twitter: Google Places - Have you claimed your listing yet? - 01/17/11 09:01 AM
80% of all business comes from people who live and work within 5 miles of your location and 20% of all Google searches now relate to location. Have you claimed your Google Places listing? Do you have your Yelp page under control? Do you manage your Foursqaure Venue? Traditional Local Ad Solutions Are Dead or Dying!
The Phone Directory or Yellow Pages Where is Yours? Most people throw them away! They are not current, updated and businesses do not have the ability to change them. Newspapers Readers are declining rapidly! TV TV viewers now have Tivo/DVR, they fast forward through … (4 comments)

twitter: Feed your Zillow activity to your Facebook Page and Twitter. - 11/09/10 11:11 PM
You can automatically tweet your Zillow activities to your Facebook Page, your Twitter account and your LinkedIn account all at once. 
First you need a Zillow account, if you don't have one then go to and get one Next you need to have a Facebook Page (not a Personal Facebook account, HUGE DIFFERENCE!) You'll also need a LinkedIn account, go to if you don't have one yet Last step is to get a Hootsuite account Now you're ready to get this all tied together. Basically what you are doing is using the RSS Feed provided by your Zillow … (5 comments)

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Like it or not, if you are not showing up “on the map” you are losing new business opportunities every day. With more than 500 million searches a day in the U.S. alone, it’s likely that someone is looking for your business as you read this. The question is simple: Are they finding you, or are they finding your competitors in a local search? In 2012, more people will search for local businesses on smartphones than on computers. Smartphones use Google Places, Yelp and other “local search” websites to gather data for local searches, will your business show up at the top of the local listings?! Try it, do a search from your smart phone for “sports bar litchfield park”, the first listing that comes up is Tailgaters, not because they spent thousand’s of dollars and their website design or hundreds of dollars every month on pay-per-click but instead they used the power of Google Places and positive reviews! Have you claimed your Google Places Listing and is your Google Places listing optimized? Would You Like to: Be on the first page of Google? Gain the advantage of having more positive reviews of your business? Have your business show up on iPhones, Smartphones, and GPS devices? Work smarter while your competition works harder? Are You Taking Advantage of: Google and Facebook Places - Yelp and Foursquare - Text Marketing and Coupons - Mobile Coupons and Mobile-ready sites - Local Business Listings - Positive Reviews on sites like Yelp and Angie’s List - The most successful businesses in 2012 will be utilizing these tools and applications. Don’t get stuck waiting for your phone to ring…Contact us today!



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