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It's been a great pleasure to reconnect with some  clients this past week, as we have had the opportunity to conspire together about building their financial fortress, with the "new" tax law in mind.There are still plenty of provisions within these new tax regulations for which the IRS has not ye...
 If you sell goods online, you are probably aware of the "sales tax earthquake" that rumbled forth from the highest court last week in Washington. In South Dakota v. Wayfair Inc., the court ruled that states and municipalities could now require online retailers to charge customers sales tax, no m...
Instead of falling into that trap, what if you take this season to clear away the garbage and focus on what's really on your plate, and what you really need to grow?You see, running a business with success requires more than just protecting yourself against the mind traps of distraction. Because ...
  by Allan J. Rolnick With Memorial Day behind us, let’s talk about what happens AFTER we are able to strike a deal on your behalf with the IRS. Because after all, that really is the goal here isn’t it? So … the IRS agreed that you could not pay all of your taxes back, and that a settlement was ...
           Last month, we wrote that New York money manager AllianceBernstein is moving its headquarters and 1,100 employees from a slick black Manhattan skyscraper to the steaming concrete jungles of Nashville, TN. It's going to be culture shock for the firm's employees, who have to trade their ...
  by Allan Rolnick | Blog There’s this idea out there among many wannabe Metropolitan NYC business owners that they have to come up with the next completely fresh idea in order to have a great business. Shows like Shark Tank (which I love) go towards creating this kind of mindset — although the ...
  by Allan J. Rolnick I’ll tell you what… The month of May is beginning to look a lot like December. Definitely not because it’s cold out there, but with so much “end of school year” stuff happening these days, from graduation parties (ranging from pre-k “graduations” all the way up through coll...
  by Allan Rolnick | Blog Sometimes it feels like all we face is turmoil. And this feeling is not restricted to those Metropolitan NYC businesses who survive “month-to-month”. Even the best-capitalized among us can get trapped by the ever-increasing cycle of impending doom. This is especially tr...
 Nurse anesthetist, Loren Pulliam, from Pittsburgh, PA, was indicted by a federal grand jury on five counts of tax evasion and four counts of failure to file income tax returns and pay federal income tax. It’s alleged that Pulliam, who earned over $500,000 in income between 2002 -2005 as well as ...


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