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My blogs seek to explore how to become more effective in business by becoming more creative and therefore, more yourself.
I loved the website.It was everything I could have hoped for ... it described the online service that I was looking for ... perfect! All cards lining up.Then I read the closing sentence: "Let us here from you". I could not believe my eyes! I left the website at the speed of a politician driving t...
Admit it ... you've had some dynamite ideas for your website.  You've even jotted these down or (gasp), you may have even emailed these ideas to yourself!But, further admit it, you've decided against incorporating these ideas into your website.  Now here's the $64,000 question  ...WHY???Why have ...
In my last post, I was highlighting the lack of creative thinking that was manifest in most realtors' websites.  I gave a definition of creativity and conjectured that this abyssmal lack of business creativity translated into flatlined business results. As I said in my last post, creativity is a ...
Do the three things in the title of this blog commonly go together?  You know the answer to that! NO!  Realtors have websites but these are not typically marked by creativity or originality.  Now, this is not a problem for realtors alone ... quite a few other professionals in all lines of work si...

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