arizona real estate: Two Breaches Don't Make a Right... - 08/30/09 11:34 PM
We do a lot of transactions that involve buying or selling properties that are ‘distressed’ properties.  The dictionary defines distress as:  a state of extreme necessity or misfortune.  A distressed property might be anything from a vacant, bank-owned home, a pre-foreclosure that involves tenants being forced to move, or a traditional sale where the sellers are forced to sell and must walk away from a large down payment that has been lost to them in a declining market.  Currently, 60%-70% of all homes closing in the Phoenix Metropolitan area would fit into this category.
Distressed sales are never ideal for the … (0 comments)

arizona real estate: Do Your Own Landscaping - 02/18/09 07:48 AM
Some New Home Builder's in the Phoenix Valley like to offer front yard landscaping as part of their incentive package when purchasing a home from them. Many builders don't charge extra for this, but include it in the price of the home in several of their subdivisions across the valley. Great Right? There is so much to do when moving into a home, so many things to purchase (window coverings, appliances, shelving/storage for the garage, back yard landscaping, etc...) One less thing to less thing to pay less hassle...except that everyone’s house looks the same. Is that such … (0 comments)

arizona real estate: You get MORE THAN JUST ME on a 'New Build' - 04/12/08 08:45 AM
I received a 'panic-call' from a frenzied mother the other day.  Her adult child had wandered into a new home community and signed a contract to purchase a home.  A phone conversation was completed with the builder's lender at which a conditional loan approval was given to the potential buyer based on income from a job she was most likely going to get when she finished her schooling in the next 6 weeks. 
The adult daughter has since learned she is pregnant.  She will have 2 babies under 18 months old and will not be able to afford the childcare on her … (1 comments)

arizona real estate: Is it a DEAL or is it a HOME? - 03/10/08 11:04 PM
I had some client's that looked at a home a few months back that they really liked.  In fact, I could tell as soon as they walked in that there was that excitement that comes from the realization that 'this could be the one'.  Unfortunately for them, it happened to be the first home I had selected for them to view...  Being new to the process and being determined to get the best deal, they held off.  I told them at the time that the home was priced very well, at nearly the bottom of the market for that area and … (8 comments)

arizona real estate: Arizona Real Estate Transfer Tax? - 03/10/08 10:30 PM
For all of you Arizona natives you might be thinking, "What is a Real Estate Transfer Tax?"  If you are from the East Coast or one of the other states that currently have a real estate transfer tax, you more than likely have had the opportunity to experience this tax first hand.  A Real Estate Transfer Tax is a tax on transferring real property (your home) to another entity (i.e. a buyer).
So who cares?  We are one of the 14 states that don't have this tax.................yet.  Every time the state of Arizona gets in the red they set up a 'blue ribbon committee' … (1 comments)

arizona real estate: What Investors know: Don't wait for the bottom of the market! - 03/08/08 10:46 AM
There has been a lot of buyer anxiety rampant in Arizona the last year and a half and with good cause.  Prices have declined and there wasn't any indication that the bottom was anywhere near.  I believe we now have indications of a bottom and I wanted to share my thoughts on the matter.   By looking at stats, talking to professionals in Title, Lending and other REALTORS, and being involved in the Arizona Real Estate market full-time is a logical conclusion that this is the time to buy - period!  While many potential buyers are waiting for the absolute bottom they fail to realize is that … (4 comments)

arizona real estate: "Approved Short Sale" vs a Short Sale - BIG DIFFERENCE!! - 03/07/08 01:19 PM
There are a lot of homes on the market right now, especially under the $300,000 range, advertising that they are a ‘short sale'.  In fact, for some of the searches I have done for client's literally ¾ of the homes pull up as a ‘short sale'.  Just because someone advertises a short sale, does not automatically mean that the bank will sell it short.  These folks, I guess at least 80% of them DO NOT HAVE APPROVAL FROM THE BANK TO SELL SHORT.   Their agents have mistakenly guided them to believe that once they get an offer - that is the … (74 comments)

arizona real estate: Short Sales can be misleading... - 03/07/08 11:24 AM
It is easy to get exited when one is looking for homes and sees a 3400 sq/ft home in a new urban area like Gilbert, Arizona built in 2004 listed at $299,000 with a huge yard and pool.  Keep in mind, this house originally sold for $575k.  You read the description and think it sounds's advertised as a short sale, but surely you can put up with a little extra work and inconvenience if it will net you a smoking deal right?  My Grandmother, and probably yours too, used to say, "If it sounds too good to be true, then it … (8 comments)

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