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Hi Everyone!  It is still 'Good Friday' as I write this.  For some of us, how does one deal with this day...perhaps some quotes and sayings on love, kindness, sacrifice,  and forgiveness....    No,  I have tried all day to write and today my spirit is just not into it.  My thoughts were lost in a...
Hi  Everyone!  For today I chose some quotes on LIFE.    Thinking of you and wishing you a  day of  fulfillment, depth, love and meaning.                  Jane                                                                                      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"My Life is my message."             ...
 Hi Everyone!  Still in Chicago today at one of our properties.  I looked at thegardens and saw how the lilies of the valley were struggling and needed a little help.  I once had time for extra large flower, fruit, and vegetable gardens and orchards. In fact, I had married a farmer and I had at o...
Hi Everyone!    Every time I write my little greeting to you, there flashes in front of me each of your profile photos and my thoughts go to your many posts and comments.  I am very grateful to know you.                        Jane                                                                  ...
Hi Everyone!  In Chicago today and missing all the colors of my home, Orlando.  It is damp and dreary and dark...no Floridian yellow sunshine, no green and colorful lawns and flowers,  no blue skies and marshmallow clouds.  Perhaps that is why my mind chose some anonymous, some  light, and some f...
Hi  Everyone!  having trouble with my computer. Will need to contact the Best Buy Geek Squad.  They usually can correct the problem.  But in the meantime, a few 'happiness' quotes for Monday.      Have a great week!                                                                                  ...
Hi  Everyone!   Wishing all a very peaceful and happy Sunday! Sometimes - many times -  I find a lot of 'fun' in anonymous sayings and quotes....  Anyone for the monkey bars  today...   race you ?!?                                                                                                   ...
Hi  Everyone!  Amazing that we are one week away from Easter...April 1st.  I think I blinked my eyes and I missed a few weeks somewhere.  Wishing you a peaceful and meaningful week!                                                               Jane                                                 ...
 Hi  Everyone!   Continuing my Zen meditation and prayerful sayings and quotes.  Wishing everyone - in every way - a magical, peaceful, and fulfilling day!                                                                                                                                              ...
Hi  Everyone!   Just a few quotes for a Friday.  For me, quotes fit well in my meditation and become a part of my prayers.  Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend.                                                                                                             Jane                       ...

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