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Hi Everyone!  It's Thursday!! Just stopping by the 'Sandbox' to see all yourhappy smiles and to exchange good wishes in our busy schedules.  I saw thisanonymous quote  yesterday and choosing it for the theme this morning.It reminded me of all of you...It reminded me of  the beautiful and caringme...
Hi  Everyone!  Making a quick pit stop at the 'Sandbox' to drop off quotesfor Tuesday.  I am always looking for inspiration and motivating thoughtsto help me reach my goals.  I really like the day of the week, 'Tuesday.'  I also like Monday - fresh, newpage of the week, and Tuesday - another chan...
Hi Everyone!  Just a few quotes I will leave here at the sandbox this Saturdayevening.  Just relaxing with some George Jones, the Haggards - Merle, Noeland Ben, and Willie Nelson playing in the background.  Thinking of you andwishing a fun and wonderful weekend for all of us hard working real est...
Hi Everyone!  Those of you who know me, also know I have been working onmy 2019 resolutions and goals; one is concentrating on a healthy LifestyleChange - exercise program and lose some weight.  In the course of thisadventure, I accepted a challenge of a 20 lb loss of weight with one of mysons.  ...
Hi Everyone!  Today was President's Day and yesterday I did have a little timeto remember it;  today I've come to the Sandbox -'to the party' a little late. Although I checked out quotes from all the presidents, I completed my searchwith two former presidents:          George Washington (1732-179...
Hi  Everyone!  On my way to Sunday Morning church services... Over 30 yearsago my MOM shared a quote with me which I have taken to heart and lovedthrough the years.   The  author of my treasured quote was William BoydWatterson, American former cartoonist and author of the 1985-1995syndicated comi...
Hi Everyone!  Saturday - where did Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,and Friday go?  Have a wonderful day!                                           Jane                                                                             ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "We should not give up and we should not allo...
Hi Everyone!  Have a great day!                                                    ~Jane                                                                               ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"Life is a Journey, not a destination."                              ~Ralph Waldo Emerson"I'm still learning."     ...
Hi  Everyone!  HAPPY VALENTINE'S  DAY!  As a child, my MOM alwaysmade Valentine's Day cupcakes, white icing and decorated with Red CinnamonCandy Hearts with one larger heart that said,  Be My Valentine.  I found MOM'srecipe and brought some Valentine's Day cupcakes to the Sandbox this morning.   ...
Hi Everyone!  A little gloomy here in Orlando today; in fact, 80% chance of rain - currently 59 degrees with an expected high of 62 and a low of 48.Hey, that's the kinda day I get lots accomplished.  Taking time to drop offmy quotes for the day at the Sandbox... For me the Sandbox is an energyspo...

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