hurricane irma: Hurricane Irma - quick update from Lee County FL - 09/09/17 03:50 PM
Hurricane Irma is knocking our doors and she is mad! Most of Cape Coral areas (where I live) has been evacuated. We have decided to leave to my sister house which is on a higher ground in Lee County. I will try to keep you posted if I can. Thank you for your prayers my AR friends.

hurricane irma: How to prepare for a Hurricane - 09/05/17 12:39 PM
Since hurricane Irma might be approaching Florida this weekend, I though this will be a useful information to all my friends, family and customers out there.
Here's what to pack in an emergency kit and additional steps to take ahead of a hurricane, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency:
Water: 1 gallon/person/day
Cash and Documents: Store important documents in waterproof containers.
Medications: Prescription and Over-the-counter medication. First aid kit
Food: Canned foods
Sanitation: Antiseptic solution. Feminine hygiene items. Soap
Additional items: Flashlights & extra bulbs, battery-operated radio, Matches, plastic garbage bags, jumper cables, cans of gas, can opener, extra blankets, clean clothes and Dry pet food.
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