taxcoach: Billionaires! Rock Stars! They're Just Like Us! - 11/02/20 12:56 PM

taxcoach: How To Find a Tax Preparer For Folks With IRS Problems - 10/07/20 11:49 AM
  The autumn leaves are changing, and “the most wonderful time of the year” is right around the corner…
I’m guessing tax season isn’t exactly at the front of your mind.
But it should be! (At least in the top five things at the front of your mind.) Because as long as you’re getting paid by someone or something, taxes don’t stop. And when it comes to getting your taxes together, who is on your side?
This is one (of many) reasons that you shouldn’t trust your tax problems to the heavy advertising agencies — because that is exactly what they are — who pound your … (0 comments)

taxcoach: Don’t Count Your Chickens… - 04/21/20 03:17 PM
A couple of weeks ago, we wrote about the great toilet paper shortage of 2020. It gave us a great opportunity to indulge in the sort of lowbrow humor that made MAD magazine such a hit with 10-year-old boys. The problem turns out to be simple. Toilet paper makers produce two separate products for two separate markets: the plushy stuff we use at home and the scratchy stuff we find at offices and businesses. With coronavirus stay-at-home orders keeping us housebound, we’ve upset that usual balance of supply and demand. But toilet paper isn’t the only commodity with a scrambled supply … (2 comments)

taxcoach: La Dolce Vita - 07/03/19 08:45 AM
Picture yourself at an "ozmiza," or "eight-day tavern," overlooking the Adriatic Sea on Italy's Carso coast, near the Slovenian border. A guitarist serenades you and your companions with local folk tunes. Your server treats you to heaping platters piled high with housemade meats and cheeses. There's plenty of local vino, of course — Malvasian wines by the jugful, along with bottles of crisp prosecco. Off in the distance you catch glimpses of a seaside castle.Now think about everyone who made this experience possible. There's the farmer raising the pigs for your prosciutto, and the one with the cows giving milk for your … (0 comments)

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