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Hi Everyone!  Today I was thinking more of Business, Leadership, and Delegation. Chose some quotes that seem to fit in with my thoughts.  Fourth of July is my very favorite holiday since I was a kid.  Wishing for all of you a really wonderful holiday.                                              ...
Hi Everyone!  Took my iPhone to bed with me last night and read some nice quotes;  I thought I would share with you.  Hope you are all having a wonderful day.  The Sandbox looks a little empty right now and from where I sit, I do not see you on the swings, the seesaw, the monkey bars, or tennis c...
Hi Everyone!  Wednesday, and a new day. Today I have brought along the words and wisdom of  Deepak Chopra.  Let's have a great day. I am going to try to keep that smile on my face - the one James Dray and others daily encourage.                                                                     ...
Hi Everyone!  I brought my quotes  from the works of Joyce Meyers with me today.  Hoping you are all having a wonderful day!                                                                                                                                                                             ...
Hi Everyone from the Sandbox.  I was doing a little research today and came across these quotes by Albert Einstein.  It came in the course of the research in which Einstein explained what he felt was the 8th wonder of the world.  I will do a little more research on that before I write about it.  ...
Hi Everyone.  It is Sunday and I am looking forward to spending some fun time to relax today in the Sandbox.  Nice to know that at times we have saved some time for ourselves to enjoy life.  From my observation post in life,  seems we need to do this more often.  So happy to see you...   Do tell ...
Hi  Everyone!  My yesterday was magical and I am so very grateful! This very taxing journey I have been on this past year has at times been worrisome.  In this I turn to prayer, meditation, and trying to always remain positively, consistently active.  In my search for meaningful quotes, sayings, ...
Hi Everyone!  Been on the Paleo 30 Day Whole Challenge healthy eating two weeks  now and doing well...quite well in fact.  Notice my cravings disappeared between Day 2 and 3; sort of amazing.  Also noticed I lost around 10 pounds.  Hey, I like that!! Helps me feel confident and a comfortable beli...
Happy Tuesday, Everyone!  I have a pretty intense and busy day ahead.  If you have some extra good wishes and prayers, I would love you send me some today.  I promise to return the gift.                                                                                          Jane                 ...
Happy Monday Morning, Everyone!  Here's to a magical new week.            Jane                                                                             ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"Trust yourself.  You know more than you think you do."   ~Dr. Benjamin Spock"Successful people have fear, successful people hav...

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