real estate in 2020: How the Housing Market Benefits with Uncertainty in the World - 02/17/20 02:28 PM
It’s hard to listen to today’s news without hearing about the uncertainty surrounding global markets, the spread of the coronavirus, and tensions in the Middle East, just to name a few. These concerns have caused some to question their investment plans going forward. As an example, in Vanguard’s Global Outlook for 2020, the fund explains,
“Slowing global growth and elevated uncertainty create a fragile backdrop for markets in 2020 and beyond.”
Is there a silver lining to this cloud of doubt?Some worry this could cause concern for the U.S. housing market. The uncertainty, however, may actually mean good news for real estate.
Mark Fleming, Chief Economist at First American, … (2 comments)

real estate in 2020: Where is the Housing Market Headed in 2020? - 12/30/19 06:29 PM

Some Highlights: Interest rates will be lower than they have been since before 1980 at 3.8% and are projected to remain steady throughout 2020! According to CoreLogic, home prices will appreciate at a rate of 5.4% over the course of the year. Experts predict that the number of homes sold next year will be equal to or outpace 2019.