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Hi Everyone! Today's theme may seem a strange bedfellow with the quotes of yesterday, 'Friendship,' but I feel a connection ~                                        Jane                                                                 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my...
Hi  Everyone!  I grew up in Green Bay, Packerland,  and lived across the street from the school, the rectory, the church and the park.  If I wasn't studying evenings, you might find me practicing in the church choir, walking around the block with the Monsignor, or playing with my friends in the p...
Hi  Everyone!   Something happened to me today that turned out so well.  I am sorry I spent the last couple months worrying about the outcome and believing I had made some wrong decisions.  The end results:  I notice I have a big lift in my spirit today and my confidence in 'me' shot right up...l...
Hi  Everyone!  A  holy Day of  Remembrance - Gratitude and Thank You. ~Jane                                                                           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "America without her soldiers would be like God without His Angels."                                                             ...
Hi Everyone!  We come to a very meaningful holiday -  of love, remembering and of gratitude.  Wishing you peace and love.                                          Jane                                                                                                             ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "...
Hi  Everyone!  I recently read an article I feel many of us can relate to:  DailyOM Horoscope/Virgo -(www.dailyom.com ).... ridding ourselves of the very negative 'mind static'  that robs us of our inner peacefulness.  When mind static is in full operation and broadcasting its negative messages, ...
Hi  Everyone!   Thinking of you and hoping you are having a great day!         Jane                                                                                       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"Ability may get you to the top but it's character that will keep you there."                                   ...
And...it's Monday once again.  Hi Everyone - I wish for you and me a  'magical' week.  I am working  on a big  project that requires a large   measure  of teamwork.  Perhaps a few quotes on teamwork....       ~Jane                                                                                   ...
Hi  Everyone...Sunday -  and have some time to enjoy my friends.  Wishing everyone a delightful day  -  relaxing,  f-u-n,  and time to do things you really love to do.       Jane                                                                                   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 'The more man meditat...
Hi  Everyone!  Was a very busy day and happy you can not see the pile up on my office desk right now.  I am really a neat freak - a touch of OCD (?)  - and yet, at times I enjoy making a mess and then happily challenged, I clean it up.  Well, it is a bit much what I see in front of me -- have a f...

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