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irstaxplannersavingmoney: Penny for Your Thoughts - 03/29/21 04:12 PM
In 2017, country singer Luke Bryan scored a #1 hit with "Most People Are Good." Certainly, most people consider themselves good. Of course, "illusory superiority bias" (also known as the "better than average" effect) means most of us to think we're better than we really are at most everything. One survey showed 64% of drivers rating themselves "excellent" or "above average" — something that's plainly impossible to anyone who's spent time on the road. Most Americans rate themselves more attractive than average, too, as anyone who's spent time on Tinder can tell.
But some people, well, they're such treasures you just want … (2 comments)

irstaxplannersavingmoney: O Canada! - 03/22/21 05:55 PM
Time to play a word association game: what jumps into your mind when you hear the word "Canada"? If you're like most Americans, it's ice hockey or curling. Maybe it's poutine, that irresistibly savory shotgun marriage of french fries smothered in cheese curds, and gravy that gives Canadians a helpful layer of belly fat to insulate against the winter cold. Or maybe you picture Dudley Do Right, the cartoon Mountie. Whatever your answer, it probably fits into the cliche of Canadians as "nice."
Unfortunately, all those nice Canadians live right across the world's longest unguarded border from (*checks notes*) us. Former Prime Minister … (1 comments)

irstaxplannersavingmoney: Monkey Business - 02/08/21 01:00 PM
Walk into any suburban supermarket, and you'll find entire aisles of food you wouldn't have seen when you were a kid. What the heck is quinoa, anyway? Who invented kombucha? And if mom had served kale, you might have appreciated broccoli more. But there's one whole category that delights millions, and that's the case full of milk made from soybeans, almonds, cashews, or anything else but classic "moo juice." They're popular enough that dairy interests have sued producers for using the word "milk." (The case prompted former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb to declare, "an almond doesn't lactate, I will confess.")
This week's … (1 comments)

irstaxplannersavingmoney: Have a Coke and a Tax - 11/30/20 01:59 PM
In 1886, a chemist named John Pemberton concocted a sweet, carbonated "brain and nerve tonic" made with coca leaves and cola nuts. Six years later, he sold his recipe for $2,300 to the druggist Asa Candler, who spun it into multinational gold. While the current product has just half the caffeine and none of the Bolivian marching powder of the original, Coca-Cola remains one of the world's most popular beverages. The formula remains so secret that, according to company lore, only two employees know it — and they're not allowed to travel together.
(Fun fact one: in 1935, after the company swapped … (1 comments)

irstaxplannersavingmoney: Sure, Marcia - 11/23/20 09:04 AM
Here in our United States, our government is sliced and diced between Uncle Sam, 50 states, 3,141 counties, and 89,000-odd cities, towns, and villages. You would think that 244 years of independence, along with a dollop of Yankee ingenuity, would produce a crisp, streamlined system for paying for it all. Instead, we've got a janky assemblage of income taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, and tariffs, sutured together like Frankenstein's monster. Seriously, isn't it time for the villagers to start climbing the mountain with pitchforks and torches?
Naturally, some of the brightest minds in public policy are working to come up with new ways to … (1 comments)

irstaxplannersavingmoney: Teach Your Children Well - 10/19/20 01:55 PM
"If you are truly serious about preparing your child for the future, don't teach him to subtract — teach him to deduct." Fran Lebowitz
Here in the United States, we spend about $1.3 trillion on education, including early childhood programs, K-12th grade, the whole college-industrial complex, and adult learning and continuing education. This is obviously crucial for training the next generation of Americans to lead and make responsible choices. But how much of that $1.3 trillion do we spend on the sort of truly practical wisdom that makes the day-to-day challenges of life easier to navigate? For example — how much do we … (0 comments)

irstaxplannersavingmoney: You Can Run, But.... - 09/14/20 10:23 AM

irstaxplannersavingmoney: Straight Outta Spousal Maintenance - 09/07/20 12:27 PM

irstaxplannersavingmoney: The More Things Changeth . . . - 08/31/20 03:17 PM
Living as we doth in this age of Technologie, 'tis easy to believest that many Things we take for granted are new. 1,000 years ago, there was naught Internet. No reality Television. ("Tiger King" meant somethinge quyte different.) And a "Hybrid" was a Cart powered by an Ox and a Mule. But verily, some of the Packages that amusest us most today go back to the Sands of Spell. Doth thee likest paying thy Taxes? Nay, sir. Fie, a pox on the Tax Collector! And thus we find ne'er-do-wells cheating on Taxes to be part of the oldest Chronicles.
In the Year … (2 comments)

irstaxplannersavingmoney: What Are the Odds? - 08/17/20 02:57 PM

 Coronavirus has upended nearly every aspect of American life, including of course sports. First was the chaos of interrupting leagues mid-season with no idea when, or if, they would ever return. Next was the oddity of playing games in arenas filled with cardboard cutouts of fans and their dogs. Now we have the crime against humanity of the Philadelphia Flyers playing the Tampa Bay Lightning in Toronto — in August.What's a sports-starved fan to do when he can't go down to the park to root for his favorite team? Well, he can still place a bet on the game. But the … (0 comments)

irstaxplannersavingmoney: Be the Ball - 07/20/20 02:41 PM
Forty years ago this weekend, Orion Pictures released a comedy producers pitched as "Animal House on a golf course." The movie featured a scrappy bunch of misfit locals battling a group of rich snobs played by ad-libbing comedy legends. And while reviews were underwhelming, it went on to gross $40 million and claim a place in movie legend. Odds are good that if you grew up in the 80s, or anywhere near a golf course, there's someone you know who can't make it through the day without quoting from Caddyshack.
Naturally, that got us wondering . . . how can we spin this anniversary … (0 comments)

irstaxplannersavingmoney: Tax It Your Way - 05/25/20 01:31 PM
Memorial Day weekend is fading in the rearview mirror, and we've ventured outside to commemorate those who gave their lives in service to their country. Summer is officially "open for business" as it can be in this year of coronavirus. But there's a lesser-known occasion coming up that the average American celebrates three times per week — and all year long, not just at their Memorial Day cookout. Thursday, May 28 is National Hamburger Day. And our friends at the IRS collect billions in taxes on the delicious dietary staple.
The burgers we love originated as the "Hamburg steak" in 18th-century Germany. … (0 comments)

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