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  We just received our Realtor Magazine for the month, and got to reading some interesting articles. As I was flipping through the magazine, I came across this ad -You might have seen in     If you are Like me, I was curious to see how I can incorporate this new tool into our business.  I mean, a...
 To put things into perspective, my husband - Alex, ran an analysis on our clients who have given up on their home search due to the competition in buying a houses and waiting for Bank owned homes to hit the market. He was up until  3am, God bless him, doing the business recap. 16 Client gave up ...
This  last weekend, I had some free time, so I drove out to Carson,CA to drop off a closing package for a client. I didn't have to, but love to see congratulate our clients in person upon a closing...Well, I do not live close by - so it was about an hour and 20 minute drive each way...needless to...
As we mentioned last week, Buyers have been dying of thirst in this market that has been drying up in inventory for the last 4 months. Over the last couple of days, We have received some breaking news from several sources that the forecast for next week it looks like RAIN!!  Here is how the forec...
The bottom came and went here in Murrieta, Temecula, Winchester and the surrounding cities. The local Real estate market to sharp turn this spring as Bank Owned inventory dried up.  Well, not exactly dried up, being held back. Many anticipate the market to be flooded with a new wave of foreclosur...
My heart is heavy this morning as I struggle with something. Maybe you can help!! Having Served in the US Marines Corps myself, I know the commitment and sacrifice one makes for his/her country. To be ready to take action at a moments notice, and lay you life on the line to protect the right and ...
Last month, our office was approached with an opportunity to List REOs. Can you believe it? The office told us that we were going to be HANDED REOs to list all it required was a few things: Get REO Certified through the Asset Manager $119 Go Green - use their software to Electronically send and r...
My wife and I have spent the last five years attending self-development courses, coaching, read all the success manuals and struggled through a lot of trial an error. We wanted to share what we discovered. We had a lot of information that all made logical sense. If I do "A", then it will produce ...
I get a call from one of my clients every other day about how "THE SKY IS FALLING". I got to a point where I explained to him that if he was so certain about this, then he should stay inside to he gets the "All Clear" signal. It was consuming to much time, but more importantly - I was being menta...
We have been in the business for 5 years, and got in at the tail end of the huge surge of the market. By the time we built out our client base, we hit the 2005 stall, and then the downturn of the market. We were first a little apprehensive about staying in Real Estate. Especially, as we saw a lot...

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