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As we have been hearing, there are changes that are happening. Here is a short summary of 3 changes, and the links to follow for more information. 1. Qualifying for a Five-Year rate - Some mortgages were being qualified on the lower 3 year rates, now new borrowers need to qualify for the 5 year f...
Hi Everyone! There are changes coming this year, some have already happened! I want to keep you updated on the changes, and how they may affect you. This article was sent to me yesterday, from a mortgage broker. Have a read through it and feel free to contact me to discuss how this may affect you...
What is that? I was at a home inspection this morning, on a home that was built in 1975.  There were a lot of the usual finds for this age of home: original windows, some aluminum wiring, original furnace, lack of insulation for today's standards, and one bonus item... If you look at this picture...
            Last summer my family and I take holidays like most other, and I although I was still in contact with my clients, and deals, unknown to me, there was deal not doing so well.             It wasn't until I return home to find out that one of my deals almost fell apart because of the law...

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