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When my dad was 12, he and his family came across the ocean from Holland to make a new life in Canada.  My grandfather had arranged for his family (wife and 5 children) to help work a farm. They would live on the farm and make their living there. When they arrived at the port in Montreal, there w...
I got a promotion but I swear I'm not bragging because it has everything to do with changes to real estate law in Quebec and nothing to do with anything I did to deserve the promotion.  But I got it just the same, as did all real estate agents in Quebec. What happened?  On May 1, 2010, the new Re...
Every summer when I was a kid, my parents would pack all 4 of us kids into the car and make the sweaty, stifling 18-hour trip from the east coast where we lived to London, Ontario, where we were born and our extended family lived.  My parents somehow handled the sweating, and complaining, and bor...
1.  I feel guilty for making new "virtual" friendships when I can't seem to keep up with my "real" friendships. If I spent as much time visiting with the 3-D people in my life as I do visiting with people I can only "see" by way of a still photo...or, if we're lucky, a vlog...I'd have a fuller so...
When I was pregnant with our first child, I told my husband that I hoped the baby was a girl.  Not because I had always hoped to have a girl.  Quite the contrary.  As a child, I was always more comfortable building with Lego than having a tea party.  I was climbing trees while other girls were pl...
I've got some Montreal home staging before and after pictures for you here.  These come from a Montreal West Island home staging project we recently did.  The home sold after 6 weeks on the market, which was great considering it was in the $500,000+ range where homes generally sit on the market l...
I love it when I hear a non-salesy, common-sensical approach to gaining business.  'Cause I'm not salesy at all.  Never have been, never will be.  I tried to be salesy once, while working in a clothing store to help put myself through university.  I ended up stalking the client who said she didn'...
There's beauty in imperfection. And art. Whimsy and surprise. Character. The imprint of a life that's LIVED.          

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