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Landscaping increases home appraisals by as much as 14% states the home website. "One fine way to spruce up your landscape is to build a flower bed or garden" states Dennis Sons of Tennessee Wholesale Nursery. "Another great idea", he states "is to plant some ground covers or low growi...
From The Christmas Tree Experts Themselves!Tenessee Nursery has some intervention methods with ways to help those problems you may be having trying to stage a home to attract buyers or perhaps to help attract some potential buyers during the holiday season.  Every year you dream big, and every ye...
How to Make a Winter Fairy Garden Tammy at Tennessee Wholesale Nursery in Altamont Tennessee offers hope to those with unsightly landscaping and gardens in the winter months when trying to sell a home. A winter fairy garden will not only look excellent but it will also attract potential buyers in...
A Few Genius Ways to Use All Those AcornsTammy at Tennessee Wholesale Nursery said there are a million reasons to buy acorns. From their nursery located in middle Tennessee, they offer oak acorns for sale. Some plant them, some use them for decor while others use them to feed wildlife, there's al...
We found a house to flip a couple years ago that had great potential. It was also in a rural part of  some farmland that had once been some type of plantation. Peacefully sitting on 10 acres of gently rolling land. We jumped in without a prior inspection and purchased this home. When we started h...
In 1856 the wealthy Northcutt brothers in the small town of Altamont Tennessee built a home that's now the town legend called the Moffit Manor. The brother's sold the estate in the early 1800s to an old maid spinster named Fannie Moffit. It's sold from the current owners in October 2019 to Dennis...

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