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Hi  everyone.  Since my college days - way back when - I have loved Mantras.Here are a few anonymous mantras.  Maybe they will enrich our day.     Jane                                                                 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"If you want to achieve Greatness, stop asking permission.""No Mast...
Happy  Monday Morning to all my friends and acquaintances... Let's all have a fantastic week...Let's make it Magical.                                                                                                                                                                     Jane           ...
Hi  Everyone~ Friday, and a weekend ahead.  Let's enjoy it!                      Jane                                                      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"LIFE  is about choices. What choice will I make today that will change the outcome of my life. Will I step first with my left foot or my righ...
Hi Everyone!  Away from my Orlando, Florida office, I was in Chicago today and experiencing a difference in the weather between the two locations.  Nottoo unusual I suppose -  that a thought came sneaking up to the front of my brain:  SPRING....Tuesday, March 20th, 2018,  11:15 AM - Northern Hemi...
Hi Everyone!  Just thinking about LIFE today.   (some unknown quotes)                                                                                                                                           Jane                                                       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"Life is the ...
Hi Everyone!  I have a little poem today that I like.  The author is a poet, Walter D. Wintie.  He lived in the late 19th and early 20th century. Little to nothing is known about his life but, he wrote the poem, "Thinking,"  also known as, "The Man Who Thinks He Can."  There are several versions ...
Hi Everyone!  Wishing you a wonderful Tuesday.  Let's make it a really magical day and see how long we can keep a smile on our faces, shoo the frowns away, and stay positive with a song in our hearts.     Jane                                                       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"Face troubles wi...
Hi Everyone!  Another Monday as we journey here on planet Earth.  Hope your day went well and you accomplished most of your 'to do' list.  If not, there is another day that follows Monday and wishing you the best."    Jane                                                            ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"...
Hi Everyone!  Are you having a really wonderful Sunday ~   I am still thinking about the current political theme in our American government.  I am still wishing things would be better, could be better. I wonder what happened withthe importance of one's soul, character, integrity, honesty, lady wi...
Hi Everyone!  Got to thinking a little deeper today - this is the season of LENT for many of us.  I am a political junkie and guess I wondered if there were any  quotes on 'lying,'  or maybe 'spinning.'  Golly I hate the 'spinning' even more than the lies.    The following are some I found.      ...

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