array of landscaping benefits. The American native flowering dogwood trees (Cornus florida) are great for planting along property lines or serving as a border between sections. They can also be used to transform a dull driveway into a floral getaway. This tree's unique … (0 comments)

trees: How to Prevent Soil Erosion - 10/01/20 10:36 AM
Erosion Control 
Known to the layperson as "dirt," topsoil is the earth's crust layer. Rich in nutrients and organic matter, it hosts crops and wild flora all over the world. In fact, without topsoil, humanity would have died out long ago. While that statement might strike some as extreme, the evidence for it can be found in erosion. When this vital geological tier is removed by wind or water, natural forces and human activity--life-giving elements are likewise evacuated, leaving barren land, bereft of growth. All is not lost, however. There are ways to prevent soil erosion.
Live stakes -- are cut branches from hardwood … (0 comments)

trees: Continuously Growing Giant Redwood Tree - 10/01/20 10:12 AM
Also known as giant sequoias, giant redwoods are not fit for small gardens. This is because the giant sequoia grows with age. It is, however, possible to grow your giant redwood tree if the area fits the specifications. 
 Hardy Zones Where They Grow
 The giant redwood tree can be grown outside of their designed climatic conditions but with some modifications. Redwoods are in their natural habitat in hardiness zones nine, but with extra care, it is also possible to grow them in zones 5, 7, and 8.
 Mature Height and Width
 It is difficult to determine the mature size of a giant redwood tree. Giant … (0 comments)

trees: How to Landscape on a Tight Budget - 08/10/20 03:39 PM
Landscaping Doesn't Have to Be Expensive
The outside appearance is very important when your trying to fix up a home to sell. Buy all your trees and plants from the leading mail-order nursery shipper- Tn Nurser
"Everyone loves the scene of a beautiful landscape without paying a fortune", states Tammy Sons of Tn Nursery, a leading mail-order nursery shipper . When contemplating landscaping ideas, most homeowners consider cost-effective options, especially when working on a tight budget. While you may find it problematic to find landscape options without breaking the bank, you can try the following viable tips.
 Landscaping Plants Makes The Exterior Of A House
Practically, … (0 comments)

trees: Top 3 Trees For Aromatherapy Outdoors - 04/09/20 09:49 AM
 In order to create the right atmosphere for Aromatherapy Outdoors, it's important to have the correct trees. Flowering trees, especially if the goal is to create a peaceful atmosphere where a being can meditate and find themselves in tune with their inner selves again. The scents will trigger body healing. In this article, those trees and much more will be discussed. 
 The first tree is a magnolia tree. Such Magnolia trees have a sweet scent and are iconic with their pink petals. The flowers that come from that tree are usually star-shaped and give a path a wonderful aesthetic that calms those … (0 comments)

trees: Favorite Winter Friendly Plants For Year Round Greenery - 03/15/20 05:15 PM
When winter creeps over our gardens with its freezing temps and blankets of snow, it doesn’t mean we can’t keep some greenery to spruce up the place states Dennis Sons of Tn Nursery, a large mail-order nursery in Tennessee! Browse our favorite winter-friendly plants below (some are ideal for Tennessee gardens) and see what works in your neck of the woods!
Christmas Rose/Lenten Rose
If you love pretty winter blossoms of pink, red, purple, white, green, and sometimes even black, then give these plants a glance. If you’re shopping at the right time, you’ll be able to choose yours while they’re in bloom … (1 comments)

trees: Spring's First Blooming Shrubs - 02/24/20 09:07 AM
Spring's First Blooming Shrubs
For many gardeners, spring is one of their favorite seasons of the year, states Tammy Sons of Tennessee Wholesale Nursery. It promises new growth in many plants, and it is an ideal time to plant many flowers and vegetables. When you choose to include early blooming shrubs into your landscaping plan, then it will feel like spring has arrived even earlier.
Forsythia Shrubs
Another great favorite is forsythia shrubs. The arching branches on this shrub put on beautiful yellow blooms early in the year. These fast-growing shrubs often grow to be between 8-and-10 feet tall, and they can grow up … (1 comments)

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