local realtor: Waterfront property JUST SOLD in North Fort Myers FL - 09/08/20 05:03 PM
Just SOLD ! Beautiful home with sailboat Gulf Access and intersecting canals in North Fort Myers, FL - We couldn't be more thankful to our friend who referred us to his parents with the sale of their home! Congratulations to our sellers and thank you so much for entrusting us with the sale of your home. It was a pleasure to serve you. God Bless. Now is a great time to sell a house because inventory is low and there are lots of home buyers! Call us if you want to sell your home at 239-284-8637  Abby Stiller you local Realtor … (12 comments)

local realtor: Why Is It so Important to Be Pre-Approved in the Homebuying Process? - 08/30/20 12:21 PM
You may have heard that pre-approval is a great first step in the homebuying process. But why is it so important? When looking for a home, the temptation to fall in love with a house that’s outside your budget is very real. So, before you start shopping around, it’s helpful to know your price range, what you’re comfortable within a monthly mortgage payment,
and ultimately how much money you can borrow for your loan. Pre-approval from a lender is the only way to do this.
According to a recent survey from realtor.com, many buyers are making the mistake of skipping the pre-approval step in the homebuying process:
“Of over … (4 comments)

local realtor: Best Time to Sell? When Competition Is at an All-Time Low - 07/08/20 08:04 AM
In a recent survey of home sellers by Qualtrics, 87% of respondents said they were concerned their home won’t sell because of the pandemic and resulting economic recession. Of the respondents, 51% said they are “seriously worried.” That concern seems reasonable considering the current condition of the economy. The data, however, is showing that home purchasers are still very active despite the disruptions American families have experienced this year.
The latest Existing Home Sales Report published by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) revealed that 340,000 single-family homes sold in this country last month. NAR’s most recent Pending Sales Report (homes going into contract) surpassed last month’s number by over 44%, which … (3 comments)

local realtor: Happy 4th of July from SW Florida! - 07/04/20 11:09 AM
  Happy 4th of JulyThe essence of America — that which really unites us — is not ethnicity, or nationality or religion — it is an idea — and what an idea it is:  That you can come from humble circumstances and do great things.  That it doesn’t matter where you came from but where you are going.
- Condolezza Rice

SWFL COUNTIES RANKED AMONG BEST FOR SOCIAL SECURITY Collier, Charlotte and Lee Counties are among the top Florida counties where Social Security is most durable, according to a new report from SmartAsset.  The sixth-annual study measures Social Security income, cost of living data and taxes in counties across the U.S. to determine where people are getting the most mileage out of Social Security.  Collier County ranked No. 4 with a reported $22,332 cost of living, $23,897 annual Social Security, no taxed Social Security, and “Social Security Goes the Farthest Index” of 82.57. Charlotte County ranked No. 7 with a reported $20,700 cost … (6 comments)

local realtor: Will Home Values Appreciate or Depreciate in 2020? - 05/13/20 09:09 AM
With the housing market staggered to some degree by the health crisis the country is currently facing, some potential purchasers are questioning whether home values will be impacted. The price of any item is determined by supply as well as the market’s demand for that item.
Each month the National Association of Realtors (NAR) surveys “over 50,000 real estate practitioners about their expectations for home sales, prices and market conditions” for the REALTORS Confidence Index.
Their latest edition sheds some light on the relationship between seller traffic (supply) and buyer traffic (demand) during this pandemic.
Buyer DemandThe map below was created after asking the question: “How would you rate buyer … (5 comments)

local realtor: Sanibel Island beach in FL is open to the public now ☀️ - 05/06/20 09:54 AM
For the first time in months we finally went to the beach yesterday. We spent about 3 hours in Bowman’s Beach in Sanibel Island, which is about 40 min driving distance from where we live (Cape Coral)    There weren’t many people and everyone maintained their social distancing.      The water was a beautiful clear turquoise color & warm with a nice breeze and ...I found some interesting shells!Overall it was a gorgeous day! 
Bowman’s Beach in Sanibel, FL . Beach An absolutely hidden gem!  This beach is surrounded by nature and white soft sand. You’ll find so many amazing shells. This beach has a lot of parking space, … (5 comments)

