taxplanningsavesyoumoney: The Price of Fame - 05/10/21 04:39 PM
This is a story about a boy, a dream, a voice, and a legend. It has no beginning or end but opens under the boundless California sky on a June afternoon in 2009. There's an ambulance speeding down the mansion-lined streets of LA's "Platinum Triangle." In the ambulance, about to be pronounced dead, is Michael Jackson.
When we think of Jackson, we remember the sheer beauty of his sweet, childlike voice belying the beatings he suffered at the hands of his father. Talent and hard work helped him redefine fame. Billions of dollars in tour revenue. Hundreds of millions of records sold. … (0 comments)

taxplanningsavesyoumoney: Let's Be Honest - 04/27/21 07:57 AM
Americans love holidays — so much that if we see a blank spot on the calendar, someone is ready to fill it. Usually, it's someone with something to sell: would it shock you to learn that something called the National Retail Federation was behind Cyber Monday? (No, Virginia, there is no Cyber Santa.) Friday, April 30, is a huge day for the so-called "Hallmark holidays." It's National Bugs Bunny Day, National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, and National Hairball Awareness Day. (If that's not harmonic convergence, then nothing is.)
April 30 is also National Honesty Day. Author Hirsch Goldberg says he created … (0 comments)

taxplanningsavesyoumoney: Penny for Your Thoughts - 03/29/21 04:12 PM
In 2017, country singer Luke Bryan scored a #1 hit with "Most People Are Good." Certainly, most people consider themselves good. Of course, "illusory superiority bias" (also known as the "better than average" effect) means most of us to think we're better than we really are at most everything. One survey showed 64% of drivers rating themselves "excellent" or "above average" — something that's plainly impossible to anyone who's spent time on the road. Most Americans rate themselves more attractive than average, too, as anyone who's spent time on Tinder can tell.
But some people, well, they're such treasures you just want … (2 comments)

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