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This deal is a short sale.  I have had the short sale approval letter in my file for a few weeks, but the listing agent actually started working on in in August of this year.  Typically once the short sale is approved they give you a certain amount of time (something like 3-4 months) to actually ...
Buyers Agent:*If you know who the buyer is going to use as their lender let the Title Company know at the time that you turn in your contract*Same with the Residential Service Agreement, if and when you know who the buyer will use, let the Title Company know so that they can order it for you.*Mak...
I kept watching that replay and I just don't think he touched it... It was pretty funny though how everyone made such a big deal out of it. DANG! 52-34... That was 86 points worth of fun there wasn't it?  The UT Arizona game was such a blast to watch...except for Colt McCoys 4 fumbles.. at least ...
GO TEXAS!!!!!! 21 to nothing right now... Im lovin it.. Theres nothing better than coming home from a hard days work on a Thursday night watching Texas Kick some rear!  Course I would have liked for them to start the season off this way and stick to it but..... It is what it is!
I just wanted to put a quick tip out there... When you are turning in the paper work for the short sale it is best to write in the Escrow Officers name at the Title Company that will be closing the deal.  So many times I am at the end of the process and ready to close but I have to have FINAL HUD...
*Austin is ranked the 4th best City in overall standard of living by Expansion Management, June 2006 *Austin ranks 2nd among the Top 10 Best Big Cities in the Country by cnn.money.com, 2006 *Austin ranks as the 3rd Smartest City in the Country by Bizjournals.com, June 2006 *Austin ranks in the To...
A Brief outline of the HUD 1 Statement:    RESPA officially endorses the HUD 1 statement for all transactions: new loans, assumptions, all-cash, owner finance, etc.  The 2 page legal sized document is sure to confuse each and every buyer and seller. (as well as a few other folks, too.)    The fir...
In doing my job as Escrow Officer at Gracy Title Company, using email seems to suit me best.  I know there ARE times when I need to call the agent, buyer, seller or lender.  But for the most part I like to be able to communicate through email.  That way everything is in writing and time tagged, a...
 Shew!  I made it through Friday... Not all of my closings funded but it was pretty stressful.  Actually my job is always stressful but I had this one closing that was scheduled for Friday morning at 9:00... by late Thursday I didn't have any instructions or papers so I told both agents that we w...

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