local realtor: Rise to the Top of the Pool by Selling Your House Today - 04/29/20 10:01 AM
With the release of the latest Economic Pulse Flash Survey from the National Association of Realtors (NAR), results show that people selling their houses today are holding strong on price. According to the most recent data, 74% of real estate agents noted that sellers are not dropping listing prices to attract more buyers.
Lawrence Yun, Chief Economist at NAR, noted: 
“The housing market faced an inventory shortage before the pandemic. Given that there are even fewer new listings during the pandemic, home sellers are taking a calm approach and appear unwilling to lower prices to attract buyers during the temporary disruptions to the economy.”
This inventory shortage, which spread widely throughout the housing market … (3 comments)

local realtor: The latest from the RE/MAX National Housing Report - 04/27/20 05:36 PM

I hope that you and your family are well and safe. As we all try to navigate this difficult time, there are many questions about the housing market. Here are three takeaways from the latest RE/MAX National Housing Report.

1. Despite COVID-19, March home sales saw a year-over-year increase of 2.7%.
2. The number of homes on the market continued its decline. March was down 14.9% compared to last year.
3. Sale prices continue to be on the up. The median sales price rose 7.7% over last year.
Click here to read the full report.
These numbers give us a sense of what could have been from a … (5 comments)

local realtor: Will This Economic Crisis Have a V, U, or L-Shaped Recovery? - 04/24/20 05:09 PM
Many American businesses have been put on hold as the country deals with the worst pandemic in over one hundred years. As the states are deciding on the best strategy to slowly and safely reopen, the big question is: how long will it take the economy to fully recover?
Let’s look at the possibilities. Here are the three types of recoveries that follow most economic slowdowns (the definitions are from the financial glossary at Market Business News):
V-shaped recovery: an economic period in which the economy experiences a sharp decline. However, it is also a brief period of decline. There is a clear bottom (called … (6 comments)

local realtor: Today’s Homebuyers Want Lower Prices. Sellers Disagree. - 04/20/20 02:46 PM
The uncertainty the world faces today due to the COVID-19 pandemic is causing so many things to change. The way we interact, the way we do business, even the way we buy and sell real estate is changing. This is a moment in time that’s even sparking some buyers to search for a better deal on a home. Sellers, however, aren’t offering a discount these days; they’re holding steady on price.
According to the most recent NAR Flash Survey (a survey of real estate agents from across the country), agents were asked the following two questions:
1. “Have any of your sellers recently reduced their price to … (8 comments)

local realtor: Are You Missing Prospects Due To A Poor Youtube Channel? - 04/18/20 03:07 PM
This is a great post for many of us learning how to use YouTube in our business. 
If you haven't subscribe to my Channel yet, Here is the link for TeamStiller Thanks so much! 
I have a true confession to make about my use of Youtube. It is so dark, so disturbing, that I purposely have been avoiding writing this article for the past several months. But it is time to get it off my chest.
I have ignored a goldmine of opportunity because I just couldn't find the time to develop a Youtube Channel strategy.
That's right, I have neglected the #2 search engine … (8 comments)

local realtor: Is Your Landscaping Eco-Friendly? - 04/15/20 04:36 PM

Did you know that working in your garden is one of the safest and healthiest ways to socially distance yourself?
Next Wednesday is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day; so with that in mind, I wanted to share with you a few eco-friendly landscaping tips as you dig into your spring projects.
Plant Trees and Shrubs Native to Your Area
Find trees and shrubs that are native to your area. They’ll repel pests and require fewer pesticides. Planting your trees strategically can also help provide shade for your home in the summer and let sunlight in throughout the winter. As a bonus, it … (8 comments)

