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Hi Everyone! It is about 8 minutes away from striking the midnight 12 bells.  Golly Moses, I have been so busy lately.  Brought my little box of quotes to the Sandbox and of course, no one is here; everyone has gone home.  I will sit here on the corner of the sandbox quietly for a few minutes.  T...
Hi  Everyone!  Through the years movies have perhaps played a role in our lives - there is a power in words, story lines, images -- a way of learning that goes back to even childhood.  Still recall BAMBI and the lesson being taught to one of the characters, 'Thumper': "If you can't say anything n...
Hi Everyone!  This afternoon at a luncheon with some of my friends, we played a little game; ~ part of it was to write down 3 movies we saw through the years that left a lasting impression of some kind. Further, what was the impression they left?  I kinds felt it was a lot of fun...had to make so...
Hi Everyone!  Feeling  a bit lazy and unmotivated this morning...Sort of reminds me of the years when I lived on Waikiki and had days where I could relax on the beach under the ever-watching Diamond Head.  Maybe I can find a quote that will get my engine 'running' again :)  Maybe there will be a ...
Hi Everyone!  Tonight I was so involved in an upcoming 50th Anniversary event to be held this September - an organization of friends who have stayed close in spirit and soul all these years.  In the course of the evening, I pulled out my 12 string Hummingbird guitar and reviewed the songs we usua...
Hi Everyone!  Sunday and some quotes from the Sandbox.  Hope everyone had a very special day. Quotes that have special meaning to me are those that stress the importance of our mind, importance of our thoughts and what we think about.  Not too unusual it would bring me to quotes of Buddha, like t...
Hi  Everyone!   Yesterday I challenged myself to spend a day - 24 hours - to check out miracles I saw happening in my life, in the lives of others around me.  I do admit I was more aware and awake to the possibilities.  I sort of enjoyed the day and would like to try it one more day.  I will let ...
Hi  Everyone!   I do like the phrase, 'Have a  magical day,' perhaps because, in my mind, I associate magical and miracles.  Got to thinking again today of miracles and thought that I would turn on my awareness and sensitivity buttons and see how many miracles I will see and count in the next 24 ...
Hi  Everyone!  In the course of our life, we may now and then find that there is a need to forgive - to forgive others, to forgive ourselves.  Jotted down a few quotes.  Wishing all a very beautiful day.  Hope the weather is pleasant and not too hot wherever you are.                              ...
Hi  Everyone!  A few quotes for a Wednesday.  Have a wonderful day!       Jane                                                                         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "It is impossible for you to be angry and laugh at the same time.  Angerand laughter are mutually exclusive and you have the powe...

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