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Well I just got back from rain drenched California and now I'm off to Sunny Miami for Christmas. I just wanted to wish everyone on the Active Rain Team a Merry Christmas and very prosperous New Year. Let's all hope that the Market continues to rebound and we get so busy that we are complaining ab...
It looks like the Charity bug has bitten a lot of people in the Tampa Bay area. Metropolitan Ministries is experiencing a groundswell of support at the eleventh hour, right when they need it most. They have always been one of my favorite charities and most years the food, money and toys for the k...
With the economy in stand still state, many out there are wondering if they can pay their rent or put a meal on the table. While others fret over "only" being able to spend $500 on each kid this year. Let's get real about this, Christmas is the time for giving, so, let's keep our most needy neigh...
I'm still hanging around at my Daughters house in Southern California. Lot's of cookies, a trip to Universal Studios, all the usual holiday stuff. And I am still working on a short sale negotiation. I have been working on this since August, that's when it went to contract. To all the Consumers wh...
The economy is in the dump, congress is spending all you tax dollars on Pork projects,and the top ten companies in the US are sitting on 1.3 Trillion Dollars, and not reinvesting or creating jobs. I just watched ABC news and boy do you want to get depressed. But wait, there is a silver lining, Re...
Well that's about it for the Home Buying process. All of the steps are in order, you can use all of them or most of them. The down payment assistance portion is optional, if you have the down payment to complete the transaction, you be in the best position to make a purchase, remember all closing...
As we discussed in the last blog, hopefully the funding number camethrough in a timely manner and we are going to finish up the closing. One thing I did not adress, is the deposit. If you left your deposit with the closing Title Company, they already have the deposit, if it is being held elsewher...
Well the closing portion has taken quite a bit longer than I anticipated, but, closings sometime take much longer than we expect. In the old days, (a couple of years back), the bank would send the check for your purchase, and closings went pretty quickly, now days in the digital age, funds are se...
Well I ran out of room on my last blog and we need to address the Buyers side of the HUD. The Buyer is responsible for all of the closing costs attached to the loan. Also, the tax stamps on the mortgage and the intangible tax on the mortgage. You also need to pay your homeowner insurance and set ...
Now that you have some idea of what goes on at a closing, I will give you an Idea of what a Hud 1is. When ever you do a transaction where money and property changes hands. You need a tally sheet in order to keep track of the money. The Department of Housing and Urban Development, decided it would...


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