local realtor: What If I Need to Sell My Home Now? What Can I Do? - 04/15/20 12:20 PM
Every day that passes, people have a need to buy and sell homes. That doesn’t stop during the current pandemic. If you’ve had a major life change recently, whether with your job or your family situation, you may be in a position where you need to sell your home – and fast. 
While you probably feel like timing with the current pandemic isn’t on your side, making a move is still possible. Rest assured, with technology at your side and fewer sellers on the market in most areas, you can list your house and make it happen safely and effectively, especially when following … (0 comments)

local realtor: HAPPY NATIONAL DOLPHIN DAY from Fort Myers Beach FL - 04/13/20 07:29 PM
According to the National Day Calendar's site today is:
 National Dolphin Day!
the social and intelligent mammals of the water. 
Dolphins are cetacean mammals that are related to whales and porpoises. They range in size from 4 feet to up to 30 feet; dolphins are among almost forty species in 17 general. Found worldwide, they prefer the shallower seas of the continental shelves.
As carnivores, their diet consists of mostly fish and squid.
Male dolphin – bull Female dolphin – cow Young dolphin – calf Group of dolphins – school or pod Social, Swift, and IntelligentDolphins are known to have acute eyesight both in and out … (8 comments)

local realtor: Happy Easter from Lee Conty Florida - 04/11/20 12:07 PM
We hope that everyone is safe and healthy and in contact with loved ones this Easter. Though we are not out of the woods yet there is some light at the end of the tunnel, all we have to do is endure and help each other.
Considering our current circumstances we thought this prayer would be most befitting.
Please stay safe we are all in this together.
Lord, I am weary and don’t know when this “race” will end in my life. I feel like I’ve been running forever, trying to outrun this trial. Help me to stop trying to outrun my pain … (11 comments)

local realtor: March Market Report for Cape Coral, FL - 04/07/20 12:01 PM
March Reported More Sales than February
Source: Local MLS
If you are looking to buy or sell a property in February and actually get results, please give me a call for a free consultation and I will help you to achieve your real estate goals!
Cape Coral is an amazing City with many public parks including Sun Splash Family Waterpark, golf courses, top rated Schools, boat ramps, Ecological Preserves, Museum, dining, shopping, theater, Golf courses, boating, water activities, freshwater & saltwater fishing, kayaking, live entertainment, Marina and much more!
Cape Coral Public Boat Ramps: Horton Park & Boat Ramp, Burnt Store boat ramp, Rosen Park, Yacht Club Community Park and BMX Park … (3 comments)

local realtor: Don’t Let Frightening Headlines Scare You - 04/04/20 09:21 PM
There’s a lot of anxiety right now regarding the coronavirus pandemic. The health situation must be addressed quickly, and many are concerned about the impact on the economy as well.
Amidst all this anxiety, anyone with a megaphone – from the mainstream media to a lone blogger – has realized that bad news sells. Unfortunately, we will continue to see a rash of horrifying headlines over the next few months. Let’s make sure we aren’t paralyzed by a headline before we get the full story.
When it comes to the health issue, you should look to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or … (5 comments)

local realtor: Economic Slowdown: What the Experts Are Saying - 03/30/20 06:58 PM
More and more economists are predicting a recession is imminent as the result of the pullback in the economy caused by COVID-19. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research:
“A recession is a significant decline in economic activity spread across the economy, lasting more than a few months, normally visible in real GDP, real income, employment, industrial production, and wholesale-retail sales.”
Bill McBride, the founder of Calculated Risk, believes we are already in a recession:
“With the sudden economic stop, and with many states shutting down by closing down schools, bars and restaurants…my view is the US economy is now in a recession (started in March 2020), … (5 comments)

local realtor: NATIONAL DOCTORS DAY - 03/30/20 11:38 AM
Per the National Calendar Day site today is National Doctors Day and what a great way to say THANK YOU to all Doctors out there for what they are doing to save lives. 
On March 30th each year, National Doctors Day honors the professionals for their dedication and contributions to society and the community. Their dedication puts the patient first time and again. On National Doctors Day, we say “thank you” to our physicians for all that they do for us and our loved ones.
Healthcare today is more complex than ever. With more advancements, tools and information at their fingertips doctors have … (6 comments)

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