clarksville realtor: Good morning from Clarksville TN! - 08/29/16 08:55 PM
Good morning from Clarksville Tennessee folks!  Going to be another blistering hot day out here in Middle Tennessee so please dress appropriately use that sun screen and HYDRATE (It does the body good!).  Today, challenge your self to do one thing in your life better than you did yesterday whether simple or complex everyone needs a challenge.  And if that challenge makes you a better person - BONUS!
Quote of the day:  It's lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting challenges, and I believed in myself. Muhammad Ali
Have a great day folks

clarksville realtor: Good morning from Clarksville Tennessee! - 08/28/16 08:28 PM
Good morning from Clarksville Tennessee! 
Monday has arrived in all its glory folks - that means an early rise for most so give it a good stretch and move out smartly.  Remember, every day is a blessing!
Quote of the day:  When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive, to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.  Emperor Marcus Aurellius

clarksville realtor: Have you met Pam? - 11/04/13 07:03 AM
Have you met Pam? Pam is the better half of not only my marriage but also our Real Estate Team Clarksville Real Estate - The Cash Team  
If you are looking to buy or sell in the Clarksville Area, Pam (and I) would be honored to serve you and your Family with all your Clarksville TN Real Estate needs. Affiliated with Crye-Leike Realtors (Sango) we make dreams come true one home at a time.

clarksville realtor: Clarksville Home for Sale: 210 Ussery Rd - 03/03/13 12:50 AM
Clarksville Home for Sale: 210 Ussery Rd
  Listed at $269,000 and offering over 3000 square feet of living space! Nice home in a quiet mature area. Park like setting. Enjoy the deer and the wild turkey! Tile and hardwood floors.  Beautiful Kitchen with corian countertops & sink. Lots of space for a large family. MIL suite, gameroom or an office space! Low utility bills!  
Contact The Cash Team today for your tour of this magnificent home.   Tim and Pam Cash Crye-Leike Realtors 931-648-2112 (office) 931-338-1375 (cell) … (0 comments)

clarksville realtor: Wordless Wednesday - Buck Fever! - 08/22/12 10:14 AM
Greetings from Clarksville Tennessee! 
When I was a young(er) man, I was an avid hunter and know what buck fever is indeed.  These days (I guess I am getting soft) I would rather spot through a camera lens or while I am drinking coffee with my darling wife in the mornings than to sight these majestic animals through the scope of my 30/06!

Even though they love to ravage my gardens, I must admit they take your breath away this time of year and with rut soon to hit it will only get better!

And to think, the … (4 comments)

clarksville realtor: Agent on Duty - Crye Leike - Clarksville Tennessee - 02/06/11 06:16 AM
Superbowl Sunday afternoon and The Cash Team is here at the Sango Crye-Leike office ready to serve your Clarksville Real Estate needs.  A beautiful February day and it is a great time to talk to your Clarksville Real Estate Team!  Come on by and visit with us this afternoon.  We are conveniently located on Madison Street right next door to the Subway (Eat Fresh). We have the coffee freshly brewed and am ready to spend some quality time in assisting your Clarksville Real Estate needs.  If you don't feel like coming in, just give me a call at 931-436-7617.
But, if you … (3 comments)

clarksville realtor: Finding the "Perfect Shot" in Real Estate - 01/09/11 11:27 AM
Is there such a thing as finding the "perfect shot" in Real Estate?  Like many Americans I am a fan of Golf but would not neccessarily call myself a player.  At face value it looks like a simple game (hit the little white ball with a big club), but I know this to be false.  It is one of the most challenging disciplines (or sports) and also the most frustrating when you can't find your swing. 
Golf and Real Estate have much in common whether you realize it or not.  While being a sport is definitely not one of the … (11 comments)

clarksville realtor: Home Values - What is your Home Worth? - 01/09/11 01:47 AM
It may suprise you to know that 70% of homeowners believe that their home is worth more than what it actually is!

When you're selling your home, the price you set is a critical factor in the return you'll receive. That's why you need a professional evaluation from an experienced realtor. This person can provide you with an honest assessment of your home, based on several factors including:
Market conditions Condition of your home Repairs or improvements Time frame In real estate terms, market value is the price at which a particular house, in its current condition, will sell within … (0 comments)

clarksville realtor: Early Voting in Clarksville Tennessee - 10/12/10 11:30 PM
Early voting in Clarksville Tennessee begins today, October 13 and runs through October 28th. 
We all know that this has been yet another politically charged election season.  Some may say that this is the people's real chance to make a difference in the direction of our country.  Regardless of your thoughts in this election season - USE YOUR RIGHT AND VOTE!!
Early voting for the Nov. 4 general and city elections will be held Thursday to Oct. 28 at the Election Commission Office, 350 Pageant Lane, Suite 404.
Wednesday to Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.  Saturday, 9 a.m.-noon   Oct. 18-23, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Oct. 25, … (0 comments)

clarksville realtor: Trust - 05/11/10 01:44 PM
Good evening all.  It has been quite some time since I have penned a blog post - my apologies to my fans fan (my darling daughter) for making you wait so long.
Tonight I want to touch on Trust.  Trust in life, Trust in your faith, Trust in business.  Trust is undoubtedly one of the most powerful tools in one's life.  Don't believe me?  Look at some of the people you have trusted in your past that have betrayed that trust - did it cut to the bone?  I bet it did, regardless of how tough you are.  To truly trust … (1 comments)

