My partner and I are organizing a "focus group" type survey to help us fine tune a seminar we are building for next year. The seminar will go way beyond blogging, and cover ways to help professionals use affordable technology to make themselves more effective in their industry. We will be chargin...
Greg Swann has an excellent post on the best cameras to use, but what I want to know is, what king of photo equiptment do you actually use. This could be for your blog, your listings, or whatever. I'm not an agent, but for my blog, I use an Olympus C-740. It is a great camera for outdoor scenery,...
I intended to ask everyone how long they have owned a computer. Instead I thought it would be kind of neat to look how far computers have come by recollecting as much as you can about the first computer you actually owned. My first computer was built by Magnavox (really). It was a 286 that ran a ...
I hope you all have seen the interviews of other bloggers I've been doing on my blog. I've been learning a great deal myself. Now I would like to ask some more general questions to be aswered by the AR community as a whole. My first question is, "when do you blog?"I'm posting this a 8:00 AM, but ...

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