mi: Best Deals in Grand Rapids, MI... September 26, 2008 - 09/26/08 02:43 AM
Everyone wants to know the Best Deals... Well, here you are!  Check back weekly for the latest deals and steals in West Michigan.  If you have any questions regarding these homes or any other ones, please call me at (616) 318-6101. You can also check out my website www.seegrhomes.com for weekly updates on the lastest and greatest deals on the market!

mi: Urban Living Prevalent in Downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan - 04/10/08 01:01 PM
Location, location, location.  Downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan is the location!  As discussed before there has been a lot of changes in Grand Rapids.  Besides the fantastic restaurants, bars, and fun activities.  Many condo projects have come about and people who live in downtown Grand Rapids, love downtown Grand Rapids.
For more information about Downtown see the following blogs:
"Favorite Places to Hang in Downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan"
"The Nightlife in Grand Rapids, Michigan a Draw for Many"
Urban Living Prevalent and Open to View this Sunday
Downtown Grand Rapids has all the comforts and fun of the big city and yet is still a very affordable … (3 comments)

mi: The NightLife in Grand Rapids, Michigan is a Draw for Many... - 04/10/08 12:34 PM
I've already given you some of my favorite places to eat in wonderful downtown Grand Rapids, here's some popular hangouts that tend to draw the crowds into downtown.  Depending on what you are looking for, these restaurants/bars are very good options to gather together.
Popular hangouts/bars
Bar Divani - cozy, relaxing atmosphere.  Enjoy the wine tasting and fine dining experience.
J Gardella's - Can't decide what mood you're in and where you want to be?  You may want to try J Gardella's which contains three floors: the plush level, classic décor, and the fun level of games, pool table and the jukebox.
Taps -Extensive draft … (0 comments)

mi: Favorite Places to Hang in Downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan - 04/10/08 12:21 PM
They say real estate is all about location and downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan is definitely the location to hang out.  Thanks to the great many contributors, our grand city of Grand Rapids, Michigan has some great spots that attract a number of different people and personalities.  If there was a common thread of "like" regarding downtown Grand Rapids, a lot of people would say that they are drawn to the area because of it's beauty and vibrancy. 
The beauty of the Grand River which flows through the city, beautiful sculptures, favorite parks such as Ah-Nab-Awen Park, and Rosa Parks Circle are … (0 comments)

mi: Beautiful Condo in Grand Rapids Michigan - 09/04/07 02:13 PM

mi: The Market Is What It Is... - 08/20/07 12:42 PM
I learned this saying from a conference I attended and I absolutely love it.  Life is what it is.  For real estate, the market is what it is. 
Everyone knows it's a buyer's market.  Everyone is trying to negotiate and get the best deal.  And for some, homes are staying on the market a lot longer than what everyone had hoped for due to the competition of how many homes are actually up for sale.
As a Realtor, we stay current with market trends and hope to avoid the pitfalls.  Since we don't have a crystal ball, it can be hard to … (1 comments)

mi: Grand Rapids Market Stats - 08/02/07 06:01 AM
Here's the latest market reports as reported through the Grand Rapids Association of Realtors (GRAR) board.
Information is based January - July 2007 and compares this year with last year.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
Single Family and Condo Report
Price                                                 #Sold through July
           $0 to $  99,999                                1521
$100,000 to $199,999                                 2983
$200,000 to $299,999                                  671
$300,000 to $399,999                                 216
$400,000 to $499,999                                   71
$500,000 and over                                        95
New Listings Jan - July
2007                  2006
21,809          21,119
Total Sales
2007                  2006
6,975            7,348
Average Home Price
2007                  2006
$156,500      $161,600

mi: Top 10 Visitor Favorites about Grand Rapids, MI - 07/09/07 03:23 PM
Recently, I came back from a trip and was flying into our local Gerald R. Ford airport.  As I was waiting for my luggage, I spottedthe Grand Rapids 2007 Visitors Guide and decided to take a peak as to what was actually in it.
Of course, there was the guides to the local restaurants, clubs, entertainment arenas.  What caught my attention was the TOP 10 Visitor Favorites.  This list is what supposedly draws visitors to the Grand Rapids Area or what they appreciate most about Grand Rapids.  Here it goes starting with the least favorite to number 1.
10. Frederick Meijer Gardens and … (3 comments)

mi: Article Title, "Why Can't We Be More Like Grand Rapids?" - 07/09/07 01:11 AM
I've seen lots of bulletin posts and of course comments about the state of affairs in Michigan (most of them negative).  I thought I would share with you what someone outside of Grand Rapids actually thought about our city.
The article in The Patriot Ledger gave Grand Rapids raving reviews.  Can you believe it?  Actually, I can.  If you have lived somewhere besides Michigan you would see some of the things that make Grand Rapids and Michigan in general a great place to live.
Here are some of the points that the article talked about for Grand Rapids.
"What a nice town, what … (3 comments)

mi: Forsalebyowner.com is it worth the price??? - 06/26/07 02:39 PM
I love the for sale by owner market! In the Grand Rapids, Michigan real estate market and the Michigan real estate market in general, trying to be a for sale by owner takes a lot of guts.  I don't mean this in a bad way.  What I mean is that it is tough enough to sell even when you are represented by a Realtor because there are so many homes for sale in the Grand Rapids marketplace.  As of the end of May, the Grand Rapids Association of Realtors board (GRAR) reported that there were over 15,000 listings from January through May … (8 comments)

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