clarksville realtor: Clarksville TN Real Estate - 3060 Lylewood Road - 05/09/10 11:54 PM
Clarksville TN Real Estate - 3060 Lylewood Road

clarksville realtor: Clarksville TN Home For Sale - Chrisman Hills - 02/07/10 11:43 AM

clarksville realtor: Another Home Sold by The Cash Team - 01/31/10 11:17 AM
Another Home Sold by The Cash Team.   We spread our wings a bit on this one in an effort to assist some dear Friends.  While the Dover TN Real Estate Market is on the most outter limits of our area we took on this listing.  Thank you to Kamai and Barry for having the trust and confidence in Pam and I.  We wish you and your Family the best and hope to see you again one day.

If you are looking to list your home in the Clarksville TN Real Estate market, please give The Cash Team a call, we … (0 comments)

clarksville realtor: Home Buying Checklist: The Process Of Buying Your New Home - 01/18/10 11:31 AM
Home Buying Checklist: The Process Of Buying Your New Home

Once you've made the decision to buy a home, it's time to start thinking about what comes next. Every buyer needs a checklist that will guide them through the process of searching for the perfect home, evaluating their choices and making a sound purchase for you and your Family.
Learn The Lingo

When you set out to buy a new home, you will need to familiarize yourself with various real estate terms, conduct research on the market value of homes in the area in which you intend to shop … (0 comments)

clarksville realtor: Did you ever wonder, or did you simply take it for granted? - 09/28/09 12:40 PM
Did you ever wonder, or did you simply take it for granted that people really wanted you to answer the questions posed on the various Social Networking sites out there?  Yesterday evening, for some reason, when I logged into Facebook I was about to post something when I realized the question posed 'What's on your mind?'
As I thought about it, I wondered, do the 2,000 friends I have on Facebook really want to know what is on my mind?  Do they want to know that I had a great day caring for a couple of Families looking for a home … (11 comments)

clarksville realtor: Wishing you a great Labor Day - 09/06/09 11:45 AM
Greetings everyone,
Labor Day is tomorrow.  I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with my family and letting my gas grill do some labor for a change!  So here's a heartfelt Labor Day greeting from my family to yours!
Have you ever wondered how we came to celebrate a holiday with the odd name of Labor Day?  Someone always asks, "Why is it called Labor Day when nobody labors on that day?"
While there is some disagreement regarding the original founder of Labor Day, we know that the first Labor Day parade was held by the Central Labor Union, … (3 comments)

clarksville realtor: Crye-Leike Realtors (Sango) - Ready to serve your Clarksville Real Estate needs - 08/29/09 02:48 AM
Happy Saturday morning to you.  The Crye-Leike Realtors (Sango) Office is open and ready to serve your Clarksville Real Estate needs.  Located just across from the Clarksville Gas and Water Department on Madison Street we are open seven days a weeks to assist the great people of Clarksville and Montgomery County Tennessee in buying and selling real estate in Clarksville.
I am manning the phones until 1pm today.  We have the coffee freshly brewed and am ready to spend some quality time in assisting your Clarksville Real Estate needs.  If you don't feel like coming in, just give me a call … (4 comments)

clarksville realtor: Ways To Make Your House Smell Good - 08/23/09 01:31 PM
Looking for ways to make your house smell good?  I know, you are constantly asking yourself - what can you do to add a special touch that makes your house smell one step beyond clean?  Use some common "scents," a little knowhow and a lot of creativity to make your house smell fantastic.
Use Your Good Scents
Many homeowners choose to use scented candles in their home.  As the candle burns, the oils melt and create a wonderful smell throughout the entire room.  Not only do these smell great, but certain scents can also be relaxing.  Lavender, for instance, … (4 comments)

clarksville realtor: The Clarksville Marina comes to life - 08/13/09 10:36 AM
Clarksvillians are excited about the opening of the Clarksville Marina.  I am right there with my fellow Clarksvillians and excited about the possibility of getting a Family Cruiser in the coming year.  Being developed by Greg and Lisa Batts who were the masterminds behind Prizer Point Marina & Resort the new marina is sure to be the shining star in Clarksville's River District.
The City of Clarksville has spent $25,000 in cameras so that we can all watch the progress of the Clarksville Marina via live feed.  Now, you just can't get much better than that.  I am looking forward to … (3 comments)

clarksville realtor: Another Clarksville Home Sold by The Cash Team - 08/12/09 01:31 PM
July was a busy month for The Cash Team, with numerous Clarksville Homes Sold.  This was another Clarksville Home Sold by The Cash Team.  The Taylor's were sent to us as a referral.  A young military couple on PCS orders to Fort Campbell, Pam and I thoroughly enjoyed serving them.  I was a bit ironic that when Pam first contacted Mr. Taylor she asked him if she was married to the Tim Cash that was in the 101st Airborne Division years past.  She obviously stated that I had served with the storied Division.  Mr. Taylor informed her that he and I … (0 comments)

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