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Hi Everyone!  Almost midnight Monday Evening and dropping off a fewquotes for Tuesday.  I was looking for some inspiration and energy tocomplete a few major things before I leave for Hawaii.  Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone.                                                                       ...
Hi  Everyone! Always so wonderful to see you and in my mind, thishappens -  I do see you.  One of my sons started using a 'sign off' to emails, text messages,  phone calls a number of years ago with the:  'Have a Magical day.'  And this past year I have noticed a little bit of'magic' sprinkled in...
Hi Everyone!  Saturday afternoon and a good day.  Yesterday was a bit of ahectic, 'crazy' day - two important real estate closings, one dependent on theother.  The hiccup was basically between the lender, title company, and builder lot setbacks and 'TIME' had run out!!Everyone finally was on the ...
Hi Everyone!  Thursday night and coming late to the Sandbox...So verywonderful to see you.  I love closing my nights just sitting in the park andand listening to your stories of the day.                                                Jane                                                           ...
Hi Everyone!  Wednesday and I got to thinking the past few days of allI have on my agenda before a trip to the Big Island, Hawaii.  There is inparticular a few of my 9 children who seem to always be prepared ontime -  just do not 'put off' or procrastinate.  Thought I might as welltake a look at ...
Hi Everyone!  Did you have a nice day?  I hope it was 'Magical.'       ~Jane                                                            ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     "Champions keep playing until they get it right."                    ~Billie Jean King" A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever ...
Hi Everyone!  I was looking for a little inspiration to 'inspire' me andbrought my findings to the Sandbox to share with you, my friends.  EasterMonday and I hope you had a wonderful day!!                                 Jane                                                            ~~~~~~~~~~~~...
Hi Everyone!  You have been on my mind this Easter Sunday and in myprayers.  I am hoping you felt the blessings, peace, happiness, and love in the day.                                                                                                       Jane                                       ...
Hi Everyone!  In a bit of overload but stopping by one of my favorite spots.I relax and enjoy myself when I am able to see you and listen to your storiesof life.  Wishing everyone a holy and blessed Easter.                         ~Jane                                                         ~~~~...
Hi Everyone!  It's Wednesday and I had a terrific and fun Tuesday; today, wellnot so much.  In fact, I went out looking for a few positive quotes to help memake Wednesday as fun and as great as Tuesday was. Wishing you, wishingme a fantastic day!!                                                  ...

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